Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apple iPhone—dominating the mobile market

Apple is one of the best and popular mobile brands in UK. It dominates the mobile market to a large extent. It has created a revolution and you can make it iPod , phone at a time. Apple iPhone has variety of latest technologies in it. Apple iPhone deal is gaining popularity day by day. Cheap iPhone deals have many features which can easily attract customers. Now people can easily afford cheap iPhones. Sale of cheap iPhone has break the record and have got a good response. Apple iphone4 is considered to be the best one amongst all the iPhone. One of the best feature of iPhone is video calling and more features which adds popularity in it are GPRS,EDGE, WLAN, blue tooth etc.

There are number of deals available in UK market like contract deals, pay as you go deal, SIM free deal.

The deals are provided by number of leading networking companies such as Vodafone, Virgin, Three, T-Mobile, Orange. Contract deals offer their customer loads of benefits like gifts and incentives. The gifts include TV, Laptop, Home appliances etc. Contract deals are best for those who like to stick with one network only and SIM free phones are best for those who loves to travel a lot. One benefit of SIM free phones is that if a person is out and he is paying roaming tariff, then he can switch to the local network. You can get the cheap iPhone in a very attractive price.

You can go through some online web portals where you can get information about all the deals and phones. You can do the price comparison amongst all the deals and can grab the best deal for you. You can get it online as well as offline. So just grab the offer and avail the benefits.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple IPhone 4 - Getting One Free

There are many people who are unaware of the various testing programs out there that allow them to keep products that they agree to test. Products such as Apple's latest when they become available, such as the Apple iPhone 4,is being handed out for FREE to those that apply to test it right now. You may think it is not possible to be an outsider and receive a free phone just for testing it.

Well, that wouldn't be correct! All that needs to happen is for a person to locate one of the promotional websites on the Internet that is willing to give away a free Apple iPhone 4 when someone agrees to test it. As a rule, someone just has to answer a survey or complete a checklist that provides information of your opinion of the phone. It doesn't get any more difficult than this.

What needs to be understood here is that there are many marketing companies that get paid big bucks to do product marketing for large industrial concerns and their work involves finding out what people think of their products. To do this, they must seek out people from the general public that are willing to test the products. They are prepared to pay these testers off for their efforts by giving away the products that are tested. In most cases, lavish, expensive products, like the Apple iPhone 4 are given to the public to test and to keep free of charge. It's really a can't lose situation for everybody in view of the fact that the marketing companies get the information they seek and the people doing the testing get to keep the expensive products they are testing. In this case, a tester gets to keep a completely new Apple iPhone 4 for FREE! Sound good?

Don't be misled by people let you know that everything on the Internet is a deception and that there is no likelihood of your getting a free iPhone 4. People are testing and keeping expensive products all the time! All one needs to do is to locate one of these Internet sites, then find out if any free phones a re still available by leaving your email address. Hopefully there will be available phones and you will be on your way to receiving a free iPhone 4! Good luck!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 - Combining Style And Substance

The ever popular iPhone series has seen a new addition in the iPhone 4. Released in summer of 2010, this versatile handset incorporates a number of cutting edge features, and indeed loads of media hype as you would expect from a product release from Apple.

But what is it about the iPhone 4 which has got consumers so excited?

A number of impressive features are included in the iPhone 4, such as the all new "retina display", 5 megapixel digital camera, new operating system, and completely redesigned casing.

For starters, the screen is arguably one of the most impressive features of the iPhone 4, and indeed one of the most advanced of any phone on the market. Utilising a pixel configuration of 640x 960, it can display up to 16M colours. The screen measures 3.5 inches and utilises LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen technology. It is named retina due to the fact that the naked eye cannot perceive the individual pixels, hence the breathtaking display quality.

The iPhone 3GS has a 3.2 megapixel camera, but the iPhone 4 has improved on this with a 5 megapixel offering. With a high operating pixel resolution, and the ability to shoot HD video in 720p quality, it is simple to use yet very powerful. This makes it ideal for those who simply like to take spontaneous snapshots, as well as those who are enthusiastic about their photography. There are a number of included image enhancing features, along with loads of downloadable photography apps via the AppStore.

Users are treated to a great web browsing experience with the iPhone 4. Both HSDPA and Wi-Fi connections provide the optimum levels of connectivity based upon location and network coverage. Cellular networks rely on GPRS and EDGE, whilst Bluetooth and micro USB connections allow users to connect their handset to compatible hardware devices, whereby a number of different tasks can be carried out.

Of course, access to the AppStore is provided as standard, allowing users to browse and download apps from every conceivable category. There thousands of apps available, many of which are free of charge, and have the capability to turn the iPhone 4 into a highly versatile device. The versatility and customisation levels of the software, coupled with powerful hardware such as a 1 GHz Apple A4 processor is surely a major part of the appeal of the iPhone series.

The iPhone 4 is a highly capable entertainment and multimedia device, portable web browser, productivity tool for the office, and indeed a very impressive mobile phone. Whatever you are looking for in a new smartphone, you cannot go wrong with the Apple iPhone 4.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How iPhone Spy Software Helps Parents Monitor Their Children's iPhone

For concerned parents who are seeking a way to secretly monitor their children's iPhone use, there is now a new "spy" app that will give parents just what they need. The app is similar to all the common PC monitoring tools available to parents, but now this type of spy technology has come to the iPhone.

This iPhone parental monitoring app is frequently referred to iPhone spy software in
the press, however the software is advertised purely as a monitoring application for parents or employers and not necessarily an iPhone spy app.

As more children get their hands on iPhones, parents need a way to make sure their children are not visiting websites that you've restricted, or emailing someone they shouldn't be. Using iPhone spy software, parents have a way to easily monitor their children's iPhone use , and then make their own decision if they should get involved.


iPhone spy software is a small application that is installed directly on an iPhone using the iPhone's web browser. Once the software is installed, it will secretly start to record various "events" that occur on your children's iPhone. These events are then silently sent to your remote account where you can access them using any internet connected device that has a web browser.

The following is a breakdown of what it can do:

Secretly read emails - This iPhone spy feature enables you to secretly read emails thatare sent or received on an iPhone. This iPhone spy software feature works even if the emails are deleted as soon as they are read. For concerned parents who want to keep an eye on their children's email, this is a very valuable feature.

View Browser History - With this iPhone spy software feature, you'll get full visibility intothe your children's internet activity. No more wondering which websites they are visiting. The great thing about this feature is that it will work even if the history is immediately deleted. This means even if your children immediately delete their browser history when visiting websites, you'll still be able to see what they were doing.

Secretly View Text Messages - This convenient and useful iPhone spy softwarefeature enables parents to secretly view every text message sent or received on the iPhone. This works even if the messages are deleted.

Monitor Photos - This iPhone spy feature enables parents to view all the photos storedon their children's iPhone. Very valuable for parents who need to view the type of
photos that their children have secretly taken and/or sharing with their friends.

Stealth GPS Location Tracking - This iPhone spy feature enables parents to quicklylocate & track their children.

Now that you know what iPhone spy software is, what it can do, & how it can help you monitor your children's iPhone use, you can now decide for yourself if an iPhone spy app is something you want to get your hands on to keep an eye on your children.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reasons why the Apple iPhone 4 is outperforms a Blackberry

Every other mobile phone manufacturer in the market is trying to keep up with recent iPhone technologies, the Apple company is working on new features that will make the iPhone a more powerful and indispensable tool. The latest model from the Apple company is the iPhone 4 which has more advanced features than the previous iPhone winnen mobile phone. The iPhone 4 is the biggest thing to ever happen to the Apple company ever since they started manufacturing mobile phone devices. There are so many differences between the new iPhone 4 and the old iPhone winnen and a few of them are mentioned below.

Many of the mobile phone users who enjoy new technology have been dreaming about video calling for a long time and that time has finally come. The new iPhone 4 has the cutting edge video call technology which allows the user to chat with other users via video call. The iPhone winnen is a great phone but does not feature the video call technology. The iPhone 4 has two cameras, the back camera focuses on the stuff in front of you and the front camera focuses on you when you are making a video call or even taking pictures of yourself.

The new iPhone 4 model has the sharpest ever retina display and the highest resolution screen ever to be included in a mobile phone device. The pixel count of the iPhone four is four times as much as the iPhone 3GS making hard for the naked human eye to be able to distinguish the pixels. Due to the high pixel count, the iPhone 4 displays everything sharply including the texts. The iPhone winnen has an amazing display with a good pixel count but the new iPhone 4 has the most superior display in the world.

The iPhone 4 offers the user the option of multi-tasking without any problems. The iPhone winnen also offers the same option but when one multi-tasks using the iPhone 3GS, the performance of the fore ground is slowed and the battery is drained a bit faster. When multi-tasking using the iPhone 4, the user does not experience slow foreground performance and also the battery does not drain fast making the iPhone 4 the more superior model. Both the two iPhone models have the cutting edge mobile phone technologies but the iPhone 4 is more advanced than all the other models.

The iPhone winnen has high definition video recording and you can shoot a short movie about your family and store it but the new iPhone 4 also has high definition video recording plus a bonus feature. The bonus feature is an advanced illumination sensor on the back side of the phone which has a built in LED light. The feature enables the user to capture HD videos even in areas that are poorly lit. You can also edit the video with the iMovie application on the iiPhone. The Apple company has proven to be the most innovative in mobile phone technology and is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ensquared leads Canadian iPhone Insurance

iPhone insurance is without question the most expensive cell phone protection on the market in Canada as iPhones are the most expensive devices to replace. As expensive as it is, the cost to the iPhone owner living n Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia or any other province or Canadian Territory is that it is half the price of covering the same device in the USA.

For $99 through and the leading Internet phone insurance provider in both the USA and Canada respectively, the Canadian two year iPhone coverage is basically as the same as the one year premium in USA. To emphasize the benefit to Canadians even more, Ensuared iPhone insurance USA is approximately 44% less than the same iPhone insurance offered by AT&T ($144 for one year cover by AT&T VERSUS $98.99 for Ensquared) with 25% lower deductible ($199 VERSUS $150 on the iPhone 4). Canadians don't know how good they got it covering their iPhones for 2 years for just $99 for Accidental Damage or Total Loss (mysteriously or by theft) with $150 deductible.

The biggest problem obstructing the Canadian iPhone owner from insuring is that he or she or the Canadian company really does not understand the cost of replacing their damaged or lost iPhone. Most Canadians believe because Rogers or Bell Mobility subsidized the first iPhone device owned on taking out a service contract that this would be repeated if replaced mid-contract. In other words, they are under the impression that a $700 iPhone offered at $200 on contract will cost $200 to replace as well. Not so!!! Lose your iPhone, have it stolen or damaged seriously and next time round you pay full cost - $600 plus depending on model if not insured. Do it again in the same two-year period or a third time even (not unheard of) replacement cost can total well $1000 - $2000. Smartphones like the iPhone do not come cheaply and the simple lesson is that Canadian iPhone users cannot afford to be uninsured. iPhones travel with you; get dropped, spilt on, lost in cabs and stolen often.

Rogers offer a hybrid iPhone insurance that is so confusing and onerous that (a) it requires the iPhone owner making a claim to renew contracts with Rogers and (b) they replace with entry phones at no cost. What iPhone owner will settle for an entry replacement? It is a ridiculous iPhone insurance offer. On the other hand other providers do not cover iPhones. Period. The Ensquared iPhone insurance products underwritten by TRISURIA licensed throughout Canada is the best there is and easiest to get.

Ensquared also insures Android powered devices, making a big mark on the Smartphone arena in Canada and USA, at the same phone insurance premiums as the iPhone, but at more than half the deductible. Cheaper by a long way VERSUS Bell Mobility. So whether Canadians are favoring iPhone devices, Android cell phones or Windows phones, a specialist Canadian phone insurance Site offering cell insurance across the range at best prices in North America is the place to go. The Site is easy to navigate and easy to find. It is the offspring of the #1 authority on iphone insurance, Android insurance, Blackberry insurance, in fact any device insurance, in USA and Canada. Iphone insurance for Canadians is now one click away and claims access is open 24/7 through it's claim centre. Claims are no hassle, easy and replacement iPhones will be in your hands within three working days. And if you travel to USA or abroad Ensquared will cover you as well as long as you are prepared to receive your replacement in Canada.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPhone Application Development - Guidelines To Find The Best iPhone Application Developer

iPhone application development has become a necessity every since the iPhone became empowered to allow its users to have accesses to the internet. The mind boggling features that were already built in the iPhone include the big touch screen, 2megapixel camera, Bluetooth facility, internet surfing, phone, sending and receiving text messages, large memory size, and the media player.

The letter "i" in iPhone stands for individuality. When it stands for individuality it conveys to the extent of customization that can be brought into the iPhone just by adding on the iPhone applications. The features of the iPhone can be extended beyond one's wildest imagination. It is this capability of the iPhone that makes it very popular among the masses.

The growth of iPhone sales is growing very fast. The website that were earlier made to be compatible with the operating system and the platform of the desktop PC and laptops have to be now compatible with the iPhone de vice too.

There are now a number of iPhone application developers in the market and selecting the most appropriate could be a difficult decision. Following are some of the guidelines to make this task a bit easier.

The more the experience the better is the quality of the services provided. The iPhone application developers know this. There are many making tall claims of experience. It is always better to counter check whether the experience claimed by the developer is genuine or farce.
Technical knowhow:
The personnel employed by the application development company should be technically sound. They should know the best way to convert an idea into an application and make it meaningful and easy to use. The developer should also know how to make the application compatible with other operating systems and platforms, especially those of Blackberry and Android. This can save extra expenses.

Feedback and testimonials:
One should not totally rely on the testimonials mentioned in the website of the iPhone application developer. First try to access the website of the application developer through your iPhone device, study the presentation and then take any decision. It is always better to telecommunicate with the earlier clients of the iPhone application developer.

Time frame:
The iPhone application developer should be reputed for delivering on to the commitment within the stipulated time frame. Delay in delivery of a comple ted application is not considered professional.

The company offering the iPhone application services should have a dedicated team entrusted with the satisfactory completion of the project. The company should take the approval of the business or the client at every stage of iPhone application development.

Battery consumption:
The application developed should not consume a lot of battery because if it does so the battery of the iPhone device will run out of power within a short time.

The iPhone application developer should be able to minimize the downloading time of the application because if it is delayed, the telecommunication service provide would be charging heavily to the iPhone user.

Search engine friendly:
The iPhone application should be able develop applications that are search engine friendly so that when the iPhone logs on to the search engine through the iPhone the application f eatures in the top list of the search engine list.

The selection of the iPhone application developer needs a bit of study so that you do not have to repent in the future.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Professional iPhone Application Development - Preparing To Hire the Best iPhone Application Developer

Professional iPhone App Development is now not only lavishness but also a requirement. The smart phones, especially like the iPhones are now fitting a status symbol. The occupants of the commercial group, especially those of the higher level management in the business like to flaunt the iPhones. The popularity of iPhones has increased exponentially just because of its inbuilt features and capability to make the add-on features operational.

It is obvious that the iPhone users try to access the website through the iPhone device. In this situation the website can be downloaded on the screen of the iPhone if and only if it is compatible with the platform and operating system of the iPhone. If the website is not downloaded it is not the loss of the iPhone but a loss for the website owner. This implies that the businesses have to now get the websites to be compatible with the iPhone device.

The business owner is left with only two options, either make the w ebsite iPhone compatible without anyone's professional assistance or hire the services of a professional iPhone application developer. Usually most the industry pick for the later option because the earlier one is quite risky and could guide to waste of time, money and resources. When the built-in features of the iPhone prove to be of limited use, the iPhone user can log in to the Apple Store where a number of iPhone applications are for sale. This online store facilitates the iPhone application developers with a platform for the sale of the application that they have already developed and at the same time gives a number of options to the iPhone users. If the iPhone applications on the Apple Store do not serve the purpose of the iPhone user he/she can avail the service of an iPhone application developer and can get a customized application.

There are a number of iPhone applications developers in the market. This is just because its demand has grown dramatically over the last few years. Before contacting any application developer the prospective client should study the commercial feasibility of the application especially its demand and utility. The application should be unique. Now it is the responsibility of the client to check the authenti city of the iPhone application developer. The claims about experience and the efficiency of the services provided should be double checked through the earlier clients of the iPhone application service provider. A bit of research on the prevailing market rates for the services provided and the inclusions in the package is also highly recommended. The iPhone application developer should be professional and experienced at converting the ideas into concepts to be published on the iPhone screen.
Availing the services of an expert professional iPhone application developer can make your business flourish beyond your wildest imagination.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hire IPad Developer To Achieve Perfection - Computers - Software

Want to get the taste of spotless performance? Then hire iPad developer today. Needleless to say, developers are the ones who can materialize your ideas. They are the people who guide you all through your project to bring positive end results. The professionals are not just a mere team of iPad developers but also your well wishers, who ensure success by creating a world of enchanting and captivating applications.

There are several organizations that have team of professionals who are hired to create robust applications suited for iPad features. As a proficient iPhone or iPad developer team, their responsibility is to create unique and interactive apps that on the whole improve the productivity of your business. Hire iPad developer who is proficient enough with high-tech audio-visual and graphic effects and works with virtual keyboard and 9.7 inch screen. A good and renowned company will always have an assembled unit of perfectionists who believes in generating valuable and productive solutions for your business needs. Be it is a session of hardcore brainstorming or a simple assortment of ideas to create applications, team of professionals from a good setup with do things with complete precision.So, when you recruit a good iPad Application Development Company, you get:

Highly dedicated and knowledgeable iPad programmer to create proper application architecture. Great availability of enthusiastic and committed iPad developer at the time of your need Other than the development cost, no other investment is asked for You get 24*7 support whenever you hire experts from them. You get easy and trouble-free communication services via e-mail, chat, and phone all through 24 hours They do the application development in a complete trustworthy environment.

The idea is very simple, if you want your iPhone and iPad to burnish like a pearl amidst the other stones in the ocean, get some enhanced applications to excel your business endeavors. To do such things in your business, you would have to hire iPad developer from a well-known company.

To continue with the discussion of iPad application development, we all know that technology is such a craze that can never stop us from surprising us. Every time one after another marvels come up that is a way better than its precursors. Somewhere here we got to see the advent of iPad that enthralled the people all across the world. With its arrival, every iPad user has been trying to walk a step ahead in order to stand above all. The astounding applications of such smart phones have made people crazy all over. Nowadays people are looking for devoted iPad developers to create great applications thereby adding up extra zing to their business that they always dreamt of.Last but not the least a good iPad app development company always works meticulously in order to achieve precision in every single applications on which they work on. The best part about them is they understand your needs and accordingly provides what you deserve. No matter what, their developers and programm ers walk the extra mile to cater you the best services.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Variation Among iPhone Applications and iPad Apps - Home

This influence is acknowledged as "pixel doubling."To appropriate pixel doubling, the iPad user is given the choice to view a native iPhone app in its original, smaller size. Therefore, on the iPad, the app will occupy just about one particular-half of the screen. For some native iPhone apps, there is also an option to download a higher-resolution edition. With this, the app looks wonderful on the iPad as it does on the iPhone.There also are apps that have both iPad and iPhone variations. The consumer simply has to obtain the appropriate version to appreciate the apps with all their graphics and functionality intact.When you have productively produced your software, the following most critical stage is to industry and produce buzz for your new application in the App Advertising Your iPhone Applications By means of WeblogsThe explanation why blog site is interesting and unique for advertising your iphone purposes is due to the fact it provides you with 3 key aspe cts to currently being seen on the world wide web by search engines:- Fresh - Topical- EducationalIt also allows you to convey your message from your very own point of view in an ongoing way that encourages the messages you want to get out there on your personal schedule.Each and every time you release a new blog site entry, keep in mind to start a buzz on your social networking websites so your pals will know about it. You can try out to place promotions out to them but you are going to require do it in a way that doesn't occur across as also industrial or pushy.two. Developing Buzz For Your iPhone Apps Employing Social Networking Internet sitesSocial networking web sites permit you to improve interest by taking part or generating a bigger dialogue around the location of your iPhone application, rather of immediate publicity for the app by itself.You can generate a Facebook, a Twitter account, Linkedin, or MySpace group which focuses on the region of curiosity that your app inhabits. Soon after that, you can start inviting participants into your group. In your group, you can also arrive out with interesting forum discussions and add blog entries alongside with updates.With fascinating contents that are persuasive for your users, they will be compelled to invite their friends, drawing much more folks into your brand surroundings.3. Creating a Demo Video On YouTubeMaking a demo video provides you the possibility to genuinely demonstrate off your software relatively than hoping end users "get it" by making use of it on their own.Your video will be shown on the Web site that you dedicate to your software, even so you can also attribute it on your weblogs, social networking pages, and YouTube channel.A demo video proves to be productive in the subsequent aspects:- A demo video clip can act as a gross sales pitch for your application.- A kind of education and learning or guide for your customers about how and why they really should use your software .- Successful way for your app to spread virally.- Offer journals and bloggers a presentation to hyperlink to when describing your app.4. Other Varieties of On the internet Promotions:- Report Marketing and advertising- Press Releases- Make contact with other existing iPhone app internet sites and inform them about your forthcoming app.Tons of men and women don't take gain of the option to get a totally free Apple iPhone 4 just for testing it and filling out a small survey. Whether or not they are skeptical of this sort of promotion or they just don't know it exists, they are missing out on all the totally free toys that are currently being provided away every day by massive businesses all more than the planet. Bummer, correct?It's a big bummer. However, the solution is to merely locate the sites on the net that are operating these promotions -- this sort of as the cost-free Apple iPhone 4 giveaway promotion that is going on right now at this really instant.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy Conversion Guide to iPod, Apple TV and iPhone Video Formats

Easy Conversion Guide to iPod, Apple TV and iPhone Video Formats

-- Via the integrated video converter of Socusoft Web Video Player

As the limited content available on the iTunes Store, the owners of iPod, Apple TV and iPhone also search videos from other sources. What the owners of these portable devices may be faced with is the various video formats and relevant maximum compatibility to iPod, Apple TV and iPhone. Right here, we may think about conversion tools that are available for encoding video content onto these devices such as iPod from various sources. Now, let me share with you an easy way to best optimize video conversion using the integrated video converter of Socusoft Web Video Player. Below are its notable features:

-- Convert various video formats to FLV format, providing convenience and solution for the website or individuals that need FLV videos;
-- Convert FLV format to various video formats which are supportable for various porta ble media players;
-- Convert video files between almost all popular formats such as WMV, 3GP, FLV, MPEG-4 and AVI for Nokia, iPod, iPhone, Zune and other portable devices;
-- Convert videos at high speed with perfect output quality;
-- Extract sound tracks in MP3 format from video clips;
-- Change video and audio properties independently;
-- Multi-select files for batch conversion;
-- Customize output video frame size;
-- Merge video clips into one movie;
-- Split files into smaller parts;
-- User-friendly interface
-- Easy to use.

The converter is also a free player for DVD movies, Flash Videos (FLV), MOV, WMV, MPEG-4, MPG, RM, RMVB, AVI, DivX, XviD, VOB, ASF, DV, 3GP, M1V, M2V and audio in different formats.

You can download the latest version of Socusoft Web Video Player from After installation, launch the program and click "Convert" on the upper right side to open the integrated converter.


The conversion is quick and pretty simple. Here we go:

Go to File -> Add Video Files. Choose your movies or video files that you need to convert. If you need to convert movies in batches, select "Batch Add Video Files". You can also capture Video from DV by selecting "Capture Video from DV" when necessary. The shortcut button "Add Video Files" in the upper window can bring you much convenience.

The input video file is ready. Now it is turn to select the output video format for portable devices such as iPod, Apple TV, iPhone and Nokia if you have one. Turn to the right of the main window and click the button, as shown in the screenshot below. There are a lot of video formats listed on the drop-down menu, some of which are customized. Now, we want to convert videos for iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. As the conversion procedure is the same, we will take "iPod" as an example, Go to iPod menu and choose the ready-made optimized size and format for your iPod model. If you just want the audio in the movie, you can choose "General Audio" and extract it into mp3, wav, ogg or amr format.


If what you need is not listed there, dont worry. You can also customize the format you want such as video size, video bitrate and audio bitrate, as shown in the screenshot below.

[img]http: //[/img]

If you just want the excellent part of the video, you can trim the video. Press "play" and select the beginning. Then, press "Start to trim" button. Hold the click to move the blue dot again and select the end of video and press "stop to trim" button. For more accurate conversion, you can change the number at "Start Time" and "Stop Time", as shown in the screenshot below.


When completed, lets start video conversion. Click "Encode" to start video conversion. Done! click "Folder" to get the converted video. Now, you can put the video with maximum compatibility into your iPod, Apple TV, iPhone or other portable devices and enjoy it anywhere!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Additional Features In Desktop Video Conferencing

Apart from the real time video chat facilities, desktop video conferencing offers several other additional features that certainly make it more enjoyable call option for users. These features can be activated during the set-up of web video conferencing so as to maximize the call effects. Below are given some of the extra features in desktop video conferencing that can make calls more interactive. They are as follows:

Text Messaging

Sometimes, audio or video chatting does not seem to be the right option. The desktop video conferencing users on Skype, iChat, Windows Live Messenger and Oovoo have the facility to send text messages instantly. With this feature, the users can feel free to send personalized messages to other call participants in web video conferencing without allowing the call group to see them. In fact, call participants can put questions to the presenter in written without disturbing people present in the office, library or neighborhood.

Media Presentation

This is a kind of private setting that enables the user to remain invisible to others present in a desktop video conferencing. Through this feature, the live webcam image on desktop can be changed to a desirable picture any time and ready made presentations can also be delivered in real time. Some of the desktop video conferencing software even allows remote users to see video clippings and timed slideshows.

Desktop Sharing

The desktop sharing option in web video conferencing is targeted to make your system screen visible to other remote users either in part or full. It is live in nature and allows for whiteborading, annotation and display of not so easy to convert picture materials. However, the shared desktop display turns out to be lower in quality than the actual display where texts appear large and details are not lost.

Remote Collaboration For File Sharing And Editing

The advanced level of desktop sharing is known as remote collaboration where the remote users can take control of an image file or document displayed on your screen and start editing it. This kind of facility is available in sophisticated form of desktop video conferencing and requires additional equipments and experience but it has huge potential for small to large group collaboration. While doing web video conferencing on Skype, Oovoo, iChat and Windows Live messenger, you can get a corporate feel. This high end interaction is designed for corporate use where large number of users can read, create and edit documents in different formats simultaneously.

Sending And Receiving Files

Few of the desktop video conferencing features like screen sharing and remote picture display do not work in the full screen visible to local users and it becomes necessary to send important files to remote users. It allows users to receive and view the files on their own systems and use them throughout the video conference procedure. Though files can also be sent ahead of scheduled call via email but web videoconferencing software makes it possible for users to send and receive files during a conference call and gather user's feed back in real time.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Apple iPhone 4 White is A Stylish Yet Functional Smartphone

The white-coloured edition of the Apple iPhone 4 is shortly to become offered, conforming to the requirements of the design aware Smart phone user. Offering exactly the same specs as the previous edition, this excellent looking phone has a specification checklist that is the envy of the competitors.

The sizes in the Apple iPhone 4 White are 115.2x 58.6x 9.3 millimetres which makes it among the thinnest cell phones available. The lightweight of 137 grams allows you to transport in your pocket or bag and also feels good in your hands. Made of steel and toughened glass this provides a sense of extravagance and outstanding construction quality and sturdiness.

Among the main highlights of the Apple iPhone 4 White is a 3.5 in. retina screen. Presenting TFT capacitive touch screen technological innovation boasting the capacity to show as many as sixteen million vivid colours, the touchscreen display has a pixel res of 640x 960 pixels that has formerly been never before seen within a smartphone. This particular pixel resolution is in fact greater than can be recognized through the eye which gives it its title "retina" and also leads to picture image quality that needs to be witnessed to be appreciated. Consumers are now able to appreciate High definition video and pictures on the handset to the full potential.

According to the model purchased, either 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage space is supplied that basically removes the requirement for expandable storage space like a microSD card slot.

GPRS along with EDGE in class 10 supply use of mobile networks, while connection to the World Wide Web is supplied by way of either 3G coverage as well as WiFi connectivity. In places included in 3G, an HSDPA connection offers rates as high as 7.2 Megabyte per second together with HSUPA at up to 5.76 Megabyte per second. The quickest way of browsing the Web is by way of Wifi which uses nearby Wifi routers wherever they are available.

The Apple iPhone 4 White includes a five mega-pixel camera that performs an excellent job of snapping top quality digital pictures because of its substantial pixel count. Auto-focus, touch-focus as well as an LED flash are incorporated in order to easily simplify the job of capturing pictures while at the same time improving thier quality. Because of GPS, geotagging is also supplied that allows consumers to see the spot where the photograph was shot on an on screen map. This camera has the capability to record video at 720p (High definition), while a second camera is situated on the front side of the phone that allows videocalling through WiFi Networks, with thanks to the brand new FaceTime application.

Utilising the new iOS 4 together with a 1 GHz Apple A4 processor chip, demanding programs are dealt with effortlessly, while making use of the touchscreen has no noticeable delay because of the incredible quick speeds of the processor chip. This particular duo supplies an excellent system for customisation as well as expansion that is very easily accomplished because of use of the AppStore & iTunes.

Whatever you are searching for from a mobile, the Apple iPhone 4 White offers everything, and really should be towards the top of your smart phone wishlist.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 Contract Deals - Only discounts and free gifts

When Mobile phones are the best and in the top list that is the list of the apple phones have this phone on the top from the both aspects that is on the bases of the phone features and also on the part of the mobile phone deals. This is real don't be shocked in fact this is what has made the mobile phone that is the apple iphone 4 rise higher and will further make the phone rise more higher. In terms of design, features and performance the phone is the best phone getting a 10 on 10. so there is nothing that is questionable on the phone in fact the phone is like a high rising one and that is what the phone is doing.

As you all can access the features of the phone easily and many of you must be aware of the features. But the apple iphone 4 deals are that you have to have a look at now as they will just at one read will let you be crazy and might be in a short while you will plan to buy the phone then and there itself. The Apple iPhone 4 Deals are not much classified one but the deals are surely high rising the best of the all the deals that is on the top is bu Vodafone that is a contract deal and in this deal the per month rental is 45 and in that rental there are 1200 calls free, unlimited messages and 1GB of internet free. On top of all this at such a low rental one thing that is applied and that is the phone is free that is such an expensive phone is free.

In this there are more deals also that are pay as you go deals and also the sim free deals. Like in the apple iphone 4 pay as you go deal the price of the phone is 570.00 and in the sim free deal the price is much higher that is 717. above all this there are deals of iphone 4 with free laptops that is what wil make you more crazy check all!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple iPhone – Avail more free gifts and contract deals on orange

Apple is a brand name that defines excellence through it's magnificent quality products that it has already given to the electronic market. The big name has made a number of customers of it through out the world and the performance of the devices that come from this house is unmatchable and really inspiring. Apple iPhone is one such product that has been designed to perform. This device is a marvelous electronic equipment capable to take you in air with it's unique functionalities. The features of this beguiling mobile phone are very attractive and advanced as well. The TFT capacitive touchscreen of 16M colors and 320 x 480 pixels resolution on a 3.5 inches sized screen is capable to output high quality multimedia display. In addition to this it has a Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off and also it has Scratch-resistant surface. An Apple iPhone has wi-fi enabled with it along with the other options as EDGE and GPRS for its connectivity to the internet. The iPhone operating system and ARM 11 412 MHz processor with PowerVR MBX-Lite graphics makes the device a standard tablet. Apple iPhone deals are available on online as well as on offline stores. If you are going for any such deal remember that you can get many cheap deals through online shopping portals. Online shopping has many benefits as you can surf for many such deals available on different sites and also you can compare prices of a product over the internet and can have a better view on the valid offers available. Various network service providing companies are offering their best deals on this smart device with their service. Iphone contract deals orange could be of great value to you, it has a numerous plans valid. Ranging from 30.00 to 75.00 monthly rental price Orange has many deals with free gifts and incentives. You can adopt any one of them that suits you the best.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Test The Apple iphone 4 For Free- And Get to Keep It!

There are so many persons who fail to see the opportunity to be a tester for Apple's latest products as soon as they turn out, such as the Apple iPhone 4 which is being given away for FREE to testers in all places this very instant!

You might think that it's not on to become a tester and that someone like you would never receive a free Apple iPhone 4 solely for trying it out and telling them what you think regarding it, correct? Well, you couldn't be any more wrong!

All you need to do is acquire the promotional websites online that offer free Apple iPhone 4 phones in trade for your appraisal. Normally you only need to fill out a survey or checklist about the phone instead of having to jot down some lengthy appraisal. It doesn't get much easier than that, huh? What you must understand is that there are companies out there that get paid millions of dollars to run market research and their job is to learn "what people want."

They have to then go out there and bribe persons like you and me with cool gifts and toys (like a free iPhone 4) in order for us to provide them our actual opinion and fill out these surveys, etc. It's really a win win situation for one and all since the company gets the information they need about the product and you get yourself a brand new Apple iPhone 4 for FREE!

Sound nice? Don't be fooled by people who tell you that everything on the internet is a scam and that you can't get your hands on a free iPhone 4 because you most definitely can! Find the website, look up to see if there are any still available in your area by entering your zip code and then get your free iPhone 4! Good luck!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Get The Apple iphone 4 Free - No Bull!

There are so many persons who overlook the opportunity to be a tester for Apple's brand new products as soon as they arrive out, such as the Apple iPhone 4 which is being given away for FREE to testers far and wide this very instant!

You might think that it's not possible to become a tester and that someone like you would never receive a free Apple iPhone 4 merely for trying it out and telling them what you think about it, correct? Well, you couldn't be more wrong! All you need to do is uncover the promotional websites online that offer free Apple iPhone 4 phones in trade for your appraisal.

Normally you merely need to fill out a survey or checklist about the phone instead of having to jot down some lengthy appraisal. What you need to understand is that there are companies out there that get paid millions of dollars to carry out market research and their job is to discover out "what people want."

They have to then go out there and bribe persons like you and me with swanky gifts and toys (like a free iPhone 4) in order for us to provide them our genuine opinion and fill out these surveys, etc. It's really a win win situation for one and all since the company gets the information they need about the product and you get yourself a brand new Apple iPhone 4 for FREE!

Sound fair? Don't be fooled by people who tell you that everything on the internet is a scam and that you can't get your hands on a free iPhone 4 because you most definitely can! Find the website, look up to see if there are any still available in your area by entering your zip code and then get your free iPhone 4! Good luck!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 never become envious

The (cheap and free) apple iphone is just about the very sassy featured phone in which you can have its own OS, iOS 5 with 1 GHz involving Apple A4 processor. The Camera obtained in the iPhone is of 5 mega pixel and is particularly with the features just like auto-focus, Geo-tagging, LED adobe flash, touch-focus. The dimension of the is of 115. 2x58. 6x9. 3mm with all the weight of 137 gram. This capacitive touch screen BROUGHT ABOUT -backlit TFT is 3 OR MORE. 5 inches wide which is with features like Scratch-resistant oleophobic floor, multi-touch input method, accelerometer sensor with regard to auto-rotate, proximity sensor for auto turn-off.

Your Internal memory which you will get with this is with 16 GB and of 32 GB during which you can store almost all of your stuff to enable you to have them for life time. The best part belonging to the Apple iPhone 4 is its battery copy which is of 14 hours with all the 2G network and is definitely of 7 hours with all th e 3G network. You can have the thorough information about the the iPhone 4 and also the deals related with this kind of through our website free contract mobile phone in which you have the world best facts. The facility of accessing Internet is likewise there in which you may be the part of any from the web-portal like the skype, facebook, gmail, Orkut etc.

The Apple iphone 4 deals are basically very awesome as being the Contract deal in that you just can pay your mobile phone bills at the end of the month along with lots of incentives like free text, free monthly minutes, world wide web allowances etc. There are pay while you go deals also which feel free to use with the Apple apple company iphone 4 in which you must credit the account from any with the Online or the Offline store which according to your require. There is SIM free deal also where you purchase the iPhone 4 only which enable it to have the SIM Connection of this choice entirely. So avail the Iphone 4 and make your friends jealous.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

What is programming and how can we learn it?

A computer program is a set of instructions and statements to be carried out by the CPU of the computer. Programs, software's come in many forms. These can be broken into three major categories: operating systems, utilities and applications. A program is mainly composed of a main module and sub-modules. These modules are stored as a collection of files; large programs can contain thousands of individual files, each serving a specific purpose. Some of the files contain instructions for the computer, while other files contain data. Programming can be extremely difficult as without a plan the programmer will typically write a bad program or fail entirely at the task. If planned the programmer will have an idea of what needs to be done and would know where to start. Two planning tools the programmers often use are input processing, out charts and pseudo code. Out charts help the programmer determine what is needed to write the program.

Programming articles are a huge help for the programmer as they can easily get any kind of information they needs as well as insight in the thing he is programming. These articles are a blessing for those people especially who have recently joined the field of programming as they get alot of information regarding different programs and how to make a new program and what is needed to accomplish this task. They can also benefit from the previous studies and can learn not to make the same mistakes as the programmers before them made. Normally begginers need articles to learn about programming.

Programming tutorials have been a big breakthrough in the world of programming as it is an essential thing for the beginners and can make their base in this difficult field. Due to the fact that most of the programs are difficult and a lot of new programmers yet need to be successful and fully understand the technicalities of the programming world the programming tutorials have been an instant hit. They are easily available and understandable. They have helped students with various difficulties and have educated them about the most basic things in this field.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Testing Lead to Preventive Measure

Why testing is important for any product? Everybody knows about it but ignores it intentionally, especially when change is minor. Normally, people assume that for small changes why we should spend so much time on testing. The reason is, we are using so many tools and technologies available in the market without even knowing 20% of its usage and implication. Do we really aware of these tools being passed all the testing hurdles? Do we really understand the limitations? Do we understand internal complexity of it? Do we analyze if it would be fit for our project? Even though, if, it is known to the architect/designer, is this knowledge pass down to the developer level? The answer is NO!!!!!

That is reason why I would suggest having more review & testing time than earlier.

Testing team should be completely different from development team and directly reporting to client. That way, client can ensure correctness and completeness of development. It is a difficult thing to convince service industry, but, client should make themselves aware of these facts.

Software testing is to ensure the business and technical requirement is being met based on the test data and controlled as well as uncontrolled operating conditions.

Software testing is a process of creating test cases based on requirement (both business & technical) and run it under conditions to see the expected results. The result in software testing is either pass or fail. You can compare this to your exams!!!!! It is the examination time for development team.

There various methods that can be used for software product. But, the methods should be chosen based on following criteria: 1. Type of project/product (Development, Maintenance, Support,) 2. Size of the project/product 3. Type of talent in the team Testing is a major contributor in deciding on preventive action to be taken.

Companies normally put good amount of money on quality, six sigma, CMM assessment but one thing that they forget is all these processes will work perfectly when you have strong review & testing team/process. Unless, you understand every possible issue, small or big, there is no way you can prevent it in future.

I remember one incident when we were developing a client based product. This was the time when we were hardcore developers. We have developed it with solid design (using OOPs methodology, those days it was bigger achievement) and used all the robust objects under VC++. The product got developed and I was assigned to do the testing of the product. I did the testing and passed it. However, one of my friends had some doubt on this and sat with me for another round of testing. We have tested this product by running the same application again and again. After testing it 14th time, there is an object in the menu got disappear!! Subsequently, for each cycle of testing objects are getting disappeared

The problem was we release an object which is created by us, however, as per the guideline this object will also get released by compiler as well.

You know, what the preventive measure is for this..Why testing is important for any product? Everybody knows about it but ignores it intentionally, especially when change is minor. Normally, people assume that for small changes why we should spend so much time on testing. The reason is, we are using so many tools and technologies available in the market without even knowing 20% of its usage and implication. Do we really aware of these tools being passed all the testing hurdles? Do we really understand the limitations? Do we understand internal complexity of it? Do we analyze if it would be fit for our project? Even though, if, it is known to the architect/designer, is this knowledge pass down to the developer level? The answer is NO!!!!!

That is reason why I would suggest having more review & testing time than earlier.

Testing team should be completely different from development team and directly reporting to client. That way, client can ensure correctness and completeness of development. It is a difficult thing to convince service industry, but, client should make themselves aware of these facts.

Software testing is to ensure the business and technical requirement is being met based on the test data and controlled as well as uncontrolled operating conditions.

Software testing is a process of creating test cases based on requirement (both business & technical) and run it under conditions to see the expected results. The result in software testing is either pass or fail. You can compare this to your exams!!!!! It is the examination time for development team.

There various methods that can be used for software product. But, the methods should be chosen based on following criteria: 1. Type of project/product (Development, Maintenance, Support,) 2. Size of the project/product 3. Type of talent in the team Testing is a major contributor in deciding on preventive action to be taken.

Companies normally put good amount of money on quality, six sigma, CMM assessment but one thing that they forget is all these processes will work perfectly when you have strong review & testing team/process. Unless, you understand every possible issue, small or big, there is no way you can prevent it in future.

I remember one incident when we were developing a client based product. This was the time when we were hardcore developers. We have developed it with solid design (using OOPs methodology, those days it was bigger achievement) and used all the robust objects under VC++. The product got developed and I was assigned to do the testing of the product. I did the testing and passed it. However, one of my friends had some doubt on this and sat with me for another round of testing. We have tested this product by running the same application again and again. After testing it 14th time, there is an object in the menu got disappear!! Subsequently, for each cycle of testing objects are getting disappeared

The problem was we release an object which is created by us, however, as per the guideline this object will also get released by compiler as well.

You know, what the preventive measure is for this..

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

IPhone Battery

The release of the Apple iPhone was a market-altering event that has changed the way phones have been designed ever since. The combination of the iPhone and Verizon Wireless network creates an ideal situation for all of the iPhone enthusiasts because of the power of the network. Although there are many positives about the iPhone, a question that everyone asks about all phones is how long will the battery last? The Apply iPhone not only delivers a great experience in many aspects, the batter is also one that will provide a longer 4G experience between charges.

The first thing that needs to be understood in order to maximize the lifespan of the battery between charges is to identify how the iPhone is being used and after the phone has been used for a while, identifying how long the phone typically lasts for each charge. This information can be viewed by tapping Settings on the home screen and selecting General and then Usage. This will show how long it has been since the charge was full. In this screen the user will also be able to see how long the iPhone has been awake and in use since the last charge and it will also show how long the iPhone has been powered on since the last time the phone was fully charged.

Although the batter of the iPhone is important, one of the first steps to utilizing the iPhone is acquiring one. For some this may be a difficult task, as they may be limited by monetary restraints. It is, however, possible to find a free Verizon iPhone is the internet is searched extensively. A free Verizon Wireless iPhone can sometimes be found by completing surveys for websites. Another place to look for a Verizon iPhone free is websites that are providing reviews for iPhone applications.

One way to optimize the batter life of the iPhone 4 is to download the software updates that are released by Apple on various dates. Engineers who designed the iPhone and the software for it sometimes find new ways in which to optimize the batter performance of the phone.

Another way to optimize batter life for the Verizon iPhone is to minimize applications that use location services. Applications that are constantly using locations, such as Maps may reduce the battery life of the phone, while also taking away from the user's opportunity to use the iPhone for other reasons.

Turning off push notifications can optimize the battery life of the iPhone as well. These applications, like the App Store, use the Apple Push Notification service to alert the user when new data is available. Those applications that are constantly relying on push notifications, such as instant messaging applications, could potentially negatively impact the battery life of the iPhone.

There are many positive aspects to the iPhone being released for Verizon Wireless. In order to fully appreciate and extort the many positive aspects it is necessary to maximally utilize the battery life of the phone.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IPhone Dev Secrets - How to Develop iPhone Applications with No Programming

Need an iPhone Application Development Training? Want to create your own iPhone Applications with no programming skills? Is is possible? Can you really do it? Is it expensive? Is it hard? What is iPhone Dev Secrets? Discover the truth about developing your own apps now!

Want to create your own iPhone Applications or even games for your own iPad without the need of any programming skills? Many people taught that developing iPhone or even iPad Applications is a very hard task to fullfill. This is what I'm exactly here, to provide you with the best iPhone Application development training that will teach you how to create your own apps in just 4 short months!

Yes, you heard me right! In just 4 weeks, you should start creating your own iPhone applications through the help of a complete guide. iPhone Dev Secrets are created to provide you with absolutely everything you need to start creting your own apps. What are the different factors or reasons why many people doesn't want to create their own apps?

Afraid to start simply because they doesn't know how. Afraid to start creating their own iPhone Applications because of no skills. No programming skills With programming skills but doesn't know how lack of support simply afraid to start

No matter what reasons you have for starting developing your own iPhone applications, this time I will eliminate all the doubts in your head! Did you know that there is an eight grader, who designed and make money out of designing his own iPhone Applications? Now, if this eight grader can, so are you! You don't have to worry a single thing because everything you need will be provided for. This is the best iPhone Application Development training ever created!

iPhone Dev Secrets will show you how to create your own iPhone Applications in just 4 short months! All the hidden secrets are really newbie friendly. It doesn't required you to know about programming languages. It doesn't required you to have special skills. As long as you know how to operate iPhone and know basic computer software, then you can start creating your own iPhone Applications!

What I like about iPhone Dev Secrets is that it doesn't involved boring theories, no hardcore programming, no useless stuff. It cover the great variety of basic info on how to start and apply yourself in different area of game and applications development. It also provide you with the best ideas on how to create profitable applications so that you can start making huge amount of money out of it! I highly recommend this to anyone! Try iPhone Dev Secrets for just $1 now!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

6 iPhone Accessories You Simply Have to Have

The Apple iPhone is a real multitalent which can not only be used for phoning. It offers the possibility to surf the internet, save pictures and videos and listening to music.Because of its innumerable functions, the iPhone gets to be an indispensable companion in our everyday lifes.But although the iPhone has so many features, there are some accessories that you have to buy extra to enjoy the full capability of this amazing smartphone:

1.iPhone Dockingstations

They are simply practical. Dockingstations link the iPhone with your computer, making it possible to automaticly exchange your data and make backups.Moreover they make your iPhone a very neat accessorie for your desk. Furthermore the very nerve-costing search for your mobile is thereby history .Now you always know where to find it!

2.iPhone Headset/Headphones

Although the price for an iPhone is quite high, Apple still tries to save money by adding only low quality accessories. Thats why more and more customers tend to buy an extra headset or headphones. Because soundquality surely is the wrong place to safe money, I think we all agree on that!

3.iPhone Covers

Whoever loves his/her iPhone and wants to keep it as shiny and new as it is, simply has to always carry it in a robust cover. Because whenever you carry it inside your pocket without any protection, there is a high risk of getting scratches or even worse to its display or other parts. If you want your iPhone to be as new looking as it was when you bought it, even after some years, this definatly is the rig ht place to invest!It can get very expensive once your display cracks. And this happens very often, it just has to slip out of your hands when you aren't carefull for one second.Better act in advance and use a cover or a case.
4.iPhone Protection Shields

Even with a cover it often happens that the display gets scratched.But dont worry, there is a solution for this. It is called protection shield for the iphone.These are either tinted or clear. Some of them are so thin, that one wouldnt notice them unless one takes a very close look at it. Nowerdays shields are the perfect mean between protection and not influencing the functionality of the touchscreen.
The best thing is to use a combination of a shield and a cover or a case. Once again this is a lot cheaper than having to exchange the whole display or some part of the iphone that got damaged thanks to no protection. Keep this in mind!

5. iPhone Skins

If one invests such an amount of money in a mobile phone, he/she surely wants to stand out in t he crowd. Who doesnt? But in times where a lot of people have an iPhone, it itself isn't that special anymore. But there are some ways to customize your beloved iPhone. One of them is applying a skin to it. They are not expensive but they realy do a great job in making your iPhone look special!

6.iPhone Car Holdings

Navigation system. What a great invention, isn't it? Thanks to the iPhone, you no longer need an extern navigation system, you can simply use your iphone for that purpose. But once again, Apple saved themselfs some money and you have to buy everything you need extra.But even if you include those costs, you still safe yourself some money comparing to have to buy an external navigation system. Moreover it is ofcourse very handy to be able to charge your iPhone while driving, no matte r whether you use the nav or not.

Ofcourse there are a lot of other categories that could be mentioned here. But to safe you the time to have to read more, just visit our shop and see for yourself! We are official partners of Amazon and you can profit from their cheap prices and fast delivery and on the other side from our well sorted shop, wich is specialized in only iPhone accessories. So come and have a look!

Have a nice day and see you there!
Ren Walters from
Official Partner of Amazon com/

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Cloud Computing & Virtualization - Technology Options

Cloud computing is changing the IT world in a way which is unprecedented in last decade. The economy of scale and predicable performance is pushing cloud computing across the enterprises. A significant part of the cloud-computing infrastructure available in world consists of reliable services delivered through data centers such as Amazon. In principle, cloud-computing customers do not own the physical infrastructure, instead avoiding capital expenditure by renting usage from a third-party provider.

Although cloud computing is a very promising paradigm, still not every company would want to use public clouds. Especially for core applications and applications with sensitive data, enterprises lean towards private clouds.

There are many technology options available today for cloud computing.


VMware is the industry's first cloud operating system, transforming IT infrastructures into a private cloud. High availability, performance and reliability of VMware with cost-effective solutions are special advantages for small IT environments. VMware brings unique characteristics to cloud computing, designed to serve the needs of businesses that want production-level performance and reliability, on and off premise. VMware vSphere: Leveraging key technology advancements found in VMware vSphere, users get the assurance that applications can be managed, moved and operated in the cloud as they do onsite. VMware vSphere aggregates and holistically manages large pools of infrastructureprocessors, storage and networking as a seamless, flexible and dynamic operating environment. VMware ESXi and VMWare Server: Besides vSphere, VMware also offers VMware ESXi, which can be used as initial virtualization platforms. Once user is convinced of the value, he can move to more robust VMware vSphere stack.


Microsoft's cloud offerings have the Hyper-V and the Windows Azure Platform which is a development platform for ISVs to build applications on

Hyper-V: Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor based virtualization system that can be used for x64 computers. Hyper-V can be used to enable a very reliable and cost effective virtualization solution. Hyper-V supports mixed OS virtualization with Windows and Linux systems. In the latest Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 provides features like live migration and cluster shared volume support. Windows Azure platform: Windows Azure Platform offers a flexible, familiar environment for developers to create cloud applications and services. With Windows Azure, you can shorten your time to market and adapt as demand for your service grows. The OS component of Windows Azure is what provides the plumbing for development, service hosting and service management.


Xen is an open source cloud-computing project initiated by Citrix. Main goal of the project is to build open standards for virtualization management, improve the allocation of virtual workloads including transitioning workloads between datacenters, build a virtual switch, and enable massive cloud infrastructures.

Latest offering Xen 4.0 adds significant memory and security optimizations that will drive virtualization infrastructure to an entirely new class of performance. As a result, virtualization is made suitable for all workloads, even network intensive and high performance computing applications that would have previously experienced compromised performance on any hypervisor.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Deals

The Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black deals offers enhanced performance as well as a lovely new display and improved design. This has a wide variety of features which are run through the iOS 4 update. With a better and revamped design the Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Deals has a sparkling new design and a speedy processor with other additional features. The phone is the showcase of Apple's newest operating system that is iOS 4. This adds a selection of many long overdue features. This is a sleep and satisfying yet compelling device. The Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Deals is faster and the new hardware is better. Multitasking is the main feature of this phone. The FaceTime video calling feature is also noteworthy. The phone is slightly slimmer that the iPhone 3Gs and is narrowed when measured across its face. Other design elements include a new front facing VGA camera and a new LED flash with the main camera lens. There is also a new noise cancellation microphone that is on the phones to p side.

The Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Deals has volume controls which has a mute button over the volume control. The SIM card slot is towards the right spine of the phone and is switched to the Micro-SIM format. This allows for more space for a larger and longer lasting battery. The phone comes with a 3.5 mm headset jack that a power key button that is above the noise cancellation microphones. The phones comes with all the usual accessories which include small wall plug and a USB pin connector cable that will allow the user to connect the phone to the computer and the standard Apple ear buds. The iPhone 4's display features a 940 X 640 pixel "Retina Display". This is four times the resolutions than the other and previous iPhones. It comes with the same IPs screen which is found on the iPad that has a 800:1 ratio. This phone is fully loaded with new goodies and beats its predecessor with new and more improved features. The phone has the best multitasking features.

This allows for more space for a larger and longer lasting battery. The phone comes with a 3.5 mm headset jack that a power key button that is above the noise cancellation microphones. The phones comes with all the usual accessories which include small wall plug and a USB pin connector cable that will allow the user to connect the phone to the computer and the standard Apple ear buds.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 – Mobile for the next generation

The rapid enhancement in mobile technology has paid a way for mobile companies to launch hi-tech and next generation mobiles in plenty. Smart phones are in the dreams of many and Apple is the only mobile company that is well renowned for launching iPhones every year. Now, with it's this year's launch it is predicted to make a revolution in mobile industry. Yes, Apple iPhone 5 can pride itself to be the very first handset with a multi core Apple A5 processor. Rumors about this upcoming iPhone 5 have been coming fast and quick, many of which indicate that this model will have a larger display than its predecessors. It has been reported that Apple iPhone 5 enfolds NFC (near field communication) capability that allows the phone to be used for mobile payments by using it as a sort of iWallet. This is an updated version of Apple's other smart phones. Though the company has kept the information about this new gadget in secret, certain things have been leaked out from various sources . Apple iPhone 5 is expected to include 4G wireless networking feature, and if then it would be the first ever mobile phone with this facility. Apple iPhone 5 includes a multi core graphics chip (GPU) that helps in providing a considerable increase in horse power, especially in graphics-intensive apps like games or video conferencing. The multi core A 5 processor could be dual core or possibly even quad core. It is also expected to have a 4.3 inches display with 960 x 640 resolution. Most sources agree that this model is going to run iOS 5 on the Apple A5 1 GHz dual-core processor. It is also said to be LTE enabled and hence would have average data rates of 5-12 megabits per second (mbps) on the downlink and 2-5 mbps on the uplink in loaded network environments. The pixel density on this device on the other hand is so high that makes it impossible for users to see individual pixels. Enfolding all these features, every smart phone lovers would certainly wish to buy one. What strikes the mind of many while planning to purchase a new mobile is where to dispose the old mobile? Yes, this is the thought that most of us have. There is a way called mobile phone recycling. With this mobile phone recycling process, you not only go eco friendly, but can also earn legitimate cash for it. There are several mobile recycling companies found online, from which you can sell your old mobiles and get paid. The only thing these mobile phone recycling companies look for is whether your mobile is in working condition or not.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Revolution of mobile making powered by Apple iPhone 4 Black

Known for its revolutionising products, Apple will never settle down for the elementary and simple products. The awe-inspiring Apple iPhone 4 Black is the example for that. Redefining the mobile phone technology, it comes with the magnificent touch-screen. It is a retinal display over its stylish and attractive 3.5 inches widescreen that possesses quality of multi-touch input display and gives an impeccable resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. Screen is shielded with oleophobic coating to make it fingerprint-resistant over front as well a back and thus keeps your iPhone 4 SIM free always young.

While reading iPhone 4 Review, you will find about the standard applications for messaging like SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, and Push Email. The handset is the best to surf to net and gives quick and expeditious connectivity to GPRS and offers WLAN (Wi-Fi) connectivity. It embeds Safari Apple browser that makes navigation through web pages easy and convenient. Other than t hat, it exhibits connection via Bluetooth and USB, which let you synchronize the handset with other devices and networks and accomplish data transfer.

Moving forward to other features, one of the noticeable features of iPhone 4 SIM Free is video calling. A huge sea of multimedia applications and features makes Apple iPhone 4 Black. You can capture images as well as record videos with its powerful primary camera of 5.0 MP. To improvise photography you will find features like Geo-tagging, auto-focus, and assistance of LED lights in the low light area. Moreover, you can edit images and videos with effects in the applications like image editor and video editor.

With some outstanding features like scratch-resistant glass back panel and noise cancellation Apple iPhone 4 Black secures a distinct place. It gives you a dedicated microphone and that helps you to have smooth conversation with your loved ones. You can find new destination and look for new places with the help of GPS and Google maps. The internal memory of iPhone 4 SIM free is 16 GB and that means you can save all the database you prefer to store and that may include pictures, images, videos, and other work related files. The price of this revolutionising gadget is reasonably marked and it balances with the applications and features it embeds.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple iPhone 3G - Something Far beyond Expectations

If you have got bored with your former handset then get ready to fetch Apple iPhone 3G that provokes your personality. This 3G smartphone has been manufactured with lots of efficiency in July 2010 to satisfy your needs and expectations. The gadget offers two attractive options to the buyers that are black (8/16 GB) and white (16 GB).

Go Ahead With Imagination:

Have a gorgeous handset of appealing weight (135 grams) and dimensions (115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm) encased to give casket-look. It is prcised according to the customers' satisfaction. Besides this, you would be wondered to have a Scratch-resistant surface screen of 3.5 inches owning vibrant of 16 million colors possessed on the screen having resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and Proximity sensor for auto turn-off are present to adjust the light according to the situation.
Capture the Time along with Entertainment Hub:

Apple iPhone 3G provides you opportunity to have amazing photos with 3 mega pixel digital camera having xenon flash. From Photo gallery to Photo Editor facilities have been equipped in this magnificent device. Moreover, this stunning handset provides you comfort while typing message with Full QWERTY Keyboard. Let's discuss about its music Hub, blessed with music player/video player playable on popular playback formats. Additionally, it has stereo earphones microphones and remote to render you with best quality sound. Moreover, FM radio has provided special RDS feature to help the users to view the music station on the screen. More surprisingly, you would experience Movie & TV Player facilities that are covering space in this fabulous smartphone. Moving apart, there are embedded and downloadable games for the entertainment purpose.

Take Experience of a Multi-tasking Device:

Are you depressed of slow access? Okay then why don't you have a look on an incredible handset like Apple iPhone 3G that is complied with upgraded Operating system performing on version 4 in addition to CPU having powerful ARM 11 412 MHz.. The web browsing has become the basic need of present generation, so this praiseworthy handset presents you WAP Web Browser, HTML Browser (safari). Also, it has brought RSS Reader along with A-GPS supported by Google Maps to take you in accurate direction. Furthermore, this is the gadget that provides connection via Bluetooth and USB and it gets better through high-quality 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g.The storage capacity is simply remarkable of this amazing gizmo that can be defined as 8 GB/ 16 GB inbuilt storage and 128 MB RAM with superior excellence in flash back memory.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


How to Make a Resume

Because of the volume of resumes employers receive; most of them now use some kind of resume tracking or applicant tracking system. This automates many of the tasks necessary for tracking candidates, and also makes it possible for an employer to find a resume they received months or years later. As a result of the technologies used, its important to keep your resume in a certain format that will be correctly read and interpreted by the systems. This used to be referred to as a "scannable" resume because of the hardware that used to scan paper resumes into the computer. Now, career websites and resumes received via email are "parsed" and stored in a database.
Once your resume is stored electronically, employers use keywords to match the stored resumes with their open positions. In order to find the resumes, employers (and recruiters) use keyword searches, usually a boolean search.
Because of the technologies involved in parsin g the resume, it is important to keep the format of your resume very simple and somewhat plain. This means that you should generally avoid fancy fonts, graphics and and other "special effects" that dont always make it through the technologies correctly, at least for your electronic resume (you might want a more elaborate version to hand out at job fairs, but it really isn't necessary). A resume that is not formatted correctly wont appear in a search for matching keywords, which greatly reduces your chances of landing interviews. I have seen some resumes come through with "gibberish" as a result of the writer trying to use charts or pictures on their resume.

Resume Format >>>
Here are some practical tips for formatting your resume:
Use a simple font. Do not use a decorate font. Times New Roman and Arial parse most accurately and are the "standard" fonts for business communication, which your resume is.
Use a standard font size. For business communications, fonts of 10 and 12 points are the norm.
Avoid using charts, pictures, tables or graphs in your resume. These rarely make it through. If you have information that needs to be in that format, consider an addendum to your resume or, perhaps, a web page that you have created that stores the information, with a link to the web page from your resume.
If you are applying for a job where it's important to show off your formatting or creative skills to land a job, such as a Web Designer or Graphic Artist position, distribute copies of your fancy paper resume at interviews. Better yet, send both a fancy and plain resume format, or create a fancy Web resume and portfolio, and include the URL in your emailed resume or cover letter
Technical Resumes - Tips, Samples, Examples and Templates

Your resume remains one of the most important components of your job search. A well written resume that gives the employer an accurate vi ew of your skills will help you stand out from the crowd. Here are links to some of my favorite resume tips, resume samples and free resume templates. I have also included links to some actual resumes of employees I have hired in the past for various technical companies.

Resume Writing Tips - How Not To Write a Resume
A recent poll of technical recruiters and hiring managers asked for the top "pet peeves" - things they see on resumes and cover letters that make them less interested in speaking with a candidate. These make great examples of how not to write your resume.
Use of the current "tense" in all jobs on the resume.
Writing the resume or cover letter in the third person.
Too many grammar and spelling mistakes.
Use of tiny, tiny fonts (10 pt or less) so as to cram as much information into the resume as possible.
Photos on resumes (this is a cultural preference).
A listing of their personal interests and activitie s.
Sending a resume attachment named 41808res.doc - use your name or descriptive label.
Writing the resume using table formats (columns).
Using a resume that is password protected (without sending the password).
Including references - but not professional ones - just friends and co-workers.
Having no contact information on the resume or including a phone number that is no longer valid.
When a candidate's email address is not appropriate for the work environment. Example:
Resumes that are too long. Most seem to feel that general descriptions pertaining to work history for the last 10 years is sufficient.
Resume stuffing, for example, listing of every software application you've ever touched as a "skill".
Education written so its not clear if the degree was obtained.
Job hopping, which could be contract positions but it's not explained. (If you have been on short term contracts, make sure yo u clarify that they are contract jobs).

Top 7 Tips for Effective Resumes
Ever hear the saying "you never get a second chance to make a first impression?" Your resume gives a potential employer a powerful message about what kind of employee you would be. With only a few seconds to capture the attention of the reader and showcase your extensive skills, you need to make the most of your resume. Read on for resume tips and tricks.
1. Resume Tip 1: Spell Check and "Reality Check"
Before you submit your resume, make sure you give it a spell check using your word processing software. After you spell check it, have someone else give it a quick "reality check" to make sure that the spell checker didn't miss anything and to make sure that you didn't make a mistake that your computer can't catch. It is important that you get a second set of eyes to look over the document that could be responsible for your next job.
2. Resume Tip 2: Not Too Long, But Not Too Short
How long should your resume be? This is always a tough call. Some experts believe a one page resume is the perfect length. I would disagree, unless you really have few skills and experiences to share. Go into enough detail to give an accurate view of your skills, but not so long that the reader falls asleep. You do not need to list every project you have ever worked on. Summarize, but be inclusive.
3. Resume Tip 3: Formatting Counts
Have 2 versions of your resume available. One to be viewed online, and one to be handed out at in-person interviews and job fairs. Fancy formatting with pretty fonts, lines, boxes and bullet points just does not make it through on most computers. Anything you send or submit online should have very basic formatting (spacing and paragraph breaks, for example).
4. Resume Tip 4: Keywords are Key
When an employer searches a database, they use keywords. In general, they expect the results to be r epresentative of what they are searching for. This should mean a couple of things to the resume writer:
Include relevant keywords in your resume, because this is how you will be found.
Don't stuff your resume with keywords that are not relevant of your experience. A list of keywords that do not represent your expertise should be avoided.

Check out How to Make a Resume for more on keywords.
5. Resume Tip 5: Include the Basics
A technical resume should include the following information sections.
An objective: 1-2 sentences describing what you want, customize this for the job you are applying for.
Education: Any degrees you have completed or are working on, as well as relevant classes or certifications. Only include your GPA if it is very high.
Experience: List your past employers and/or major projects you have worked on. Start with the most recent.
Technology Summary: List only the technologies you know well.
6 . Resume Tip 6: Have Multiple Versions
If you are in more than one role (or have skills that may fit more than one role) you should have multiple versions of your resume available that highlight those skills. For example, if you have years of experience as a software engineer, and also have project management expertise, have two resumes: one highlighting your software engineer experience and another highlighting your project management experience.
7. Resume Tip 7: Make Your Resume Viewable
Recruiters and hiring managers like to search and "source" for candidates. If your resume (or bio) is not someplace where an employer can find it, then they don't know you exist. In addition to the regular job boards.

Resume Writing - Guidelines for New Grads

Resume Writing A Guide for New Grads

Purpose of Resume Writing
When you are writing your resume, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the resume. The resume is meant to spark interest in you as a candidate. Your resume writing should be with the intent to get an interview, not a job offer. It is not meant to list every single course, skill or accomplishment you have. Remember, resumes get interviews, not jobs.
The resume should do the following:
Create a positive first impression. This is done by showcasing your communication skills and making the resume easy to read. The resume should be succinct and easy to follow.
Tell who you are. When you are writing your resume, you are telling the reader who you are and why they should consider you for a position.
Describe what you have learned. Especially for a new grad, your resume should highlight the courses and projects that are applicable for the job you hope to be hired for.
List your accomplishments. Your resume should highlight any special accomplishments you have achieved. If you made a 4.0 while working full time, were awarded a special scholarsh ip, or received special recognition of some kind, it should be listed under your accomplishments.
In order to make your resume pleasant and easy to read, you will want to follow some resume format guidelines. The resume format is important because you want to make sure to keep the readers interest and, ultimately, be called for the interview. A poorly formatted resume, one that is hard to read, contains many errors, or doesnt flow well, is not likely to accomplish your goal.
Resume Format General Guidelines
The following guidelines follow typical resume format and business letter writing standards. These a general resume format rules:
Font size of 10 or 12
Perfectly typed with about a 1 inch margin (even if sending via email, since it will likely be printed out)
Use only one font. You may vary size for emphasis, if necessary.
Do not use different font styles. If you need to call attention to something, you can bold it, but use this sparingly.
Avoid all-capital letters and italics as they are difficult to read.
Resume Format - Section Titles
Begin your resume with a heading which includes your name, address, phone number and email address. This is usually centered at the top or left justified.
Omit personal information such as age, sex, or marital status.
The resume objective states the position type you are seeking. It looks very professional if you tailor the objective to the position you are applying for. Other than that, don't make this section too narrow.
A well organized technical skills or career skills section can be placed after the objective. This should include skills in which you are at least proficient.
The education section should identify your training by listing the university(s) attended with degree(s) conferred, major, and grade point average.
The work experience section comes next and details the most recent positions or areas of ex pertise first and continues in reverse chronological order. Project experience can be listed here if you don't have any formal work experience. I also see many graduates add internships and their larger projects in this section.
The accomplishments section comes last and highlights specific areas in which you have excelled, including leadership activities, memberships, and honors or awards.
Before Writing Your Resume
Before you sit down to write your resume, it is helpful to think through a couple of points. The first is to think in keyword terms, because employers will use them to search for resumes.
Some general keyword examples:
Ability to ... (delegate, supervise, etc.), analytical ability, detail oriented, problem solving, results oriented, communication skills, team leader, lead
Some technology industry examples:
Software, systems, UNIX, Linux, SQL, Oracle, java, .NET, Operating System, CAD, Mechanical systems, Design, OO Programm ing, SDLC, coded, programmed, administered, engineer, programmer, developer, network, Cisco, Microsoft
Tips for Resume Design
The following tips for resume design will help ensure that your resume is easy to read and can be parsed to a resume database properly.
Keep the resume design simple. Using a standard resume template will help with this.
Use standard font styles (Times New Roman and Arial are standard.
Use a font size from 10 to 14. Font sizes of 10 and 12 are standard, with some titles and headings in a larger font.
Avoid 'fancy' styles (italics, underline, bold, fancy fonts etc.).
Do not use horizontal or vertical lines, graphics, charts, tables or boxes. They don't parse well to resume databases and they often print out looking funky.
Use bold fonts for section headings.
Use common names for section headings (i.e., Education, Experience, Technical Sills, etc.)
Put your name at the beginning of the res ume, with contact information on separate lines, immediately following the name. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have to read through the entire resume to find an email or phone number.
Avoid abbreviations, except for popular acronyms.
Be concise in your descriptions of projects and work experience. Longer is not necessarily better!
After the Resume
After the resume is written, make sure to proofread. See these Resume Tips for more ideas that will help ensure your resume gives the best first impression possible!
Print the resume out, to see how it looks for a manager that might prefer hard copies. Adjust any spacing as necessary. You will want printed resume copies to take with you to job fairs and interviews.
Sample Resume - Experienced New Grad Resume Sample
Resume Sample - New Grad
This resume sample is from an experienced new grad. Use this resume sample as a guide for writing your own resume.

James Shah
1255 University Avenue
Sacramento, CA -95825
(916) 555-1111
jshah@email dot com

To obtain a challenging internship/full time position in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

M.S. in Computer Science, California State University, Sacramento, CA, USA GPA- 3.7/4.0
B.E in Computer Engineering, C.U.Shah Engineering College, India GPA-3.8/4.0
Skills Inventory
Programming Languages: BASIC, C, C++, VB6.0, PROLOG, COBOL, VC++, HTML, DHTML, J2EE, JSP, JAVA, ASP, ASP.NET, C#.NET, PHP, XML,JCL
Communication/Network Protocols : TCP/IP, Mobile IP, VoIP, 802.11
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, SUN Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 server, HP-UX ,Mainframe
Database: Oracle 8i, SQL, MS Access 2000, FoxPro, Microsoft SQL server 2000, MySql server 5.0, DB2

Intern Data Analyst, May 06-sep 06, Vision Service Plan (VSP):
Migration of Metadata web site:
Phase 1: Move the Old Web Site to new IIS server: Since the Metadata web site was running on old IIS box, we were facing the speed and crashing issues everyday. So the first phase of this project was to move the current structure of Metadata web site which is ASP pages and MS Access Database to new server.
Phase 2: Migrate the Database from Access to DB2: Due to the business need and reliability issues, Data base of Metadata was migrated from Access Data base to DB2 Database. I was responsible for designing the new database schema, conversion of all the queries into the DB2 compatible format, as well as change the ASP code to fetch correct data using DB2 database.

Phase 3: Change the Front end: To make the Metadata web site more user friendly, I have re design all the ASP pages and added some extra facilities which can help the user to find information easily. The new front end is more organized and meets all the standards of VSP intranet.

Data mart design and implementation for Engineering Dept of CSUS (M.S. Project): To maintain the quality education of CSUS, design the web site and accept the feed back from the users i.e. faculty, students and workers about the quality of education, current majors offered by CSUS, Courses offered, Lab facilities as well as the education level of faculty members using ASP.NET and store that data into data mart using OLAP facilities of Analysis Manager of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and generate useful reports using Pivot tables of MS Excel. The current statistics are on MS Access 2000.

Data link layer: Designed and implemented a data link layer services using UNIX and C Socket utilities. The Project provides all the functionalities of the data link layer like flow control, error control using CRC-16 protocol, piggybacking, and compression using algorithm at client and server.
Executi on of the Instruction Using Pipelining: Using Hardware Language, Verilog, implement the 5 stages of the pipeline with nop as a detection and correction of the data hazard between multiple instructions, which are executing simultaneously in the pipelining and also generate the corresponding control signal using hardwired and microcode logic.

Voice Recognition: Software that can recognize the voice identifies the pitch of the tone and makes a graph of the comparison, and telephony application to record your messages. Online Hotel Booking: Developing a 3-tier application for hotel booking using J2EE, JSP, JDBC, My SQL Server 4.1 and HTML, Tomcat Server.
Design basic Compiler Utilities Using SML: For a given source code and grals grammar definition, provide parsing which can convert the given source code into abstract syntax, provide static semantic to validate the given code, provide dynamic semantic to generate the desirable result for given source code.
Solv e problem definition using various Algorithms: Develop various Algorithms such as Divide and Conquer, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Branch and Bound to solve given problem.

Design SRS for Iguana Vision Inc.: As a part of SDLC, Design the SRS document to specify the functional and non-functional requirements as they pertain to the intended product to be designed by Iguana Vision, Inc for Single Medical Provider Franchise. The scope of this document is to describe the proposed inputs, outputs, problems, proposed logical & technical solutions to those problems and project management aspects which can help to take design, development and validation related decisions. Here Client wishes to expand their medical practice by providing a single provider franchise license with turn key software to manage the business. One key portion of business management is the scheduling and management of client appointments for different types of services using Use case diagram, ER D, Data Dictionary, Class Diagram and UML modeling.
Relevant Courses:
Mobile Computing
Programming Language Principles
Advanced Computer Networks
Database Design
Data Model &Data Management System
Data warehousing and Data Mining
Software Engineering
Telecommunication Network Management
Algorithm and Paradigms
Computer Architecture
Data Mining and Data warehouse
Honors & Activities
Presented a National Level Paper on "Hacking" at C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Surendranagar, India.
Lead the Technical Committee in and organized Technophile State level symposium.
PROFILE: Sincere, Hardworking, Self Motivated, excellent written & oral communications skills, quick-learner, Team-Player, Able to adapt to new work environments & situations, possesses responsible leadership qualities.

Example of a Software Engineer Resume

oe Employee
555 Main Street
Sacramento, CA 95628
myname@myemail dot com

A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer who can think "out of the box". Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Expert in Java, C#, .NET, and T-SQL with database analysis and design. Skilled in developing business plans, requirements specifications, user documentation, and architectural systems research. Strong written and verbal communications. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.
Experienced in:
Engineering web development, all layers, from database to services to user interfaces
Supporting legacy systems with backups of all cases to/from parallel systems
Analysis and design of databases and user interfaces
Managing requirements
Implementing software development life cycle policies and procedures
Managing and supporting multiple projects
Highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments with very strong organizational and analytical skills


E*Trade Financial, Sacramento, CA July 2002 Present

Software Engineer (Customer Service Systems)
Re-engineered customer account software systems used by brokerage teams. Web developer for user interfaces to trading inquiries, support parallel systems.
Developed and implemented new feedback system for users concerns, bugs, and defect tracking regarding use and functionality of new interfaces.
Coded web designed interfaces using Java, XML, XSL, AJAX, and JWS.
Support system for existing intranet for employees, including designing and developing the Advantage@Work system company wide.
Code and support provided through ASP.NET, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle 9i.
C ollaborated in the development of in-house development of new banking software interfaces. Supported existing legacy system to provide newly created cases and insured they were available in the systems in parallel until legacy systems were retired.
Intel Corporation, Folsom, CA Jan 2000 Jul 2002
Systems Programmer (Remote Servers and SSL Product Analyst)
Deployed and tested Remote Installation Services(RIS)-Server Installs on Windows XP.
Focused deployment of Server builds and handled some client builds.
Modified Visual Basic applications for use in post-server builds for customizing builds.
Researched RIS and Active Directory for future deployment world-wide. Presented findings to both the Networking Operating System Network Technology Integration team and the Microsoft Joint Development Team (JDP) at Intel. Produced a document binder for RIS and Active Directory to follow the project to the next team representative.
Wrote bi-m onthly progress reports, participated in weekly staff meetings and JDP team meetings designed to develop white paper processing.
Provide technical support to the SSL team, managing inventory.
Participated in testing and use of new SAP system as it was integrated into Intel.
Managed Chipset products for IO Business Units.
CSU Chico, Chico, CA 2000 2002
Business Department (Visual Basic Teaching Assistant)
Computer Science Department (Supervisor MS Office Suite Teaching Assistant)
Supervised all lab assistants, guiding them with student project development.
Provided one-to-one guidance with Visual Basic programming instruction techniques.
Wrote small program projects for assignments.
Presented structured learning labs where students could ask questions regarding Visual Basic Programming construct and syntax.
Prepared structured teaching guides pertaining to chapter material that complimented the lectures by the professor.
Provided customized software for tracking student progress throughout the semester. It included reporting for the professor on assessments, projects, homework, lab work, attendance, and overall grades.

Experience with:
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Access, SAP
Software: Microsoft Office, Remedy, Microsoft SQL Server, DB Artisan, Eclipse, Visual Studio.NET, FrontPage
Languages: C#, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, XML, XSL, JWS, SQL, and T-SQL

BS Computer Science/ Business Minor
4.0/4.0 GPA
AS Computer Science

3 sample of General resume

Sample: Resume

FirstName LastName
87 Washington Street
Hopedale, NY 11233
Phone: 555-555-5555


Hopedale, NY: BA, American Studies
Cumulative GPA: 3.93

University of Trier, Germany (Summer 2005)

Washington, DC: Washington Semester in American Politics (Spring 2004)


U.S. Department of Education
Intern, Office of the Deputy Secretary (Spring 2005)
Generated concise written synopses of current legislative action for use by the Department, Congress members, and the general public through the ED website.
Researched and presented to policymakers several successful school design and construction projects to support the Administration Schools as Centers of Community proposal.
Washington Semester Independent Research Project
American University (Spring 2004)
Examined how the increasing dependence of needy students on federal loans instead of grants for higher education has affected college access and enrollment; culminating in 65-page paper
Historical Society of Saratoga Springs
Research Assistant (Spring 2003)
Researched archival materials, wrote text panels and selected objects for a historical exhibit on Saratoga in the 1930s


Vice President/Academic Affairs
Student Government Association, XYZ University (2003-2004)
Chaired 60-member body representing each academic department and student perspectives on curricular issues
Participated in college-wide policy decisions concerning such ethical issues as the sale of cigarettes on campus
Made detailed oral and written presentations of curricular reform actions in public student fora
Presidential Search Committee
XYZ University (2002-2004)
Served as one of two students on a college-wide committee to nominate the sixth President of XYZ University, through all stages including:

o A detailed self-study of institutional needs and goals to determine selection criteria
o Search for, and hire of, a higher-education specialty consultant
o Written evaluation of each applicant, interviews and final recommendation to the Board of Trustees
Honors Forum Council
Student Body Representative, XYZ University (2001-2002)
Set goals and guidelines for the first two years of Skidmore?019s innovative, comprehensive honors program whose mission is to increase intellectual engagement and academic rigor in students?019 freshman and sophomore years


Student Alumni Society: Founding Member (2002-present)
Committee on Academic Freedoms: Student Representative (2002-present)
Skidmore Orchestra: French Horn (2001-present)
American Studies Club: Secretary (2001-present)


Prof icient in written and spoken German
Extensive experience with Internet Explorer, HTML, Lexis-Nexis and Microsoft Office

Sample 2: Resume

67-61 75th Street
Any town, NY 00000
(555) 555-5555 87 Washington Street
Hopedale, NY 11233
(555) 555-5555



XYZ University
Bachelor of Arts, May 2000
Major: Psychology. Minor: Studio Art
Hopedale, NY

Student during the semester of Spring 1999 London, ENGLAND


Assisted children ages 6-7 with the fundamentals of reading
Aided with capitalization, punctuation and printing
Read stories aloud, entreating children to addr ess content
Helped with other activities, from math assignments to art projects
Eased frustration by providing support and encouragement Hopedale, NY

Office Assistant

Gathered alumni career surveys and updated hundreds of data files utilizing Microsoft Access
Maintained employer literature and credential, counseling and recruiting information files
Compiled materials needed for mailing of credential requests
Performed various administrative duties Hopedale, NY
Summer 1999 CITYARTS, INC.
Researched corporate and foundation funding sources, using resources at the Foundation Center
Drafted preliminary correspondence with possible philanthropists
Prepared grant applications and supporting materials
Helped with fundraising events such as benefit auction
Provided general office support New York, NY
Summer 1999 MUSEUM OF AFRICAN ART< /p>

Artist Assistant

Supervised young participants in painting workshop
Aided children in the creative process by providing support with painting
Assisted the lead artist in all phases of project implementation, from hanging canvases to cleaning workspace New York, NY
Collaborated with others to rebuild a brownstone in Brooklyn under the auspices of Habitat for Humanity
Recruited others to participate in NYPIRG meetings and events
Posted material around the Queens College campus which advocated public awareness of issues Flushing, NY


Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Netscape, and research databases, including PsychInfo. Travel throughout Europe.

Resume Sample 3: Resume/Student

FirstName LastName

XYZ University
Hopedale, NY 11233
(555) 555-5555 PERMANENT ADDRESS
155 Essex Street
Anytown, CT 00000
(555) 555-5555

XYZ University, Hopedale, NY
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts, May 2000
Major: Government 3.83 GPA Minor: Business 3.87 GPA

The Williams School, New London, CT
High School Degree, June 1995


Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., New Haven CT, Summer 1999
Completed a rigorous internship working closely with retail and institutional brokers examining US markets and industries. Researched and analyzed equities, derivatives, and bonds utilizing Merrill Lynch computer systems.

Hartford Superior Court, Hartford CT, Summer 1998
Conducted in-depth project studying daily flow within the courthouse including data collection and analysis utilizin g Microsoft Excel. Participated in data correction and filing in both criminal and civil case flow offices.


Social Integrity Board Chairman, XYZ University, Fall 1999 Present
Appointed by Student Government Association Executive Committee and confirmed by Student Senate as member of Social Integrity Board. Adjudicate and sanction students in violation of the XXX Student Codes of Conduct. Lead board members in delivering opinions and sanctions to students in hearings and written form. Conduct cases in close collaboration with Head of Residential Life and examine XXX's social policies and honor code.

Student Speakers Bureau Member, XYZ University, Fall 1998 Present
Allocate funds to various organizations throughout the XXX community to bring speakers to campus.


Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access Po werPoint
Lotus 1-2-3 I.E. 4.0 and Netscape 4.6
Adobe PhotoShop 5.0
HTML/Web Publishing

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