Monday, April 30, 2012

Choosing Quality Baseball / Softball Pitching machines

When choosing a new baseball pitching machine or softball pitching machine there aresix things to consider!

First is the quality, if the machine is not accurate and durablewith consistent speeds it is worthless! Second is the warranty, does the manufacturer stand behind their product. Warranties can range fromone year to five years. Be sure to read the fin print because some warranties cover only certain parts that may or may not wear out quickly. Also consider if the warranty is transferable because in the event you decide to sellthat will be an excellent selling point. Third and very important is the cost of the pitching machine. Prices canrange from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. If you are purchasing a machine for recreational use you do not need to purchase a machine that cost a lot of money. There are low cos t, affordable pitching machines on the market that will serve you well and last for years. Shipping cost should also be considered. Some batting machine companies actually make a profit off shipping cost! Those that really want and need your business will provide reasonable shipping charges and some ship free of charge! Are parts available? Be sure to find out if parts are available for the machine you choose in the event you ever need to replace anything. Are you purchasing a machine that is right for you or your child? There are pitching machines with speeds from 20 mph to over 100 mph. Be sure to choose a machine that will meet the speed requirements that are best for you. Some multiple wheelbatting machines will throw a verity of pitches. Curveballs, fastballs, knuckleballs, sliders and more. There are also single wheel models that will throw only fastballs and have speeds rangi ng from 20 mph to near 100 mph.

When used properly pitching machines are a great way to improve arm, back, shoulder and upper body batting strength, hand eye coordination and batting technique. Commonly used to save the pitchers arm for game day.They are also great when combined with batting cages to save on ball recovery time.

If you need more than one machine some companies will provide wholesale rates.

Most companies will take PayPal payments, Visa, Mastercard and debitcards.

No matter what pitching machine you choose, consider the questions above and you will make a great decision on a machine that will give years of trouble free service and still have resale value.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to measure for your own blinds

If you want to install blinds in your home and are looking to cut costs wherever you can, you can save hundreds of dollars by measuring your windows yourself. If you're going to measure your windows yourself, you need a good tape measure and an exacting mind if you measure incorrectly, the blinds company will not be held responsible for your blinds not fitting. Here are some tips for measuring your own blinds.

Have another person assist you while you're measuring. They can hold one end of the tape measure or roman blind, or help you write down the measurements as you read them off. Having a second person acts as a check in case you accidentally get something wrong.

Most companies won't fit blinds made from measurements supplied by the customer. If you're measuring your own blinds, you will probably have to fit them yourself, so make sure you've chosen a blind you're comfortable fitting and that you understand exactly how the mechanism works in the window.

Also, be aware that many guarantees placed on blinds by manufacturers will be made null and void if you install your own blinds.

There are four types of measurements for blinds: inside fit, outside fit, three-dimensional fit and extended bracket fit. Your manufacturer should provide instructions for each. Follow the instructions carefully and give exactly what is asked. If you're unsure about an instruction, call the manufacturer and speak to a representative.

Give the company all your measurements in writing, either in a letter, an email or a fax. For extra security, type them out to ensure your handwriting isn't mistaken. Many companies will allow you to quote measurements and choose colours and styles from swatches online. This can be handy if you live far from a retail outlet.

Most companies strongly recommend their own measure and quote service, as this guarantees your blinds will be a perfect fit. Some companies even offer this service free. However, if this service doesn't fit with your plans, or you live too far away, or prefer to do the work yourself, it's not an impossible task to measure and hang your own blinds.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Teen Review: AT&T HTC Inspire 4G

The first two months of 2011 have been pretty big ones for AT&T first in January they announced their first three 4G phones at CES and then releasing the first two of them last monththe HTC Inspire 4G and the Motorola Atrix 4G. For the last two weeks we've been testing the first of AT&T's 4G phones, the HTC Inspire 4G, and we gotta say for the carriers first 4G phone its pretty impressive.

Design and Screen

The Inspire's screen is almost bigger than the ENTIRE iPhone 4!

The Inspire 4G is pretty much AT&T's version of Sprint's first 4G phone, the EVO 4G, and like the EVO, the design and screen of the Inspire are just amazing.

When you first pick up the Inspire you quickly realize just how HUGE this phone is. Even after using the EVO numerous times before, everything just felt so much bigger here though that overwhelming feeling goes away pretty quickly after a little bit of use. In fact we quickly came to appreciate the extremely spacious 4.3 inch screen. While it's not as sharp as the Atrix's 4 inch screen or the iPhone 4s 3.5 inch screen, everything looked pretty incredible YouTube, websites, Facebook, pictures, games and typing was equally great. I usually use an iPhone 4 as my main phone so I'm pretty used to typing on touchscreen keyboards, but even people I showed the Inspire to who normally use BlackBerry keyboards loved the spacious keyboard on the Inspire.

And in terms of the design of the phone, it's incredibly thin and feels great in your hand (assuming you don't have really small hands, in that case we recommend you try this out in a store to make sure it works well for you). Just like the G2 and EVO, the Inspire is everything you'd expect design wise from a new HTC phone it's a phone that when you hold it feels like something valuable and not just a bunch of cheap plastic.

Now while all this is nice and good we did have one issue with the design and screen. We kept seeing the digitizer (the touch part of a touchscreen it generally looks like bunch of dots in neat rows) under the screen, sometimes even when the screen was on. This in most cases wasn't too terrible but it was pretty frustrating if you look at the screen from the wrong angle, in which case you can see some of the dots and is pretty distracting.

Overall though, we really liked the Inspire 4G's screen and design.


The Inspire, again like the EVO, packs an 8 megapixel camera with dual flash and HD video recording and like the EVO the pictures and videos we shot with the Inspire's camera were pretty impressive. If it wasn't for its lack of an optical zoom (something that's lacking on pretty much all camera phones today mainly because these zooms, while sharper than the more common digital zoom, would require the phones to be much thicker), we'd say this camera could very well replace any traditional digital camera. The pictures and videos we took were just that good.

We also really loved the built-in photo effects like depth of field, sepia and distortion which allow you to play with the shots for more professional (or fun) looking pics (we really loved depth of field for those looking which gave us more control of the focus of the camera). Throw in the one-click uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr or YouTube and the camera becomes even more powerful.

Here are a couple of sample shots we took with the Inspire's camera. As you can see for yourself, they came out pretty great.

One thing we did wish the Inspire had: a front camera for video chat like other 4G phones (why all 4G phones don't have this standard we don't know).

Software/HTC Sense 2.0

As you've probably seen on most Android phones from pretty much every manufacturer seems to put on their own type of software "skin" to further customize and differentiate their phones from the competition. While we understand why they do this, a lot of the times some of these "tweaks" end up being more harmful than they are helpful particularly when compared to Google's un-customized, stock Android experience (like on the G2 and Nexus S). We really loved using the clean Android on the G2 but even we must admit the work HTC's done here with their new Sense 2.0 is pretty impressive.

Not only did things run incredibly quick (no doubt thanks to the software being optimized to take full use of the Inspire's 1 GHZ processor and 768 MB of RAM), but this new Sense offers a whole bunch of new features that make using an Android phone much more enjoyable.

A few of the new Sense 2.0 features include:

Pinch-to-zoom to switch home screens and browser tabs great news for anyone with a ton of apps on their home screens or those who want a cool way to switch tabs in the browser (all you do in both is pinch all the way out as if you were zooming out on a picture). HTC the ability to track down a lost phone from any computer like Apple's Find My iPhone app. All you need to do is go to, log in and just like that you can see exactly where your phone is, make it ring at full volume so you can better find it if it fell out of your pocket and into the couch or even remotely lock and delete your stuff from it in case you actually lose your phone. Heck, you can even set it to forward all your calls and messages to a new number all right from your computer. HTC Sync For easily syncing your contacts, photos, videos and music with your Windows computer (you can even import playlists with your songs from iTunes). Friend StreamThis is HTC's way of keeping your social networks in order, one app all your friends and networks. While we like the idea of linking all this info together (particularly when syncing your contacts with your Facebook friends so you get all that info in one place), I personally found things got too cluttered when you began to combine more than one network and preferred just using the regular Facebook and Twitter apps to keep connected. Though if you're the type of person that loves having everything as organized and condensed as possible, this may be perfect for you.

HTC HubThis is HTC's custom Android Market where you can completely customize your HTC phone to your heart's content. Skins, wallpapers, widgets, ringtones they're all here and a click away from downloading onto your phone. This also goes together with a second app called HTC Likes, which features some of the Android Market apps that HTC recommends.

Underneath HTC Sense is Android 2.2 that we all know and love. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "crapware" (or AT&T specfic apps like AT&T Navigator, a demo of the racing game Asphalt 5, Blockbuster, AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Family Map and AT&T Live TV) preloaded on here, and you cannot delete them from your device. Sure it's not a deal breaker, but sometimes we found the apps slowing things down and would've really loved to just remove them.

Media and Call Quality

One of the major down spots on the Inspire for us had to be the media playback and call quality. Calls made using the handset itself sounded fine, but once we tried to go on speaker everything sounded really low and weak even on the highest volume. The same is true for when we played back YouTube or listened to music. Using headphones everything was solid but once we went to speaker things were just too low.

What made things worse here is we expected the sound experience on the Inspire to be much better than your average phone as this packs some pretty powerful audio features like built-in Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround Sound. For the most part we really couldn't find any real difference when we used either of these features in the Music app both on speaker and with headphones compared to music on an iPod, and this also ate at the battery life (there were times where it helped, but mostly no difference). Speaking of battery life.

Battery Life

The Inspire is a beast with its 4.3 inch screen, powerful 1 GHZ processor, Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround Sound, and of course, 4G. All this running constantly with some multitasking of apps you'd think would completely kill the battery. Fortunately that wasn't the case and we were able to get a pretty solid days use in before needing to find an outlet (from about 7:30 AM to 4 PM). We do wish it ran a little longer (our iPhone generally gets us about 1-2 hours more), but overall for how smooth things were running it was pretty solid.


Out of all the features of the Inspire, the biggest is its support for AT&T's 4G HSPA+ network. Like all of AT&T's 3G phones, the Inspire was pretty fast no matter what were doing with it streaming Internet radio, watching live TV and YouTube, browsing the web, etc. Thing is, when we compared it to our iPhone 4 there were many times where we found the iPhone 4 tying or flat-out beating the Inspire 4G in network speed all over the place. Sites and videos loaded faster on the iPhone, and when we ran speed tests the iPhone was most of the time much, much faster than the Inspire (sometimes even picking up 5 Mbps when the Inspire was just getting 2 Mbps). We ran these tests all across the New York City area and again, the iPhone 4 just seemed to be faster.

Of course the Inspire 4G wasn't slow by any stretch and if you weren't looking over to time it against an iPhone you'd be more than happy with it (and AT&T has even said they plan to release a software update over the coming months to make data on the Inspire even better and faster).

Note: even though this is "4G" it will not work on AT&T's "other", faster 4G LTE network launching this summer. Like T-Mobile, AT&T has re-branded their faster 3G network as 4G (or 4G HSPA+) which is what the Inspire uses. To use the LTE network you'll need a phone that supports LTE like Verizon has with the upcoming HTC ThunderBolt.

Wrap Up

So if you're looking for a new phone should you go with the Inspire 4G? Even with some of its faults we still really loved using the Inspire 4G and it's definitely up there as one of AT&T's top phones. It looks good, it's fast, and supports AT&T's current latest and greatest network. And at $99.99 on a two-year contract and data plan from AT&T ($70 with a new upgrade from Amazon) it's also one of the best deals out there today for AT&T customers.

The HTC Inspire 4G is available now for $99.99 on a two-year contract and data plan from AT&T.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better player for DVD/Video?

iPhone 4G V.S. HTC EVO 4G which is better player for DVD/Video?
Android and iPhone are always old rivals. So, not long after Apple Company released iPhone 4G, HTC released the HTC Evo 4G. But when the iPhone 4 hits retail shelves it will have to battle a gaggle of Android devices for consumer attention the most significant of which is the HTC Evo. The Evo has one big advantage that Apple can't beat. It runs on Sprint's 4G networks, while the iPhone is stuck on AT&T's 3G service. Sprint 4G, though, is not available in most major cities, including San Francisco and New York. If you are considering upgrading to the latest version of the iPhone or getting an Android device, take a look at how the iPhone 4 and HTC Evo 4G compare
iPhone 4G: 4.5*2.31*0.37 inches with 3.5 inch screen and 960*640 pixel resolution. Apple's designers have also gone a more angular route, switching the old iPhone's rounded back for something completely flat and made from the same aluminosilicate glass material as the front panel. The new design aesthetic is topped off with a stainless steel border around the entire device.
HTC EVO 4G: 4.8*2.6*0.5 inches with 4.3 inch screen and WVGA 800*480 pixel resolution. The EVO is big - relatively speaking. And unlike the iPhone, it features a rounded back with softer edges, a protruding camera lens, as well as a built-in stand for propping the device up on surfaces.
Operating System
We know, iPhone 4G's system is iOS and HTC EVO 4G is Android.
Apple's iOS undoubtedly lacks the flexible open ecosystem of Android, which allows software like game console emulators that Apple has banned, but Apple holds the upper hand in selection, boasting 225,000 third-party apps to Android's 70,000 or so, at last count. The latest release also alleviates some of the most frequent complaints about previous versions, like the lack of mu ltitasking and folders for apps.
That "4G" in the EVO's name isn't just for kicks, although we happen to think it rolls off the tongue nicely. It's actually the first phone in North America to ride on a blazing fast 4G network.
How much faster? HTC claims 10 times, but that's based on comparing the very slowest end of average 3G speeds (600 Kbps to 1.7 Mbps), to the high end of its own 4G claims (3 to 6 Mbps). That said, even 3 Mbps is more than you could ever hope to wring from most 3G phones, and the EVO 4G can do things that the iPhone 4 just won't, like videoconferencing without a Wi-Fi connection. Camera
Both the iPhone 4 and EVO 4G sport both back cameras for snapping photos and front cameras for video conferencing. The EVO 4G gets the sharper vision on primary cam, shooting at 8 megapixels to Apple's 5 megapixels, and on the front-facing cam, which shoots 1.3 megapixels to Apple's VGA (0.3 megapixel) cam. Higher resolution doesn't always mean a better camera, but we'll have to give the EVO 4G the upper hand until launch time. The EVO 4G also supports a dual-LED flash rather than a single-LED flash, potentially making it more potent for night-time shooting.
For video, both cameras are capable of high-def 720p recording, but the iPhone 4 can shoot at a full 30 frames per second while the EVO 4G can only do 25.
And on the other aspect Multimedia, with its' build-in powerful multimedia player, iPhone 4G supports lots of audio and video formats. Such as: audio formats: AAC, Protected AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. and vid eo formats: H.264, up to 720 high-definition at a constant frames per second, Main profile up to level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 kbps, 48khz, stereo audio in .M4V, .MP4, and .MOV file formats; with ulaw audio format and PCM stereo audio in. AVI file format. And HTC EVO 4G' player also supports a respectable range of audio and video formats. But, I find smartphones could not play DVD, including both phones. If you want to play DVD with smartphones, you may use [url=]Nidesoft DVD Ripper[/url] which helps you convert DVD to all popular video or audio formats easily to convert DVD files into your favorite smartphone compatible formats or you have some video or audio files which your phone could not support in some case, you may select [url=]Nidesoft Video Converter[/url] to convert all other video files into your phones. It is powerful video conversion software which could convert video and audio files between all popular formats. With these two assistant software, you may enjoy your DVD or any video and audio files in your favorite smartphone at anytime and anywhere.
The EVO 4G comes with an 8GB microSD card preinstalled, but you can potentially expand it up to 32GB with a larger card. Unfortunately, 32GB models remain quite rare and you'll need to drop at least $200 for one. By contrast, the least expensive ($200) iPhone 4 comes with 16GB of built-in memory, and it only costs $100 to upgrade to 32GB. The iPhone 4 wins on all accounts.
Battery Life
HTC hasn't released complete battery life estimates for the EVO 4G, but we managed to get six hours of only on-and-off 4G data usage, while Apple claims the iPhone 4 will do six solid hours on 3G. Talk time also seems to suffer, with HTC claiming 360 minutes on the EVO 4G and Apple claiming 420 on the iPhone 4.
The EVO is available from Sprint right now for $199 if you si gn up for a two-year contract, Premium Data plan, and after a $100 mail-in rebate. Sprint's plans range from $69.99 for unlimited data and 450 anytime minutes, up to $189.99 for an unlimited family plan that includes two lines. The required 'Premium Data' plan costs another $10 per month.
Apple will be releasing the iPhone 4 on June 24 to the tune of $199 for the 16GB model, and $299 for the 32GB model, both with two-year AT&T Contracts. Their plans range from $39.99 - $69.99 a month for voice and $15.00 - $25.00 a month for data. Or, if you've got the money, you can buy the iPhone 4 with no contract for $599 (16 GB) and $699 (32 GB)
HTC's biggest bragging point 4G connectivity proves to be less of an advantage in real life than on paper after factoring in real-life network speeds and issues with 4G battery life. It also has a small leg up on the iPhone 4 in camera resolution, but less fluid 25fps HD recording also helps diminish that minimal edge. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 is substantially smaller, has a higher resolution screen, and offers more storage for the money. So, which one do you like? You may select it by yourself.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Htc Evo 4G Review Experience At 4G?!

Htc evo 4G review-Sprint and HTC Corporation right this moment introduced summer season availability of the world's first 3G/4G Android handset, HTC EVO 4G completely from Sprint. HTC EVO 4G delivers a multimedia experience at 4G speeds that's second to none, making it attainable to download music, footage, recordsdata, or movies in seconds - not minutes - and watch streaming video on the go along with one of the largest pinch-to-zoom shows, at 4.3 inches, within the wireless industry.

**Do you planning purchase HTC EVO 4G?


"Sprint continues to lead the 4G revolution as we introduce HTC EVO 4G to give our prospects an expertise that's unlike something obtainable in wireless thus far," said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO. "Not solely is this feature-rich machine unbelievable on our Sprint 3G community, but Dash 4G speeds will take cellular multimedia, together with reside video streaming, gaming and picture downloads, to a whole new level."

Customers will be capable of purchase HTC EVO 4G by all Dash channels and thru nationwide retail partners, RadioShack, Best Purchase and Walmart, this summer. Pricing might be introduced at a later date.

A device past examine
HTC EVO 4G delivers a robust list of features, including a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor ensuring a clean and fast person experience. With twin cameras - an 8.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a ahead-dealing with 1.3 megapixel digicam - HTC EVO 4G unleashes the flexibility to cre ate, stream and watch video that far surpasses expectations of what is potential on a phone today.

With built-in cellular hotspot performance, HTC EVO 4G permits as much as eight Wi-Fi enabled gadgets to share the 4G experience. Users can simply share an Internet connection on the go along with a laptop computer, digital camera, music participant, game unit, video participant, or some other Wi-Fi enabled device.

With built-in HD video seize and 4G speeds, HTC EVO 4G makes gradual uploads and grainy video a factor of the past. Now, it is potential to submit high-quality video to YouTube or Fb, or share moments in actual time over the Internet live, by way of Qik. After these videos have been captured, it is straightforward to share them on an HDTV by way of an HDMI cable (bought separately).

The customized Net browser is optimized for HTC EVO 4G's giant display and Sprint 4G speeds to ship a full, no-compromise Web experience. Adobe Flash expe rtise ensures that wealthy Web content, comparable to embedded video and animation, are displayed the way they're meant to be seen. Pinch-to-zoom and automated textual content reflowing provide simple Internet web page views.

HTC EVO 4G features the newest version of the extremely acclaimed HTC Sense person experience. Together with the entire HTC Sense options first launched on HTC Hero, HTC EVO 4G adds plenty of new features, including Friend Stream, which aggregates a number of social communication channels including Fb and Twitter into one organized movement of updates; a "Leap" thumbnail view to easily change between dwelling display "panels;" the power to obtain new, interactive widgets; and a "well mannered" ringer, which quiets the ringing telephone once lifted up.

"HTC and Sprint have a strong history of working collectively to deliver customers applied sciences and advancements that make their lives easier," said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. "We co nsider that the HTC EVO 4G represents one of the best of Dash and one of the best of HTC working collectively to carry an unmatched system to the U.S. This mixture of HTC and Sprint innovation will allow folks to do much more while on the go, quicker than ever on the Dash 4G network."

Expertise Android at 4G
HTC EVO 4G, the world's first 3G/4G Android handset, features the most recent iteration of the more and more common Android platform. Leveraging the Android 2.1 platform, HTC EVO 4G can ship a wide array of useful new features:

* Android 2.1 allows a brand new strategy to search with footage instead of words. Google Goggles works with every little thing from books, DVDs and barcodes to landmarks, logos, paintings and even wine labels. A picture taken of the Golden Gate Bridge returns all the information anybody would need to know concerning the structure. By just taking a picture of a number of restaurant options, HTC EVO 4G will provide restau rant critiques to ensure the most effective choice.
* Textual content messaging and electronic mail composition characteristic built-in voice-to-textual content technology. By simply urgent a microphone button on the screen, messages might be composed by simply speaking, making conserving in contact sooner and easier than ever.
* Via Android Market, HTC EVO 4G customers have access to 1000's of useful functions, widgets and games to download and install on their cellphone, with many more to come.

** Do you planning purchase HTC EVO 4G?


In addition to right this moment's Android apps, the performance of which might be enhanced by 4G velocity, utility developers will probably be introducing new apps that make the most of 4G energy in new methods - games and communications tools and different apps that carry collectively video, presence and placement concurrently, and capabilities that haven't but been imagined. For example, an utility developer may create an app that enables a customer to simultaneously watch a streaming sporting occasion whereas pulling down stats and conducting a video chat with a friend.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Reviews: The Latest 6 4G Smartphones

You've probably seen the TV and other ad campaigns from the major U.S. carriers boasting about their 4G networks, but what exactly does 4G mean? My colleague Kent German provides an in-depth explanation of 4G in his On Call column here, but in short, it's next-generation wireless technology that promises data speeds at least two times faster than today's current 3G cellular networks. For you as a consumer that means you should experience faster Web browsing, quicker downloads, and other benefits on your smartphone.

Of course, you'll need a compatible device to use on one of the carrier's 4G networks, and fortunately the list of 4G phones is growing. Sprint led the charge by launching the first 4G smartphone in the United States, the HTC Evo 4G, in May 2010. Since then, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T have released at least half a dozen new 4G phones, and Verizon is expected to launch its 4G handsets shortly. Here we've gathered some of the latest 4G smartphones we've reviewed lately, so check them out to see if one is right for you. Also, have a look at some of the upcoming 4G devices.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-Mobile)

The good: The Samsung Galaxy S 4G has 4G connectivity, a front-facing camera for video calls, and a larger battery. Android 2.2 offers impressive data speeds and good call quality. Other highlights include a rich and vibrant Super AMOLED touch screen and a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording.

The bad: No camera flash. The Galaxy S 4G has less internal memory than the Vibrant. There was some slight sluggishness with some tasks.

The bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a fantastic Android smartphone for T-Mobile customers, delivering fast data speeds and other improvements, but Vibrant owners should be fine holding off for now.

Samsung Galaxy Indulge - black (MetroPCS)

The good: The Samsung Indulge has a responsive slide-out QWERTY keyboard, good call quality, and the distinction of being MetroPCS' first 4G Android smartphone.

The bad: Poor battery life might make some buyers think twice, and the specs don't stand up to higher-end Galaxy S phones. It's also rather expensive.

The bottom line: With strong specs and good call quality, the Indulge is arguably MetroPCS' best phone, but the weak battery life is a disappointment.

Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T)

The good: The Motorola Atrix 4G features a dual-core processor and a sharp qHD (quarter HD) display. The Android 2.2 smartphone has a sleek design and a 5-megapixel camera, a front-facing camera for video calls, and an HDMI port.

The bad: No 1080p HD video recording or playback at launch. You can't install non-Market third-party apps. We didn't experience great HSPA+ 4G data speeds.

The bottom line: The laptop dock is a decidedly cool (and pricey) feature, but the dual-core Motorola Atrix 4G has plenty to offer on its own. The smartphone packs speed and high-end features into a sleek package and earns its place at the top of AT&T's

HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T)

The good: The HTC Inspire 4G is affordably priced and boasts a large display. The Android 2.2 smartphone runs on AT&T's HSPA+ network and offers mobile hot-spot capabilities. New HTC Sense provides faster boot time and other enhancements. It also has an 8-megapixel camera that takes excellent photos.

The bad: The smartphone is rather large and heavy, and the battery cover is difficult to remove. We didn't experience great 4G speeds. AT&T blocks third-party apps. Lacks a front-facing camera.

The bottom line: Though dual-core phones are on the way, the HTC Inspire 4G stands as one of AT&T's best, high-end Android electronic gadgets and is an incredible value.

HTC Evo Shift 4G (Sprint)

The good: The HTC Evo Shift 4G has a solid design with a comfortable physical keyboard.The Android 2.2 smartphone is 4G capable and can be used as a mobile hot spot.

The bad: Lacks a front-facing camera and HDMI port.

The bottom line: For those who crave a physical keyboard, the tech gadgets of HTC Evo Shift 4G are a kind of solid choice with a more wallet-friendly price than its 4G competitors, and it doesn't sacrifice too many features.

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (white)

The good: The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G electronic gadgets feature a thin and sturdy design.The Android 2.2 device supports the carrier's HSPA+ network and offers Wi-Fi calling and mobile hot spot capabilities. The MyTouch 4G also has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 5-megapixel camera.

The bad: Speakerphone volume is too low. We had numerous issues with video calls.The smartphone is a little on the heavy side.

The bottom line: Though video chat isn't ready for prime time, there's plenty to love about the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G, including its speed, sleek and sturdy design, and great call quality.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint)

The bad: The Samsung Epic 4G is the bulkiest of the Galaxy S phones and also the priciest. It also requires a costly data plan.

The bottom line: The Samsung Epic 4G is a multimedia powerhouse with features the other Galaxy S phones don't have. Unfortunately, it comes with a big price tag.

Editors' note, August 18, 2010: Upon further analysis, we have upgraded the rating of the Samsung Epic 4G to 8.7.

Portions of the user interface section were taken from our review of the Samsung Vibrant since both phones have the TouchWiz user interface.

Out of all the phones in the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Epic 4G strikes us as the most desirable for power users. Like all Galaxy S phones, the Epic 4G has a large Super AMOLED touch screen, a 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 processor, and it will have access to Samsung's upcoming Media Hub store. The Epic 4G layers on several enticing extras that its line mates don't have--such as a slide-out keyboard, a front-facing camera, an LED flash, and most intriguing of all, it supports Sprint's nascent 4G WiMax network. The latter feature makes it the second 4G phone in the U.S. after the HTC Evo 4G.

Perhaps the Epic 4G's biggest downside is its price. At $249.99, it is the most expensive Galaxy S phone that Samsung makes, and that price is with a new two-year service agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate. As with the Evo 4G, Sprint charges a mandatory $10 per month for its 4G data. According to Sprint, the price is justifiable because of the extra services you get for the price--4G speeds, unlimited data, and the use of it as a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot, which costs an additional $29.99 a month--but we think the add-on should be optional since its 4G service is not available nationwide.

However, we think the Epic 4G truly deserves its name as its design and feature set make it the all-in-one powerhouse in the Galaxy S family.

While it is not the sexiest of the Samsung Galaxy S models--that honor goes to the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile--the Epic 4G is not a bad-looker either. Its rounded edges, curved corners, and glossy black surface give it a sleek and elegant look that is minimalist and eye-catching. Yet, at 4.9 inches long by 2.54 inches wide by 0.56 inches thick and 5.46 ounces, the Epic 4G is perhaps the SUV of the Galaxy S phones and might be a tight fit in most pockets. Still, we appreciate its heft as it contributes to a decidedly solid and durable feel in the hand.

The Samsung Epic 4G has a very impressive 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display.

The Epic 4G's 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display absolutely mesmerized us. It can display 16 million colors and has a WVGA resolution, which enables it to display vibrant graphics and fantastic looking video. The screen also has a wider viewing angle and a higher contrast ratio when compared with a traditional LCD. Thankfully, unlike older OLED displays, the Super AMOLED screen also looks great under bright sunlight.

We found the touch-screen display to be quite responsive. It didn't take long for it to register our taps, and flipping through menus and lists felt intuitive and second nature. If you like, the Epic 4G provides vibration and sound effects as touch feedback, though we didn't think it was necessary. The accelerometer kicked in very quickly, less than a second, to change the screen orientation when we rotated the phone. We're also glad that the Epic 4G has a proximity sensor, which turns off the screen when we hold the phone to our ear during a call. As for input methods, you can use Swype or the standard Android virtual keyboard. Underneath the display are four touch-sensitive keys for the menu, home, back, and search, which are standard for Android phones.

The Samsung Epic 4G is the only Galaxy S phone with a physical keyboard.

While you can always use the virtual keyboard, the Epic 4G also has a slide-out physical keyboard. Just slide the display to the right and you'll find an incredibly spacious QWERTY keyboard with five whole rows of keys. The physical keyboard gives you a dedicated row of number keys as well as four physical versions of the touch-sensitive controls we mentioned earlier. As we're not big fans of touch-sensitive controls, we're very pleased with the latter. Not only is the keyboard well spaced, but also the keys are highly clickable, with just the right amount of tactile response when pressed. It's certainly one of the better mobile QWERTY keyboards we've tested.

The Epic 4G's other physical controls are the volume rocker on the left spine, and the power/screen lock key and camera button on the right. The phone has 3.5mm headset jack and a Micro-USB port on the top, while its back houses the camera lens and an LED flash. We should note that the Samsung Epic 4G is the only Galaxy S phone with an LED flash for the camera. It is also the only Galaxy S phone to have a front-facing camera, which is located to the upper right of the display. The microSD card slot is located behind the battery cover.

Sprint ships the Samsung Epic 4G with an AC adapter, a USB cable, a wired stereo headset with interchangeable ear bud covers, and reference material. You can also purchase a docking station and a battery charging station, which are available separately. For more add-ons, please check our cell phones accessories, ringtones, and help page.

User interface
Like the rest of the Galaxy S series, the Epic 4G runs on Android 2.1 with Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 interface. The latter is definitely improved from previous versions, with some enhanced functionality and a more polished look.

To start, there are new widgets, including one called Feeds & Updates and another called Buddies Now. Feeds & Updates streams updates from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, and you can choose to display content from one, two, or all three of the social-networking Web sites, as well as set the refresh rate, ranging from 30 minutes to once a day. Buddies Now is like a favorites list and lets you immediately call or text those contacts, as well as comment on any of their updates. There are a number of other Samsung widgets, Android widgets, and other shortcuts, all of which can be added to one of seven home screens.

The home screens can also be personalized with live wallpaper, but there are two elements that remain on each screen: the pull-down notification tray on top, which now includes wireless manager and profile functions, and the toolbar along the bottom with quick-launch buttons to the phone dialer, contacts, messaging, and applications. Pressing the latter takes you to a nice grid view of all your apps; they're spread out over several pages, which you can swipe from side to side. The menu icons are also neatly arranged inside squares for a more unified look. We much prefer this layout over the standard Android one, where you have to scroll up and down. It feels more natural, easier to navigate, and is easier to use than the standard Android interface.

Also, for those worried about how the TouchWiz interface may interfere with future Android updates, according to Samsung, the entire Galaxy S portfolio will be upgradeable to Android 2.2, and it has made tweaks to the user interface that will make it easier to adapt it to future Android versions. However, the company also noted that without really knowing what Google has planned down the line, there may be a time where updates can't be supported because of hardware limitations or other factors.

The Samsung Epic 4G is a CDMA phone that supports 3G and 4G connectivity--3G is in the form of EV-DO Rev. A, while 4G is in the form of Sprint's WiMax. While we weren't able to test the 4G connectivity at the time of this writing, you can read our review of the HTC Evo 4G to get some idea of our experiences with Sprint's 4G WiMax service. Like the Evo 4G, you can use the Epic 4G as a mobile Wi-Fi hots pot for up to five devices. However, bear in mind that this mobile broadband hot spot service costs an extra $29.99 a month.

Unsurprisingly, the Epic 4G comes with a few basic smartphone features like the speakerphone, conference calling, voice dialing, text and multimedia messaging, visual voice mail, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The latter is compatible with Sprint's Navigation service, though we're slightly partial to Google's Maps with Navigation app. The phone book is limited to available memory and there's room in each entry for multiple numbers, e-mail addresses, IM handles, group IDs, photo caller IDs, and more.

You can merge all your contacts from your various email and social network accounts into your phonebook with Samsung's Social Hub feature. The phone is often smart enough to link the contacts for you, but we found we had to do some manual linking for a few of our contacts. As for e-mail, the Epic 4G works with Gmail in addition to your own POP3, IMAP, and Exchange accounts, and you can view a combined in-box for all your e-mail if you like. As with the other Galaxy S phones, this works best if you have relatively few e-mail folders-- too many of them will result in a rather cluttered interface. The calendar also syncs nicely with your Google or Outlook calendar.

Since the Epic 4G has a front-facing VGA camera, it makes sense that Sprint has included the Qik video chat app with the phone. With Qik and the front camera, you are able to make and answer video calls provided the other person also has a Qik account. You can also video chat with someone who has Qik running on a PC. The Qik video chat service is free, but there's a premium service that provides higher resolution and video archiving for $4.99 a month. You can use Qik with Wi-Fi, 4G, and 3G networks, but its video is noticeably choppier when connected via 3G.

Other apps on the Epic 4G include the alarm clock, the Android Webkit Web browser, the calculator, Facebook, the memo pad, Google Talk, ThinkFree Office, the voice dialer, Google voice search, the Asphalt video game, and YouTube. Since it is a Sprint phone, you also get a few standard Sprint apps like Sprint Zone, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Football, Nascar Sprint Mobile, and Sprint TV. You can get more apps via the Android Market.

The Epic 4G's beautiful Super AMOLED display makes the phone well suited for watching media. You can watch content from YouTube and Sprint TV, though the video quality from both sources doesn't quite do the display justice. Thankfully, eventually you'll be able to rent and purchase content on the Epic 4G from Samsung's Media Hub that will launch later this year. According to Samsung, its service will include both TV shows and movies; however, we don't yet know the names of the content partners. If you like, you can load your own videos--the Epic 4G supports MP4 video formats in addition to DivX- and DivX HD-encoded media files. The phone is also compatible with Samsung's AllShare service that lets you wirelessly share stored media (that includes pictures, HD video, and more) to other DLNA-certified home electronics.

As with all Android phones, you can purchase and download songs from the Amazon MP3 store, and of course, you can load your own music via USB or microSD. The music player has 5.1-channel surround sound and it has a pretty album cover interface similar to Apple's Cover Flow. The phone only has 1GB of internal memory, so we would advise the use of microSD cards for storing media. The Epic 4G can take up to 16GB microSD cards.

The Samsung Epic 4G has a 5.0-megapixel camera and an LED flash.

Last, but definitely not least, is the 5.0-megapixel camera, which can record video in HD. Its picture quality is pretty impressive. We thought the images looked sharp and colors were nice and natural. Low-light shots weren't so hot, but, thankfully, the Epic 4G has an LED flash that helped considerably. Some of the camera settings include ISO, blink and smile detection, and panorama mode.

The Samsung Epic 4G took pretty good photos.

We tested the Samsung Epic 4G in San Francisco using the Sprint Nextel service. Call quality was very good for the most part. There was a tiny bit of voice distortion in our caller's voice as well as the occasional static, but that didn't ruin the overall call. They came through loud and clear, albeit a little tinny.

Our callers said the same about us; they detected no background sound. However, they said the voice quality was noticeably tinny and harsh. Still, its voice clarity wins out in the end, and they had no major complaints with call quality. The same goes for the speakerphone-- as expected, there was a slight hollowness and echo effects to the calls, but it was overall clear and clean.

We tested the handset's 4G support in Seattle using Sprint's and Clearwire's WiMax network. On the whole, coverage was reliable, though it can be spotty depending on your exact location. We found reliable service in the airport and its immediate surroundings, the downtown area, the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and the city of Renton, Wash. We also took the Epic 4G for a ride on Seattle's light rail between the airport and downtown. We bounced back to 3G a couple of times during the trip, specifically in the Tukwila and Rainier Beach areas. We also didn't get 4G service in tunnels, but that's understandable.

When we were connected, the service was strong and graphics-heavy Web sites loaded quickly. fully loaded in 15 seconds and took 25 seconds. In contrast, mobile sites like CNN took barely any time at all. YouTube videos were fast, as well, and we downloaded apps from the Android Market. It took about 15 seconds to download a track from the Amazon MP3 store, which is comparable to our experience on the Evo 4G. For your reference, Sprint says its 4G WiMax network can provide wireless speeds up to 10 times faster than today's 3G, with average download speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 6Mbps and peak download speeds of up to 10Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. Compare that with 3G's average download speeds of 600kbps to 1.4Mbps and peak download speeds of 1.3Mbps.

Connected via Sprint's 3G network, the phone performed well. We loaded the BBC mobile Web page in just 5 seconds, and the full CNET page in just 12 seconds. We experienced only a few seconds buffering time for YouTube videos, even in high quality. We enjoyed the high-quality YouTube videos for the most part, but we still noticed some artifacts and inconsistent color tones in the background. The default MP4 video file that Samsung provided looked much better because of its HD quality

Connected via Sprint's 3G network, the phone performed well. We loaded the BBC mobile Web page in just 5 seconds, and the full CNET page in just 12 seconds. We experienced only a few seconds buffering time for YouTube videos, even in high quality. We enjoyed the high-quality YouTube videos for the most part, but we still noticed some artifacts and inconsistent color tones in the background. The default MP4 video file that Samsung provided looked much better because of its HD quality.

The 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 application processor did its job well. Apps launched quickly, and we didn't experience too many hiccups with menu transitions and multitasking.

The Samsung Epic 4G has a 1,500mAh lithium ion battery with a rated battery life of 7.5 hours talk time and 21 days standby time. The Epic 4G had a talk time of 6 hours and 43 minutes in 3G. According to FCC radiation tests, the Epic 4G has a digital SAR of 0.68 watt per kilogram and has a Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating of M3/T3.

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Facets of Web3.0

Facets of Web 3.0-
A Boon for Netizens
With more than 10 years' work on the Semantic Web's foundations and more than five years since the phrase became popular, it's an opportune moment to look at the field's current state and future opportunities. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL)--the languages that power the Semantic Web--have become standards and new technologies are reaching maturity for embedding semantics in existing Web pages and querying RDF knowledge stores. Something exciting is clearly happening in this area. That is none other than web 3.0
Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform.
Before this people were very curious about Web 3.0 as they asked to Tim Berner about the full-fledged information of Web 3.0 as Tim Berners-Lee stated in May 2006:
People keep asking what Web 3.0 is. I think maybe when youve got an overlay of scalable vector graphics - everything rippling and folding and looking misty - on Web 2.0 and access to a semantic Web integrated across a huge space of data, youll have access to an unbelievable data resource.- Tim Berners Lee
Web 2.0 services are now the commoditized platform, not the final product. In a world where a social network, wiki, or social bookmarking service can be built for free and in an instant, what's next?

Web 2.0 services like digg and YouTube evolve into Web 3.0 services with an additional layer of individual excellence and focus. As an example, leverages all the standard YouTube Web 2.0 feature sets like syndication and social networking, while adding a layer of talent and trust to them.

A version of digg where experts check the validity of claims, corrected errors, and restated headlines to be more accurate would be the Web 3.0 version. However, I'm not sure if the digg community will embrace that any time soon.

Wikipedia, considered a Web 1.5 service, is experiencing the start of the Web 3.0 movement by locking pages down as they reach completion, and (at least in their German version) requiring edits to flow through trusted experts.

Also of note, is what Web 3.0 leaves behind? Web 3.0 throttles the "wisdom of the crowds" from turning into the "madness of the mobs" we've seen all too often, by balancing it with a respect of experts. Web 3.0 leaves behind the cowardly anonymous contributors and the selfish blackhat SEOs that have polluted and diminished so many communities.

Web 3.0 is a return to what was great about media and technology before Web 2.0: recognizing talent and expertise, the ownership of ones words, and fairness. It's time to evolve, shall we?
Basic Web 3.0 Concepts
Knowledge domains
A knowledge domain is something like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, the Web, Sociology, Psychology, History, etc. There can be many sub-domains under each domain each having their own sub-domains and so on.

Information vs. Knowledge
To a machine, knowledge is comprehended information (aka new information produced through the application of deductive reasoning to exiting information). To a machine, information is only data, until it is processed and comprehended.
For each domain of human knowledge, an ontology must be constructed, partly by hand [or rather by brain] and partly with the aid of automation tools.
Ontologies are not knowledge nor are they information. They are meta-information. In other words, ontologies are information about information. In the context of the Semantic Web, they encode, using an ontology language, the relationships between the various terms within the information. Those relationships, which may be thought of as the axioms (basic assumptions), together with the rules governing the inference process, both enable as well as constrain the interpretation (and well-formed use) of those terms by the Info Agents to reason new conclusions based on existing information, i.e. to think. In other words, theorems (formal deductive propositions that are provable based on the axioms and the rules of inference) may be generated by the software, thus allowing formal deductive reasoning at the machine level. And given that an ontology, as described here, is a statement of Logic Theory, two or more independent Info Agents processing the same domain-specific ontology will be able to collaborate and deduce an answer to a query, without being driven by the same software.
Inference Engines
In the context of Web 3.0, Inference engines will be combining the latest innovations from the artificial intelligence (AI) field together with domain-specific ontologies (created as formal or informal ontologies by, say, Wikipedia, as well as others), domain inference rules, and query structures to enable deductive reasoning on the machine level.
Info Agents
Info Agents are instances of an Inference Engine, each working with a domain-specific ontology. Two or more agents working with a shared ontology may collaborate to deduce answers to questions. Such collaborating agents may be based on differently designed Inference Engines and they would still be able to collaborate.
Proofs and Answers
The interesting thing about Info Agents that I did not clarify in the original post is that they will be capable of not only deducing answers from existing information (i.e. generating new information [and gaining knowledge in the process, for those agents with a learning function]) but they will also be able to formally test propositions (represented in some query logic) that are made directly or implied by the user. For example, instead of the example I gave previously (in the Wikipedia 3.0 article) where the user asks Where is the nearest restaurant that serves Italian cuisine and the machine deduces that a pizza restaurant serves Italian cuisine, the user may ask Is the moon blue? or say that the moon is blue to get a true or false answer from the machine. In this case, a simple Info Agent may answer with No but a more sophisticated one may say the moon is not blue but some humans are fond of saying once in a blue moon which seems illogical to me.
This test-of-truth feature assumes the use of an ontology language (as a formal logic system) and an ontology where all propositions (or formal statements) that can be made can be computed (i.e. proved true or false) and were all such computations are decidable in finite time. The language may be OWL-DL or any language that, together with the ontology in question, satisfy the completeness and decidability conditions.
The Future Has Arrived But Its Not Evenly Distributed
Currently, Semantic Web (aka Web 3.0) researchers are working out the technology and human resource issues and folks like Tim Berners-Lee, the Noble prize recipient and father of the Web, are battling critics and enlightening minds about the coming human-machine revolution.
The Semantic Web (aka Web 3.0) has already arrived, and Inference Engines are working with prototypical ontologies, but this effort is a massive one, which is why I was suggesting that its most likely enabler will be a social, collaborative movement such as Wikipedia, which has the human resources (in the form of the thousands of knowledgeable volunteers) to help create the ontologies (most likely as informal ontologies based on semantic annotations) that, when combined with inference rules for each domain of knowledge and the query structures for the particular schema, enable deductive reasoning at the machine level.
Definitions and Roadmap
There are several definitions of the web, but usually Web 3.0 is defined as a term, which has been coined with different meanings to describe the evolution of web usage and interaction among the several separate paths. These include transforming the Web into a database, a move towards making content accessible by multiple non-browser applications, the leveraging of artificial intelligence technologies, the Semantic web, or the Geospatial Web. According to Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, Web 3.0 is a third generation of Internet based Web services, which emphasize m a c h i n e - f a c i l i t a t e d understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience.. The third generation of Internet services is collectively consists of semantic web, microformats, natural language search, data-mining, machine learning, recommendation agents that is known as Artificial Intelligence technologies or Intelligent Web.
According to some experts, Web 3.0 is characterized and fueled by the successful carriage of artificial intelligence and the web. While some experts have summarized the definition defining as Web 3.0 is the next step in the progression of the tubes that are the Internets.
According to Nova Spivack, the CEO of Radar Networks, one of the leading voices of this new age Internet, Web 3.0 is a set of standards that turns the Web into one big database.
Steve, a famous Blog author has defined the term Web 3.0 as, Web 3.0 is highly specialized information structures, moderated by a group of personality, validated by the community, and put into context with the inclusion of meta-data through widgets. While Leiki, the Finland based pioneer company of Semantic Web describes: Web 3.0 makes the discovery of content streams effortless. It introduces automatic discovery of likeminded users and automatic tagging.
The term Web 3.0 was first coined by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006, while it first appeared prominently in early 2006 in a Blog article written by Jeffrey Zeldman in the Critical of Web 2.0 and associated technologies such as Ajax.

A more revolutionary Web
The term Web 3.0 has became a subject of interest and debate since late 2006 to till date. But no exact definition has been created that everyone accepts it.
Web 3.0 Debates over Definition
Since the origins of the concept of Web 3.0, the debate continues goes on about exactly what the term Web 3.0 means, and what a suitable definition might be. As emerging the new technology, a new definition emerged:
Transforming the Web into a database
Transforming the Web into database is the beginning step towards transforming definition of Web 3.0 when the technology of Data Web emerged as structured data records that can be published to the Web in reusable and remotely query able formats, such as XML, RDF and microformats. The Data Web is the initial step in the way of full Semantic web that enables a new level of data integration and application interoperability, which makes the data openly accessible and linkable as Web pages. To make available structured data using RDF is primarily focused in Data Web phase. The full Semantic Web stage will so expand the scope that both structured and semi structured or unstructured content will be widely available in RDF and OWL semantic formats.
An evolutionary path to artificial intelligence
Web 3.0 has also been used to describe the rend of artificial intelligence, which is being popular in the web like a quasi-human fashion. Some cynic believes that it is an unobtainable vision. However, this is being used new technologies on mass level that yields amazing information like making predictions of hit songs from mining information on college music Web sites. There is also debate on the driving force behind Web 3.0. Will it be the intelligent systems, or whether intelligence will emerge in a more organic fashion and how people interact with it?
The realization of the Semantic Web and Service Oriented Architecture
Another debate originates over the artificial intelligence direction in which Web 3.0 can be extent to Semantic web concept. Academic research is going on to develop such reasoning software that must be based on description logic and intelligent agents. These sorts of applications can perform logical reasoning operations through using sets of rules expressing logical relationships between concepts and data on the Web.
But some critics are disagree on the viewpoint, which describes that Semantic Web would be the core of the 3rd generation of the Internet and suggests a formula to summarize Web 3.0.
Web 3.0 has also been associated to a possible hub of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Semantic web.

Evolution towards 3D
The evolution of 3D technology is also being connected to Web 3.0 as Web 3.0 may be used on massive scale due to its characteristics. In this process Web 3.0 would transform into a series of 3D spaces, taking the concept realized by Second Life expansion. This could open up new ways to connect and collaborate using 3D shared spaces.
Proposed Expanded Definitions of Web 3.0
Nova Spivack has proposed the expanded definition of
Web 3.0 that indulge in itself the collection of various foremost harmonizing technology developments that are growing to a new level of maturity simultaneously includes:
Ubiquitous Connectivity, broadband adoption, mobile Internet access and mobile devices
Network computing, s o f t w a r e -a s - a - s e r v i c e business models, Web services interoperability, distributed computing, grid computing and cloud computing
Open technologies, Open APIs and protocols, open data formats, open-source software platforms and open data (e.g. Creative Commons, Open Data License)
Open identity, OpenID, open reputation, roaming portable identity and personal data
The intelligent web, Semantic web technologies such as RDF, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, Semantic application platforms, and statement based data stores.
Distributed databases, the World Wide Database (enabled by Semantic Web technologies)
Intelligent applications, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, and autonomous agents
Web 3.0 as Different Formats of Web
The Semantic Web
The term Semantic Web refers to Defined Web that is an alliance of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and others to provide a standard for defining data structures on the Web. Semantic Web refers to the use of XMLtagged data that matches the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
Sometimes it is refers to Web 3.0, that is a debatable topic, but in the form of Web 3.0, the main goal of the Semantic Web becomes to identify exact required data that matches the keywords. e.g. if we search Web 3.0 in Google / yahoo / msn or any advance search engines using specific key words, there are millions of web pages appears on the window in which only very few have some information and all other pages are worthless.
Web 3.0 in terms of Semantic Web is the third generation of World Wide Web in which machines an read sites similar to human being and also follows our instructions. For example if you order to check your schedule against the schedules of all the dentists and doctors within a 10-mile radius if follows tour order and provide the appropriate information.
The 3D Web
3-D refers to the three dimensional design that represents the virtual looks of any object from three different sides simultaneously. A user can view the true picture of any building, any location or any object and walk through the location without leaving the computer desk on his/her system. Though these are the virtual pictures but seem to be real. These technologies are extensively being used in a wide range of services like computer games, Virtual Reality (VR) models and Multimedia solutions.
Now, 3-D technology has come on the Internet and has become a new trend of Web. Now user can go house hunting across town or take a tour of the world or can walk through a Second Life style virtual world, surfing for data and interacting with others in 3D. The 3d web is being used massively in online computer games, virtual world tour, Geospatial engineering, online high tech research, online software development, online shopping, online telecommunication and social networking sites. Google Earth, Wiki Earth, MySpace, You Tube are the biggest examples of 3D web users
The Media-Centric Web
The terms Media-Centric Web refers to the web where users can find true similar graphics and sound on the other media, not just the keywords. E.g. if users searches any favorite movie/ graphics/ music in the search engines, can find the exact desired thing on the other media.
The Pervasive Web
The pervasive web refers the uses of web in the wide range of area in which the web has now been reached not only in computers and cell phones but also in clothing, appliances, and automobiles and much more, e.g. web based bedroom windows that checks weather and self open or close it according to climate.
Web 3.0 in terms of pervasive web refers to those websites, which are going to be transformed into web services and will depict and expand their information to the world.

As the times goes and he technology enriches, the experts feels to develop some thing better that can be more fruitful, advance, user friendly and intelligent. Thus originates the concept of web 3.0 and now it is taking a handsome shape. We 3.0 have some more features including the feature of Web 2.0.
Web 3.0 sites will only allow collaboration of content generated from an approved pseudo-random sequence of characters. Web 3.0 would have three main objectives:
1- Seeking Information
2- Seeking Validation
3- Seeking entertainment
Seeking Information
Searching information would be more compact in Web 3.0. Till now, the web uses keywords in order to comprehensive data into usable chunks. Search engines index the Internet in proper order and present it to the end user in order of relevance. The users select the information that is nearer to their requirement. Sometimes this becomes a very hectic process. But Web 2.0 goes one step ahead and brought us a change in the basic way of searching. It applies the tags in the searching data e.g. if anyone wants to look for car. He/she types the word in the specified space of the search engine. The search engine displays many webs, but if the user type BMW cars, it displays all the relevant site only\y related to BMW cars. So BMW works as a tag.
Web 3.0 will be more advance in searching the information for example of Cars, Web 3.0 uses the further research beyond the engines, it also uses the sub search engines that would provide more compact information and user can find the nearest desired data. It would go to all major categories like pictures, videos, blog posts, news articles, commerce etc. Each of these would happen because of RSS feed so that user can get alerts when something new would add to his/her search profile.
Seeking Validation
If the user wants to go the news not the information, it will work in a different way. It would provide the exact data what user wants. It would also search the available people on the net. The user have to type the words what he/she wants to access, Web 3.0 would provide the relevant information in order of its proximity, algorithms, tagging, and validation through user voting.
Seeking Entertainment
Entertainment, the most popular trend of Web 2.0 would be more advance in Web 3.0 as it would be based around the sect of the personality. People Search will replace the social networks that are most popular fashion in this generation of web. For searching about any person, just type the name and all the information related to regarding person would be displayed with some attached tags. If would display the total wiki profile,
In which all the data would be specified whether the user would have created it or anyone else. All the related deeds would also show in the profile. Then People would be more universal rather than now.
The looks and shape of the blogging would be also changed; the current weblogs would be converted in to Microblogging. People will be able to blog from anywhere, without having to spend hours writing a properly formatted post. Web 3.0 will see a more complete integration between devices like cell phones and the World Wide Web. Posting pictures, videos and text from anywhere, anytime would be more tussles free.
Here the terms of commerce means the criteria of earning that will be more advance, but the whole criteria would not primarily change. The product will carry on to sell online. Conversational advertising and detrainment will take the place of stock ads and promotions. Sect of personality and their sponsorships will also be more specific as the advertisement companies will be narrower because of categorizing of the people.
The entire advertising landscape will change; the ultra specialized sub engines will search the tightly focused target audience to selling the product.
Contextual advertisement will take second seat to product placements on sites, search results and sub engines.
Web 3.0 Design
REST, AJAX, Silverlight, Widget Enabled, Taggable, Searchable everything

RSS. A Web 3.0 Driver
In the coming ten years RSS and its related technologies will become the single most important Internet technology because of its specific quality to development of the new web as its really very simple. Any person who has a little bit knowledge of coding can generate an extensible, standards based database of information that can be transferred to almost any other modern web site.
If Web 3.0 is the Semantic Web, where machine read content like human beings then RSS will be its eyes. RSS technology is still in vast uses especially in the online news portals. The entire business models have already being created around aggregating metadata. IGoogle, MyIndiaTims and Netvibes allow the users to create their own personal homepage, drawing much of its content from RSS feeds that users select.
The trend of RSS tool will be increased in the future in which user can include a host of data-points. Each blog post, the future microblogging feed can be personalize according to users desire as every picture, every video clip, every music will be searchable, taggable and XML based collaborate. The biggest example of its already exists in a web portal named The real power of Web 3.0 will be in the used in creating data and transferring it effectively. Candidate Web 3.0 technologies Web 3.0 would be used in various technologies of computer and Internet. Here is the list of web 3.0 users:

Artificial intelligence
Automated reasoning
Cognitive architecture
Composite applications
Distributed computing
Knowledge representation
Ontology (computer science)
Scalable vector graphics.
Semantic Web


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovely Professional University won Italian Trade Commission(ICE) Scholarships

Lovely Professional University has won Italian Trade Commission (ICE) Scholarships, this year. LPU has further selected its 8 meritorious students and one Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department under this scheme. They are all, presently, on an educational tour for 15 days to Italy. Under IMTTA 2011- ITALIAN MACHINE TOOL TECHNOLOGY AWARD, visiting students have to go for an extensive and detailed visit programme IN ITALY up to 16th JULY, 2011. The visiting ones are provided with free to and fro air-tickets, hotel-stays, food and transport for local visits.

Talking to media, the Chancellor of the University, Mr Ashok Mittal said: "These scholarships are annually awarded by the Italy Government to three countries- India, US and Russia. This year our University bagged these for our Country."He further explained, "We have further selected 8 Mechanical Engineering students on Merit Basis, Personal Interviews and Project Reports as per the Italian Embassy." He also added: "This is a great chance for our hard working students to further get exposed to global experience of immense utility. They will be able to learn about latest Italian Machine tool technologies and machines in practical shape, through present tour."

Some of the visiting students, Manveer Singh, Shouqat Ali, Rohit, Sneh hold: "University always try to accord the best of the opportunity to students so that we may keep on learning latest trends and techniques. The present endeavour to Italy is one of the best examples for this." It is illustrative that students will get valuable knowledge about different projects, along with the American and Russian students.

MIP Representatives will train them through vast presentations about 'Strategic Management of Technological Innovation', 'Design evolution and industrial product Trends' and 'Technology Driven Innovation: Virtual Prototyping' at MIP POLITECNICO DI MILANO. They also have to absorb an extensive technical know-how through Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools Robots, Automation Systems and Ancillary Products (UCIMU-SISTEMI) and Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation at MILAN. Not only this, they will also have free time to recreate themselves under a wonderful trip to naturalistic-cultural spot in the surroundings of Milan, and Museum of Flight at Varese, MUSEO GALLERIA FERRARI at Maranello and Ducati, factory and museum at Bologna.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hire Windows Mobile developer for custom Windows Mobile app Development

Windows Mobile is an operating system (OS), designed and developed by Microsoft. Windows Mobile OS consists of basic applications, widely used for mobile devices as Smart phones, computers for automobiles, various portable media centers and others. Also, Windows mobile is carrying popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook mail client, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows task bar and therefore it is widely used in business organization, which fulfilled specialized needs of the any kind of business organization.

Today, Many Business owner are used window mobile application in their organization because it has all the capabilities which require in industry standard. It provide great corporate look to users, so Windows mobile app are used to perform different operations of the business. Let's, we see some essential factor about Windows mobile app and its development platform that provide great user experience.
Some key factors of Windows Mobile app and its development Platform:

Easy to use features and functionalities
Enhanced security & reliability
Competitive edge
Flexibility in development platform
Its Microsoft .Net framework gives better productivity

All above factor present importance of the Windows Mobile and because of these reason Windows Mobile app demands are increasing day by day, so obviously we needed Windows Mobile app development services for windows mobile.

Today, many mobile app development companies provide custom windows mobile app development services and solution at most affordable cost. Many companies have professional window mobile app developers who have complete knowledge and expertise to develop any kind of windows mobile apps. They provide hiring services to their client, according to their program; you can hire professional windows mobile app developer at daily, weekly and monthly basi s for complete windows mobile development solution.

They have ability to develop high-end windows mobile app by merging technologies and tools. They provide completely customized services to their clients. They offer complete Windows Mobile Application Development services for bespoke Windows Mobile apps. They are active at all the time for taking new challenges in windows mobile apps development.

If you are planning to develop unique and innovative application for business or personal use then we provide complete solution to you for your business organization.

Hire Mobile App Developers (HMAD) is a leading mobile app development company offers Professional Windows Mobile App Development solution and services at most affordable cost. Hire Windows Mobile App developers from HMAD and get custom Windows Phone App Development solution as per your needs.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All you need to know about Mobile App development

The world will soon shift from laptops and computers to Smartphone. With over 350, 000 iPhone applications available, the exponential growth in mobile applications are undisputed. But, newly developed Android might soon take over with its 100,000 apps and more growing rapidly. Apps, taking advantage of high-tech like motion sensor, GPS and light sensor and interacting with hardware can give one a greater and more interactive experience than what one's PC would be able to.

Mobile App development

It is the process by which application software is developed for digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications may be pre-installed, or you may want to download it from various app stores, websites that provides mobile application software. Today, there are several mobile applications to choose from that cater to all kinds of mobile phone users.

iPhone app development

There are numerous iPhone apps available to choose from. Since 2009, from the time iPhone came into focus, apps has been developed by various software developers.

The high rated apps designed by Outware have often been featured in the international media and in the What's hot' section of iTunes.

iPad App development

iPad apps are more than just a bigger iPhone app. iPad app development require a specialized design specifically made for them and which also understands the way it works . An iPad app maybe combined with an iPhone app. The combination creates an application that works on both iPhone and iPad.

Outware Mobile's team, who has been working with iPad application development since its first release is always ready to turn an app from good to great.

Android App development

With more than 100,000 apps already available for Android, Outware realizes the potential that Android has and is currently developing more Android applications. Maintained by Google, Android operating system has overtaken Nokia's Symbian to take the position of world's best selling Smartphone.

Apps for Android and iPhone are not compatible because they are written in different language and have different user interface experience. Using tools for development like cross platform to cut the cost, by developing an app that can be used in both iOS and Android does not yield good result. Outware thus recommends in building custom apps for respective operating system.

Android apps development over other mobiles is a smart choice because it is simple. The multi-faceted platform is the greatest advantage of Android apps, as it can be used almost on all operating system. The publishers can easily publish it online facilitating easy downloads by the user. A no-fuss technology also allows it to have great application enabling features.

Custom App development

Although it gives you unique features, the way you choose, the cost is on the higher end. Custom Apps are designed for a specific function. Custom Application development allows you to have any design that you choose. If you like your phones to have applications that are unique to your phone alone, these are for you. However, time and cost are the major constraints.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prolonged Winter Power Outage

In the winter, the power supply to your home can be interrupted from a few hours to several days by freezing rain, sleet, snow storms and/or high winds which damage power lines and equipment. This is the same power supply that you need to heat your home, be it electric baseboards or furnaces, or gas or oil furnaces (which use electric controls and distribution fans). If you encounter an extended period of time without power, the result can be a loss of heating, which in turn results in a cold home, severe living conditions, and possible damage to walls, floors and plumbing.

Be Prepared

During a winter power outage, you should be prepared to follow some procedures to help protect your home from damage. You should have a power outage preparedness plan that includes listing the location of your electrical breakers, gas and water valves. Everyone in your household should know where this document is kept. In advance, you should also consider the following:

Keep spare batteries, along with a readily accessible flashlight and portable am/fm radio. Keep handy extra fuses (if you have an electrical box that uses fuses). If your home is prone to flooding, consider purchasing and installing a DC sump pump and back-up battery, or a properly sized inverter and battery for the pump. Prepare a 3-day, emergency kit which includes: 4 litres of water per person/day, canned food, a manual can opener, utensils, a sleeping bag or blanket per person, medication, flashlight, a crank or battery operated radio, spare batteries, a change of clothes, diapers, a first aid kit, insurance information and if applicable, pet food and litter. Pack all of these items in a bagalso refer to emergency preparedness websites or the emergency section of your phone directory. Routinely check your main water supply valve to ensure proper operation. Leaving Your Home

If you must leave your home for more than 24 hours because of a power failure, here are some simple things to do to prevent house damage.

Electricity and Power Shut off power to house at breaker box. Shut power off at the breaker to the water heater, furnace, water pump (if you have one) and sump pump. Make sure that appliances, electronic equipment and tools are turned off at the switch and unplugged. Close gas valves, if you have natural gas or propane. Unplug major appliances so that they do not start up cold when power is restored. Turn the thermostat down. Use a flashlight versus candles or oil lamps. Water Turn off water supply at water service entrance (the valve is generally located at the front of the house, near the basement floor). Open all taps, starting at the top of the house and let them drain. Flush the toilet to drain the tank. If you get your water from a well, drain the pump line and expansion tanks. Unhook washing machine hoses and drain. Leave all taps open while you are gone. If you arenot on a septic system and have to leave for a long period and freezing is certain, pour a non-toxic antifreeze (cottage or recreational vehicle antifreeze, or windshield washer fluid) in all traps (toilets, sinks, washing machines, showers).Caution: Never add an ammonia-based product to items that have the non-toxic antifreeze in the trap such as for cleaning the toilet bowl before you leave. The results are hazardous. If the temperature inside your house will remain below freezing for a long time, turn off power source first and then drain the hot water tank by attaching a hose to the tank drain valve and running it to the basement floor drain. For electric hot water tanks, turn off the power at the breaker. For gas hot water tanks, turn the gas valve to "OFF". If the weather is not too cold, or if you are checking the house regularly, the hot water tank may survive without draining. In this case, turn off the power to the hot water tank at the breaker or fuse box, or turn the gas valve to "Pilot". If your house is equipped with a sump pump to protect it from ground water, it will not work without electric power. Consider a back-up power source. If your home is on a septic system, do not use excessive water as the aeration pump or lift pump will not be operational. Wrap any exposed water pipes with insulation. Move valuables off the basement floor in case there is flooding. More Tips For prolonged departures, pile snow, straw or other insulation material around the basement walls to prevent soil freezing next to the foundation. Close the door to the basement to keep in the heat. Empty refrigerators and freezers. If possible, do not keep surplus food. Wedge freezer and refrigerator doors open to prevent mold growth. Ensure that the devices used to hold the doors open cannot trap a child or pet inside. Notify municipal authoritiespolice, fire, hydrothat you are leaving the house. Unless there is a life or property-threatening emergency (illness or powerline down), do not call 9-1-1. Use the numbers specified in your phone directory. If you have a pet, ask your vet where you can take a pet during an evacuation. Take proof of identification with you. Ensure your home is secure before you leave, and bring your house key (doors and windows closed and locked). If you rely on your garage door opener for access to your garage, be sure you know how to operate it manually to access your car. Returning Home Power and Energy Use a flashlightdon't light matches or turn on electrical switches if you suspect damage or smell gas. Do not start major appliances until the house has returned to near normal temperature. Ensure that stoves, ovens, washing machines, electronics and portable space heaters are turned off at the switch. Turn on power to the house breaker boxwith all appliances still unplugged. Turn power on to individual appliances (including refrigerators and freezers) when they are warmed up. If you turned off the gas, it should only be turned back on by a professional from the gas company. If there is flooding, do not operate appliances, electrical outlets, switches or fuse-breaker panels until they have been checked and serviced by a qualified technician. Water Do not turn on the house water supply until indoor air returns to near normal temperaturein the 20oC range. Close all open taps, close hot water tank drain, reconnect washing machine hoses and the drain. Turn on water at water service entrance. Ensure that hot water taps are running and that the hot water tank is full before turning it on. Electric hot water tanks can be turned on at a breaker. If you have a gas hot water tank, call a service person to restore the gas to the tank. Turn on the tap which is on the highest level in the house until water is flowing, to bleed air out of the system. Ensure that drains are not clogged with ice or cracked by freezing. Run other taps until water is flowing. Check for leakage from pipes where possible. If you find leaks, turn off the water supply to the leaky pipe or turn off water at the service entrance until leaks are repaired. If you are on a septic system, do not add antifreeze, salt or additives to the septic tank and do not run the water continuously to unfreeze the system. Many contractors have pressure steamers to defrost frozen piping or can install heat tape or a tank heater. Check sump and sump pipes for freezing before starting the sump pump.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - What You Need to Know

Machu Picchu, the so called "Lost City of the Incas", has become a classic "see before you die" sight since it was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century by the American explorer Hiram Bingham. It is an unforgettable place - a set of excellently preserved Inca ruins perched on top of a mountain in the middle of the Peruvian Andes.

Machu Picchu is visited by almost a million people every year, and though the site is accessible by bus from the local town of Aguas Calientes, many people choose to trek the Inca Trail to get there. If Machu Picchu is one of the most famous historical sights in the world, the classic Inca Trail is one of the most famous treks; a four-day walk following an ancient Inca roadway and passing through a number of other Inca ruins before your first mesmerising glimpse of Machu Picchu from the 'Gateway of the Sun'.

Sound exciting? It can be the trip of a lifetime, but if you are considering the trek to Machu Picchu, here are four things to be aware of...

Book ahead

In recent years, the Peruvian government has imposed tight restrictions on Inca trail treks in an attempt to lessen damage and erosion of the route and ease overcrowding. Only five hundred people (including porters and guides) are allowed to begin the trail each day, and you are required to book a permit to walk there. This means you typically need to book a place several months in advance, especially if you intend to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in peak season (between June and August.)
Get in shape

While it is only a four-day trek, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is quite physically demanding, with high altitude passes and long days of hard walking. You don't need to be a hugely experienced trekker to walk the Inca Trail, but some trekking experience and a decent general level of fitness are recommended.

When they try and trek the Inca Trail, far too many travellers fly straight in to Cusco from Lima and immediately start the trail. This can be a serious mistake, as Cusco itself is at over 3000m, and the trail itself goes even higher. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to acclimatise to the altitude. If you are flying straight into Cusco, it is a good idea to spend a little time at a lower altitude to give your body a chance to adjust, perhaps by taking a tour of the Sacred Valley before your Inca Trail trek.

Take the right equipment

Any reputable tour company will be able to provide you wit h a list of equipment, and some may even offer to rent equipment to you. As a bare minimum, you need some broken in hiking boots (trainers are not recommended!), several layers of warm clothing, a waterproof jacket or poncho, water bottle, good quality sleeping bag, and daytime trekking clothes. You may also want to take a pair of trekking poles - the stone staircases on the Inca Trail can be hard work on your knees!

Tip the porters

When you trek the Inca Trail, it is likely that most, if not all, of the camping and cooking equipment will be carried by local porters (pack animals are now banned from the trail). The treatment of the porters varies from company to company - some are well paid and well looked after, while others are definitely not. That's another reason to go with a reputable company, who are committed to responsible tourism and have an established policies and practices regarding porter care.

Interact with your porter as much as possible (bringing some coca leaves as gifts is a good way to show your appreciation), and keep an eye on how the porters are treated - make a complaint after the trip if you feel that they have been hard done by.

Make sure that you bring some money to tip the porters at the end of your Inca Trail trek. The amount that you should tip varies with the quality of service, of course, but it is generally recommended that you bring between £25 - £35 in dollars or soles to cover the tips for your cook, guide and personal porter.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trekking Holidays in UK - A Wonderful Expedition Experience

What is your plan for this coming vacation? Are you interested to have a memorable and wonderful holiday? Then try once trekking holidays which will turn into one of your best hobby after the initial trip. If you are a beginner to trekking then you can approach an expedition company who arranges guided trekking for beginners. These companies conduct adventure trekking and regular trekking tours. Most of the expedition companies have well qualified and perfectly trained trekking guides to lead a team of trekkers. The company also makes trekking camps at periodical intervals throughout the trekking routes. Those you prefer hot climate trekking experience can opt for desert trekking. There are also trekking Europe trip so that the trekker can have an experience in trekking in the European climate and geographic conditions. Most of the experienced trekkers prefer trekking Kilimanjaro or Everest trekking. The beginners in trekking and the experienced trekkers can have a totally different experience while trekking Annapurna and machu pichhu trekking. The picturesque kili trekking is one of the best experiences a trekker can come across in life. Trekking holidays have been much popular among different age group.

Most of the expedition company arranges trekking holidays and guided trekking holidays for different age group from the very young to the very old persons. Moreover there are lots of different kinds of holidays that can be enjoyed by all who are interested in trekking. The trekking tours and adventure trekking are conducted in an interesting manner by these companies. Normally the trekking participants are told to assemble in the trekking camps that are set up at the base of the trekking route. There is always a scheduled plan with periodic interval camps throughout the trekking path. The expedition company provides the food and other necessary facilities in the trip. Those who don't belong to the European region prefer to explore trekking Europe in order to have a better experience of these regions terrains. Most of the trekkers prefer trekking Kilimanjaro, Everest trekking, trekking Annapurna etc because of the adventures involved in it. Machu pichhu trekking and kili trekking is also a great hit among the trekkers. Some people in order to have a totally different experience prefer desert trekking. All this trekking tour is conducted with proper medical check up of the participants and a medical team is appointed to meet any kind of emergency too.

A participant who wishes to be a part of trekking tour needs to be physically fit. The person should have lot of energy and patients to undergo the stress and strain involved in the hard task of mountain climbing through difficult routes. Those you wish to be part of adventure trekking should be more cautious regarding the danger and risk involved in the trekking holidays. All the trekking activities should be done with a careful approach only. One should follow the strict instruction of the guides and other members of the expedition company. Moreover people should learn to move in groups and never get separated from the allotted group or team.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Huayhuash Trekking 2011 2012 PERU / Prices and Fixed Departures

Huayhuash Trekking Departures 2011 2012.


Web site:

For Huayhuash Trek. We have designed 3 kinds of Services with 3 kinds of prices for 2011 2012 2013 and Fixed Departures

Huayhuash Trek US$ 600.00 per person (13 Days Trek)

This price is only for Guests who will inquire only trek service, starting with transfer from their Hotel in Huaraz until to return to their Hotels in Huaraz, with complete service for Huayhuash Trek and Camping

Huayhuash Trek 13 days

1. Huaraz Llamac

2. Llamac Cuartelhuain

3. Cuartelhuain Mitucocha

4. Mitucocha Carhuacocha

5. Carhuacocha Explore Siula Lakes

6. Caruacocha Huayhuash

7. Huayhuash Viconga

8. Viconga Huanacpatay

9. Huanacpatay Huayllapa

10. Huayllapa Cashpapampa

11. Cashpapampa Jahuacocha

12. Jahuacocha Rest Day

13. Jahuacocha - Llamac Huaraz

Fixed Departure Dates:

15th May 2011 - 2012

2nd June 2011 - 2012

18th June 2011 - 2012

2nd July 2011 - 2012

20 July 2011 - 2012

5th August 2011 - 2012

18th August 2011 - 2012

15th September 2011 - 2012

Huayhuash Trek US$ 990 per person to Join a Group in Lima Peru with different Flights arriving and Departing

This price is for Guests who will inquire full service starting with reception in the International Airport Lima until departure home from International Airport Lima, all ground transfer, Hotel in Lima and Huaraz with complete service for Huayhuash Trek, Ground Transfers

Huayhuash Trek 22 Days

Reception in the International Airport Lima Hotel Lima Castillos de Chancay Fundo El Olivar Country Side Bungalows Horse riding to Caral the most ancient city in America Huaraz Huaraz Free Day Acclimatizing Huaraz Lake Churup Acclimatizing Huaraz Llamac Llamac Cuartelhuain Cuartelhuain Mitucocha Mitucocha Carhuacocha Carhuacocha Explore Siula Lakes Caruacocha Huayhuash Huayhuash Viconga Viconga Huanacpatay Huanacpatay Huayllapa Huayllapa Cashpapampa Cashpapampa Jahuacocha Jahuacocha Rest Day Jahuacocha - Llamac Huaraz Huaraz Llanganuco Lakes Huaraz Lima Lima City Tours Lima USA / Europe

Fixed Departure Dates

28th May 2011 - 2012

5nd June 2011 - 2012

22th June 2011 - 2012

5nd July 2011 - 2012

16 July 2011 - 2012

2th August 2011 - 2012

22th August 2011 - 2012

10th September 2011 - 2012

Huayhuash Trek Private Service for Guests coming in a Group with the same flight from Home

2 to 3 People: $1400.00 per person
4 to 5 People: $1200.00 per person

6 to 8 People: $1100.00 per person
9 to 10 People: $1000.00 per person

10 to + People: $ 950.00 per person

Huayhuash Trek 22 Days

Reception in the International Airport Lima Hotel Lima Castillos de Chancay Fundo El Olivar Country Side Bungalows Horse riding to Caral the most ancient city in America Huaraz Huaraz Free Day Acclimatizing Huaraz Lake Churup Acclimatizing Huaraz Llamac Llamac Cuartelhuain Cuartelhuain Mitucocha Mitucocha Carhuacocha Carhuacocha Explore Siula Lakes Caruacocha Huayhuash Huayhuash Viconga Viconga Huanacpatay Huanacpatay Huayllapa Huayllapa Cashpapampa Cashpapampa Jahuacocha Jahuacocha Rest Day Jahuacocha - Llamac Huaraz Huaraz Llanganuco Lakes Huaraz Lima Lima City Tours Lima USA / Europe

>> Things and Services Included <<

3 nights Hotel in Lima 1 Night Country Side Hotel Bungalows Horse Ride to Caral with Caballo de Paso Peruano 5 Nights Hotel in Huaraz One Tours to Llanganuco Lakes Collection from your hotel in the morning Transportation by bus to the start of the trail (Llamac, beginning of the trip) English speaking professional guide Sleeping tents - 2 persons in each capacity tent with plenty of space for your backpacks and better comfort. Double thickness foam mattress Kitchen tent, Dining tent with camp tables and chairs Accommodations: 4 nights camping Accommodation for our crew First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle Huayhuash National Park Entrance fees Hot water every morning and evening for washing purposes (while hiking) Cook and Cooking equipment Excellent Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) food includes pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruit, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, rice, all rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking, hot drinks including coca leaf tea which is excellent for the altitude We supply boiled water to fill in your water bottle all the time,(while hiking) if you may need more, please request it with enough time ahead to your crew Teatime (tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn) Horses and Donkeys days (for equipment and personal items, actually your main heavy stuff, will be carried by the horses, it means you only will carry a small day bag, day by day, we included 01 emergency horse to ride on including horsemen Bus returning from Llamac to Huaraz City Transfer to your hotel

>> Things and Services Not Included <<

Dinner on the last day of the program. Personal Drinks Sleeping bags can be hired in Huaraz for. Tips for the guide, cook and Donkey Drivers Personal equipment

>> Things that you need to bring or carry <<

Backpack, Sleeping bag Rain jacket or poncho (plastic ponchos can be purchased in Huaraz for a few dollars) Strong, comfortable footwear One complete change of clothing (you can afford to carry more changes of clothing if you hire a personal porters, see options below) Sweater and jacket (something warm) Water bottle, ideally non disposable canteen (boiled drinking water will be provided) Torch / Flashlight and batteries Hat or cap to protect you from the sun Sun block (sun protection cream) Insect repellent, absolutely the most important item for this hike is bug spray. Anything with a lot of DEET with do the job, anything less is simply not sufficient. Bug spray MUST be bought in Huaraz, as it cannot be found even in neighboring towns. Toiletries, towel and toilet paper Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, energy bars etc, Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries, cash in soles and US$ Swimsuit (if you plan on visiting the hot springs at Hunacarhuaz after the trek) Optional: walking Poles /sticks rubber covers necessary (can be hired from our office for US$06 each one for the 4 day trek) You also need to bring a copy ofyour passport on the trail.

>> This could be optional <<

(1) Personal horse for riding while on the trek with and extra cost, you can have a personal horse to ride any time you may need.
(2) Vegetarian Meals. We can provide vegetarian meals or cater for special diets with no extra cost. Just let us know at time of reservation prior to trek departure.
(3) Sleeping bag hire. If you haven't got a sleeping bag or you don't want the hassle of bringing one all to Peru with you then we have sleeping bags in our office for rent. The price is US$10 per person per day.

>>>>>...... RESERVATIONS DETAILS ......<<<<<

Reservation details: All trek reservations must be made reservation in advance (however 30 days in advance is recommended especially during the months of April, May, June, July and August)

Payment details: We will require a non-refundable trek deposit of 50% per person payable at the time of Reservation and we will confirm you by e-mail or phone confirming your trek booking. The deposit could be paid by Our VISA Payment On-Line, Money Gram International or money transfer to our Peruvian Bank account and these are our fastest most secure form of payments in Peru . Further details of how to send the deposit are included with our trek booking confirmation email. The remaining balance is to be paid in Lima one day prior to your departure date. Payment can be made in cash US$, local currency (Peruvian Soles),
For a trek deposit Paymentwe use BANCO DE CREDITO DEL PERU, please if you are ready to make reservation inform as soon as possible to send you our bank a ccount number

>> Other information <<

Luggage storage. When you go on the trek it is best to leave any luggage that you are not going to need behind in Huaraz. Nearly all the hotels in Huaraz provide secure luggage deposit. Put any valuables in their safe. Very rarely do hotels charge for this service especially if you are returning to the same hotel after the trek. If there are any problems with your hotel we can arrange to store your luggage at our office.

Time of arrival in Huaraz you will return to your hotel in Huaraz for approximately 4:30pm on the last day of the trek

More detailed information contact us

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