Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hire Flash Games Developers and have fun on mobile, desktop & browser

The combined practices of great creativity, programming, graphics, audio, design with flash technology expertise is involved in high quality flash game development. Developing & designing game is a complex practice. It needs patience of weeks, but the flash technology helps game developers in faster game development means flash allows rapid game development. Even flash game development is also complex and time-consuming. One can hire flash game developer to meet certain game development needs. Games can be online & offline as well and gaming on the internet is not latest lure for the people. Internet games are popular for the last many years and nowadays games are not only the source of joy, fun and entertainment, but the potential mode of business on the internet. Flash games are popular in all types of masses such as game lovers and online businessman.

The game development is complex without professional expertise in certain gaming technologies and flash is one of them technologies, which is not simple to implement in game development. Modern web is full of facilities and any web user can fulfill their specific requirements such as flash game development. From the series of different concepts, methods, systems', hiring developer / programmer proficient in different technologies is the best concept available on the web. Any flash game lover and online businessman can hire flash game developer to meet their specific objectives. Using games to increase the business on the web have created the flash based games demand and people seek professional flash game programmers for the custom flash game development. There are two types of flash games can be played on the browser like single player and multiplayer.

This is the market situation for hire flash game developers and in the technical terms, flash game development is not a cup of tea of everyone. Professional flash game designer use various technologies that are complex to implement. Few common technologies are 3D Studio Max, Photo shop, AS1, AS2 and AS3, which are necessary to use appropriately according to the nature & size of the game. One can hire flash game developer for accurate implementation of sounds, graphics, audio and other necessary technical & non elements. Flash games can be played on multiple platforms like mobile, desktop & browser. This technical human resource for game development offers flexible services according to your business and helps you to promote your business on the web. Hire flash game developer / programmer / designer are comprehensive solution for robust flash game development.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Htc Hd7 Review

Design The HTC HD7 smartphone measures 4.8 inches tall by 2.7 inches wide by 0.4 inch thick and weighs 5.7 ounces.The HTC HD7 build quality of the phone is solid, and the soft-touch finish on the back prevents it from feeling too plasticky and slick.The extra screen real estate makes it great for multimedia, playing games, and Web browsing--features which are well-implemented on Windows Phone 7. When the Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 is released, you'll also be able to read e-books right on the phone.Windows Phone 7 already offers a pretty great and accurate keyboard, and we had no problems using it on the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround, but we did find we were able to type much faster using the HD7. One thing that doesn't change, however, is the number of tiles and apps that are viewable from the Start screen and apps menu list.Scrolling and pinch-to-zoom were also smooth. Overall, the display is bright and clear, showing off 480x800 pixels, but we definitely noticed a dif ference in quality compared with some of the higher-resolution displays on some of the today's latest smartphones.Below the display, you will find the back, start, and search buttons, which are required by Microsoft. They're of the touch-sensitive variety, but there are also several physical buttons on the device, including a volume rocker and a camera key on the right side, and a power button on top of the phone.Rounding out things is a Micro-USB port and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom, and the camera and dual-LED flash on back.The HTC HD7 phone's speakers are visible just above and below the touch screen.

Interface The HTC HD7 start menu (home screen) aggregates these panels into tiles aligned in a very simple vertical grid of two columns and multiple rows. Each tile takes up a fair chunk of the screen, with only 8 tiles fitting on the screen at any one time.Slide the homescreen out of the way (a swipe from right to left will do the job), and Microsoft bestows a simple list of applications on your screen.Accent colours are applied to app tiles and standout text. To compensate for the minimal choice of background, these can be one of 11 colours, green, red, blue, orange, pink, brown, lime, teal, purple and magenta. This simplicity lends itself to an identity Microsoft are clearly trying to attribute to Windows Phone 7, with a sophisticated font, Segoe WP, large, clear tiles and smooth Zune type experience.

Phonebook The phone HTC HD7 book falls under the people tile. This offers very tight integration with Facebook, with a right swipe from your contact list taking you to friend's recent updates. The search capacitive button adapts its function depending on which menu you're in, so contacts can either be scrolled through or searched for directly as expected.

Messaging The HTC HD7 keyboard looks so clean and simple with no gradients in sight that the minimalist in us can't help but enjoy it. Without copy and paste, functionality is hampered slightly, though Microsoft promises this in the near future. Organizer The calendar is the most finger friendly we've used in a while, looking very clean and feeling really intuitive.Adding appointments is simple, and the whole experience was a pleasure in every aspect other than the aforementioned section regarding multiple Google calendars (you can't choose which calendar under your Google account to use). All other organizer features work predictably well.

Camera and Multimedia With dual LED flash, the HTC HD7 won't blow any minds, but nevertheless does a good job of making snaps look half decent. With little delay between shots and a speedy interface, everything ticks along nicely.The music experience is a giant step up above the WinMo phones of old. In fact, the music feels more integrated on Windows Phone 7 than on any platform other than the iPhone OS, and if you own a Zune, even more so than that. It's slick, simple enough to get to grips with and well integrated, with access to basic music functionality on the lock screen for example. Audio quality is good and the Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround offers a great range of output options.

Internet and Connectivity The HTC HD7 is a quad-band GSM, tri-band 3G phone and comes loaded with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on board. Connections include a 3.5mm headphone jack and a a microUSB port. Despite lacking expandable memory, it does have 16GB on board, the most out of any Windows Phone 7 launch device. The only things we might have liked to see are DLNA functionality and a mini HDMI port.

Software The HTC HD7 runs Windows Phone 7, and for now, all Windows Phone 7 handsets work pretty much the same. They all have first-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 Ghz processors, 800-by-480 screens, and the same interface of "live tiles." For more about the OS itself, check out our full review of the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Performance The quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) HTC HD7 in New York using T-Mobile service, and call quality was good. On our end of the conversation, the audio was rich without any type of voice distortion.peakerphone quality wasn't all that great. Even with the volume cranked up to the highest level, we had a hard time hearing our callers in a room with an open window, and voices sounded tinny.the HTC HD7 doesn't support T-Mobile's HSPA+ network, but we still had good data speeds over its regular 3G network. CNET's full site loaded in 16 seconds, while CNN and ESPN's mobile sites loaded in 8 seconds and 5 seconds, respectively. YouTube videos took a few seconds to load but played back without interruption and with synchronized audio and video. T-Mobile TV episodes also took several seconds to load, but looked great on the HD7's large screen. As you would expect, video quality was better over a strong Wi-Fi network than over a 3G connection.Read more Cellphone Review & Guide

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Windows Phone 7 Series With Zune And Xbox Live

And now that you've seen this in action we believe Microsoft is actually during the cellphone competition, actually putting the likes of RIM and Android upon discover with regards to the actual user encounter. Windows Phone Sequence 7 has a refurbished interface reminiscent of the organization's Zune portable media players, other than its already been extended method past media to include everything from people (social networking) to gaming, photos, as well as productivity.

With this particular version of their mobile OS, Microsoft can also be making it mandatory upon strict equipment needs, including capacitive touch and the same 3 buttons on every system. We just attended Microsofts press conference for this brand new platform, which will be striking phones at the end associated with 2010, as well as arrived aside impressed with the companys capability toahemthink various about cellphones. Something is for sure: Microsoft is de-emphasizing the need to leap into as well as out of multiple apps, rather focusing on a far more integrated encounter.

The other design component coursing via Windows Phone Series 7 tend to be hubs: pages that cull information about a variety of things: your favorite people, your workplace documents, as well as photos, to name some. The People hub, for example, get its contact lenses through variety sources, like Facebook and e-mail accounts. After that you can cut through all this information by selecting just the people you have contacted recently, or even alphabetically. Inside a prosper which reminds us associated with Android 2.1, the written text animates while you select letters of the alphabet or perhaps a specific buddy. Exactly the same organizational philosophy applies not just in order to contact lenses, but to photos, multimedia, as well as Office paperwork. From the Workplace hub, particularly, users can create, read, as well as modify Word, Ms powerpoint, as well as Excel documents, as well as send to and receive from the SharePoint machine.

Confirming those continual gossips, Windows Phone 7 Sequence includes the Zune encounter. Essentially, the actual Zune is to future Windows 7 phones what the ipod device is to the iPhone: the user interface would be the same. Its just like having the Zune inside your phone (minus HD radio). Therefore, the interface looks exactly the same. Users can also look for music and other content material upon their phones, as they would upon Zune Marketplace using their own Zune player. Microsoft also announced which users can install third-party plug-ins, such as Pandora. Consistent with the rest of the OS, users may pin your favorite music, as well as access their background, because they would current contact lenses. In this case, the music hub is actually mostly Zune, after that, with a splash of other services you might use.

While Microsofts mobile OS has always been pitched toward business users, Windows Phone Series 7 constitutes a serious situation with regard to amusement junkies, as well, by getting users to get into and perform their Xbox Live games on the device. So far as Microsoft can be involved, the actual plug-in with its own gaming system means that the phones are not just effective and practical, however , fun, said Joe Belfiori, VP associated with Windows Phone. You will be able to observe your Xbox Live avatar as well as invites through other people to get familiar with multiplayer action.

In addition to the Office hub, there are more ways Windows Phone Sequence 7 remains loyal in order to its professional users. Like the rest of the actual OS, the actual calendar draws within appointments from various sources, it nicely color rules expert and personal occasions differently. Users can choose to see their own calendars in various ways, such as daily or even monthly. While you navigate through the actual calendar, the actual screen animates, just like lists associated with contacts perform. Other professional touches consist of the ability to flag e-mails and delete several products at the same time very easily, some thing users may currently do within Outlook 2007.

One of the OSs secret weapons might be Bing, Microsofts search engine, that places an emphasis upon producing decisions, such as shopping and restaurant searches, simpler. The actual phone automatically hyperlinks address, phone numbers, along with other get in touch with information through the OS in e-mails, calendar entries, Web pages. The faucet with an tackle launches Bing Maps, which include in depth illustrations at the street degree.

When it comes to search, the phone uses location to put your own leads to circumstance. Therefore, a search for sushi will yield, first and foremost, nearby sushi important joints. You will find 3 tab at the top of the actual search page: nearby, information, and Internet, therefore, should you wanted to research steps to make sushi, you could easily find that information, too. Microsoft additionally announced partnerships along with services like Yelp, that will help to make it's contextual results (in this case, restaurant and club evaluations) much more useful.

In addition to the spectacular, revamped, work-and-play-friendly OS, among Microsofts biggest departures was its insistence upon hardware uniformity among its phones moving forward. All Windows Phone 7 Series phones must have capacitive touch screens, as well as three buttons for accessing the home display, navigating in reverse, as well as searching. This requirement, particularly, appears to be a solution in order to Androids fragmented handset abilities across various producers. The hardware lovers Microsoft introduced these days incorporated Qualcomm, Samsung, LG, ASUS, Garmin-ASUS, Dell, as well as Toshiba. All four major US carriers take presctiption panel, amongst other worldwide ones. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned the company has established especially strong associations along with AT&T and Orange, working with them so they can include their very own software program and providers. Read more Cellphone Review, News & Guide

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Untethered Jailbreak For Verizon iPhone 4 lies in Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1

The Verizon iPhone 4 is a device that has been a little tricky to get an untethered jailbreak for, however Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1 has now been released and is available.

If you're a Verizon iPhone--and Windows--user, you can now jailbreak your phone! iDevice hacker iH8sn0w just released an update to Sn0wbreeze, which brings unteathered jailbreaking support to the Verizon iPhone 4. This means that you can finally use Cydia (an alternative app store with software for jailbroken iDevices) on your Verizon iPhone and after jailbreaking it, you can easily convert your dvd to iphone 4 and watch movies on iphone 4. Sn0wbreeze currently works on the first-generation iPad, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, third- and foruth-generation iPod Touch, and Apple TV 2. But take note: This hack only works for Windows users, but if you're a Mac user and you can stand a teathered version then Greenpois0n should do the trick; they released a version for Verizon back in February.

To use Sn0wbreeze, all you need to do is download it, install it on your Windows PC (it takes a little time and work), and then install it on your iDevice using iTunes. You'll need to have iOS 4.2.7 to install the updated version of Sn0wbreeze before you do anything, of course. According to iH8Snow, once installed, you'll be able to "setup custum boot logos, activate your iPhone, set a root partition size, build custom firmware, install SSH, and more!" To get detailed instructions on how to install it check out Redmond Pie's tutorial.
So first things first, let's make sure you have all the tools that you need to get your jailbreak completed. Of course your iPhone will need to have the version of iOS 4.2.7 on your device. Next start Sn0wbreeze and then click on the blue arrow in the bottom right of your window, then select the required firmware which is an .ipsw' file using the browse button. Sn0wbreeze will then try to identify the IPSW file and once it's done the arrow in the bottom right will go blue, click on it.

Now click on OK and follow the steps to the DFU mode on Sn0wbreeze, here you finally get to press some buttons! Hold in the power and home buttons for 10 seconds then release the power button but not the home one, keep this held down for a further 10 seconds and your device will enter a DFU state. When it has been done correctly you will see a screen like the shot below.
The application is compatible with the following versions of basebands: 01:59:00 and latest versio ns (iPhone 4) and 05:11:07, 05:12:01, 05:13:04 and 06:15:00 (iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G) and ipad 2. Fore more technical details about the compatibility and latest jailbreak and unlock software visit the developer website and download the iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak and unlock tool.
The unlock procedure is very simple and is compatible for iOS 4.3.2 therefore the team of hackers suggest not to upgrade the phone on the next system update if you have a phone already unlocked." Customers should wait till we release the next unlock & Jailbreak tools before updating to the new OS ".

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to jailbreak an iPhone

Choose the right software to jailbreak an iPhone

You now have several choices on how to jailbreak an iPhone. The question now is whether you want to upgrade you iOS to the latest version, and for whatever reason retain an older iOS version. Depending on the iOS version as well as your iPhone model, there are several ways to jailbreak an iPhone.

Jailbreak an iPhone if you don't need to unlock

As posted in other pages on this site, if you jailbreak an iPhone, you need to first find out if you have an unlock available for the baseband that you will have to upgrade to. If you depend on a carrier unlock, avoid upgrading your iOS unless you're sure there is an unlock for it as well. The following ways to jailbreak an iPhone almost invariably requires an upgrade of the iOS, and for Redsn0w for example, there is no unlock for the 4.3.3 stock upgrade. If ever, you will need a custom iPSW to upgrade your iOS to avoid modifying your baseband to an unlockable level.

Most popular software used to jailbreak an iPhone

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16, designed for the iPhone on 4.3.3. This is an untethered Redsn0w jailbreak, and has solved the side switch vibration and battery drain problems that bothered iPhone 3GS and 4 users with the earlier release. The Redsn0w jailbreak download works for iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the Apple TV 2G on 4.3 version 8F202. For those with Apple TV2G 4.3 version 8F305, you'll need an attachment included in your PwnageTool app folder to properly port this Redsn0w jailbreak download version. Redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 can be downloaded for Mac and Windows to jailbreak an iPhone.

For instructions on how to unlock an iPhone using Redsn0w, click this link.

GreenPois0n Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1. Some people prefer to keep their iOS to 4.2.1, which is a great fit for GreenPoison by the Chronic Dev Team. There is a jailbreak download available for those on iOS 4.2.1. It's an untethered jailbreak download and allows you to "untether" your iPhone, iPad and even the Apple TV 2G. You can get your jailbreak download for the GreenP0ison jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 for Windows and Mac. You can check BestJailbreakSoftware for a few shortcuts.

Another popular way to jailbreak an iPhone is by using the PwnageTool 4.3.1 untethered exploit. However, developers recommend Redsn0w for most users as it is easier to implement. Besides, PwnageTool 4.3.1 runs only on a Mac computer, so Windows users may be out of luck. For instructions on how to use the PwnageTool 4.3.1, check out this site, and you'll be able to download the custom IPSW and jailbreak here as well.

No one jailbreak software works for all versions of the iPhone. Doing your research and reading the forums will help you flawlessly jailbreak an iPhone.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jailbreak explanations part 1

Often newcomers are confused by strange words in the iPhone jailbreak world. In order to make it easier to all newbies out there, here are short explanations on different terms and processes known in the iPhone jailbreak community. Included in this descriptions are some software tools, apps, explanations and other useful tips needed for every newbie jailbreaker.

Jailbreak tools

Usually there is more than one way to jailbreak. This depends on the iOS version, jailbreak exploits and so on. If you do not know how to find out which iOS version is currently running on your iPhone here is how to find this out: tap settings, general, about. Scroll down to see the version.

Here are the software tools need to jailbreak your iPhone

iPhone with 4.2.1

Greenpois0n (untethered jailbreak)


iPhone 4.1

Pwnagetool (untethered jailbreak, for Mac computers only)

Greenpois0n (untethered jailbreak)

Limera1n (untethered jailbreak)

Verizon iPhone 4

Greenpois0n (untethered jailbreak)

Explanations of some jailbreak terms and words


Simple yet confusing. To jailbreak an iPhone is same as rooting an Android phone. When you jailbreak you can customize you iPhone in whichever way suits you best. It also gives you access to Cydia where you can find apps which Apple wont allow to their App Store. While jailbreak is different than unlocking it is the first step toward the unlock. No jailbreak means no unlock, simple as that.


When you unlock your iPhone you can use and sim card with it. For example if you have an AT&T iPhone but you would like to use a T-mobile sim card, all you need to do is to insert the T-mobile sim card and it will work with your iPhone. Many people who would like to use an iPhone can't because of Apple's network carrier policies. That is one of the reasons to jailbreak, to enable people on other networks enjoying advantages of iPhone. There are people who would like to increase the resales value of their iPhone and they do so by unlocking it for use on other carriers. The unlock depends on the firmware version on your iPhone and the modem firmware version. Most often the unlock will be UltraSn0w or YellowSn0w. To get this unlocking tool you first must jailbreak and install Cydia.


We all know about the iTunes App Store, but how many people know there is an alternative? Cydia is the alternative app store. Cydia will allow to get apps which great apps are not were not accepted in app store because of various restrictions imposed by Apple. This is reason why so many great apps are not found in app store. So all of you who jailbreak can get to enjoy in those jailbreak apps.


Repositories are online servers containing various software packages. Simply said repositories are sources or places where you can download software packages . You can add (or remove) repos within Cydia. Most known repos are Big Boss, Telesphoreo Tangelo Repo, Mod Myi and so on.

Some of these like BigBoss for example are already there when you install Cydia first time but you can add more repositories of your choice when you need them.

It is always advisable to be careful which repo you will add and you should add only trusted repositories.

DFU Mode and Recovery mode

It is easy to mistake this two modes but they are really different. The simplest way to be sure is to this: if the on the iPhone screen you can see only the Connect to iTunes message (or completely dark screen) then your iPhone is in DFU mode. If you can see the same logo but with the slide for emergency sign your iPhone is in Restore mode.

Usually an iPhone will need to be in DFU mode for the jailbreak to work. This is how to get your iPhone into DFU mode:

1. Turn your iPhone off

2. Press and hold both power and home button

3. release the power button when the screen shows Apple logo and keep the home button down.

4. If done correctly you will see "connect to iTunes" sign.

5. Start iTunes and plug in your iPhone into the computer

6. you can now restore your iPhone

SHSH Blobs

This is term which often brings confusion even to seasoned iPhone users. What is this, and why should you save it? Do you remember when you upgraded the firmware version last time? If you do so you will remembers the message when you began with restoring: "Verifying restore with Apple".

This comes from the fact that Apple being what it is want you to restore only to current firmware version. So this means practically that they wont let you downgrade your firmware version if you have "accidentally" upgraded the iOS on your iPhone.

If you save SHSH blobs, downgrade will still be possible for you. It works by tricking iTunes that your restore is being verified by Apple's servers. You can use the TinyUmbrella software to save the SHSH of your iPhone. It is very advisable to save SHSH blobs if you didn't already did so.


What is baseband? Baseband is a part of iOS which controls your connection to the carrier network. This is the reason baseband version is very important if you need to unlock your iPhone. When you upgrade this baseband will also be upgraded and it is important to know which basebands cn be unlocked, as there are certain basebands which can't be currently unlocked. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone without upgrading the baseband you will want to use Pwnage tools. With this tool which unfortunately works only on Mac computers, you can upgrade the iOS version without upgradeing the baseband at the same time. If you are on a official iPhone carrier you do not need to worry too much about the baseband.


Springboard is the "desktop" of your iPhone and also its interface. When you need to respring your iPhone it simply means that you have to restart the springboard. This is sometimes requested after installing some jailbreak apps.


Winterboard is the jailbreak version of the classical Springboard "desktop" of your iPhone

I will continue tomorrow with some more basic info about jailbreaks and jailbreak apps. Let me know in the comment section about your jailbreaking experiences.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with Greenpois0n

The short answer is yes. You can use the jailbreak tool GreenPois0n for your Windows PC as it is a simple and straightforward process.

You will only need to upgrade your 3GS and then jailbreak it. Please follow the instructions bellow to learn how to do it.

Note: this is an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS with the new firmware 4.2.1 done with the newest version of greenpois0n (RC 5) windows jailbreak tool.

First of all a small advise: if you have an already unlocked iPhone 3GS you shouldn't use this solution. If you upgrade through iTunes it will upgrade your baseband, and you will be forced to use iPad baseband trick which can be troublesome in some cases.

If you haven't saved the shsh blobs you should not jailbreak with GreenPois0n. Those of you which don't have the shsh blobs wont be able to restore to 4.1 firmware.

GreenPois0n jailbreak steps:

1. Here are the requested downloads: Click here to download GreenPois0n for Windows PC. Download the 4.2.1 firmware for iPhone 3GS here: link Download Tiny Umbrella for Windows here.

2. Upgrade your iTunes if you have older version. Start iTunes and plug in your iPhone into the computer. When your iPhone is recognized update the firmware version by holding shift and clicking on update. When prompted, choose the ipsw you have previously downloaded (note: download the file with Firefox web browser, do not unzip it!)

3. If you see the 1013 error do not worry. Click OK

4. Start Tiny Umbrella and choose the "Exit Recovery" option. Your iPhone will reboot now and you will see the emergency call screen and connect to itunes message. Turn off your iPhone and start GreenPois0n

5. Again put your iPhone into DFU mode by following the instructions

6. When greenpois0n recognizes your iPhone in DFU mode it will start jailbreaking it. Please wait until this is done.

7. When the jailbreak is finished your iPhone will start and you will see the Loader app on your screen.

8. Tapp the Loader app and choose Cydia. You jailbreak was successful. Your 3GS iPhone with 4.2.1 firmware has an untethered jailbreak.

Additional option: If you want to unlock as well as to jailbreak you will now need to install the Ultrasn0w unlock. Tap Cydia and search for Ultrasn0w. When you find please install it and your iPhone will be unlocked. That is all folks, now you have a jailbroken, carrier unlocked iPhone 3GS on the 6.15.00 iPad baseband.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Apple iPhone 4 Review - Don't Buy Until You Read This!

The new iPhone has been released. It has more features than ever before and is even better looking. Apple has revamped the design and made the technology even better this time around. So what makes the new iPhone so great? We are going to take a look at some of the important features.

Voice Control Feature
The new iPhone brings voice control to a whole different level. You can even ask your phone what song is currently playing. You can also tell your iphone to play a song, play a playlist, shuffle, or activate genius.

Facetime Feature
Everyone has been wishing for a way to see who they are talking to for several years. The iPhone 4 brings video calling to life. With a press of a button, you can blow a kiss to your girlfriend, smile at a friend you haven't seen in years, or listen to your friend from across th globe share stories with you. The great thing is that it works from the start.

Retina Feature
The retina feature is very sharp on the iPhone 4. It is the most crystal clear phone screen there is, the pixel level is a lot higher than the older iPhone models. The pixel level is so great that the you won't be able to distinguish each pixel. This makes the text stunningly sharp and makes the images almost life like.

The iPhone 4 brings with it a totally different way to multitask. You can now switch between all of your favorite third party apps at the press of a button. This will not even slow down the performance of the phone or drain your battery.

HD Video recording
You can film your little movies with the iPhone 4 in high definition. You can also use it in a dark room setting, thanks to the backside illumination sensor and built-in LED light. You can create your very own mini-movie on the iPhone 4 with the new iMovie app.

5 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
You can now take beautiful pictures with the new camera with built-in LED flash. You can even take great photos in low light settings with the backside illumination sensor. You can also take pictures of yourself with the new front facing camera.

Visual Voice Mail
The new iPhone 4 comes with visual voice mail. This feature actually lets you see your voice messages in your inbox and listen to them in the order you would like to and not in the order they are received.

Click Here to get a Free Apple iPhone 4 right now for just reviewing it!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More powerful features: new iPhone 4G review

Apple CEO Steve Jobs opened the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference on 8th, June by announcing the latest iPhone incarnation, the iPhone 4G. It will be available exclusively with AT&T starting June 24, with 5 countries at launch (US, France, Germany, UK, Japan), with 18 more following in July. The price with service is fair--US$199 for the 16GB phone or US$299 for the 32GB device--and both models come in white and black versions. Then let's have a close look at the new iPhone 4G: How does the new iPhone improved compare with the iPhone 3G S?

The iPhone 4G features a 940 * 640-pixel (or 326 pixels per square inch) Apple calls it a "Retina Display", which is four times the resolution of previous iPhone models. It's rated at 326ppi, which Apple claims is beyond the human eye's limit of distinction. Check out an example of the new screen up against the iPhone 3G after the break. Similar to the iPad, it's an IPS display, offering 800:1 contrast. The thickness of it is only 9.3 millimeters, 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS. Apple Company says, iPhone 4G is the thinnest smartphone in the world.
New features of iPhone 4G
Firstly, iPhone 4G comes with iOS 4, the newest version of the world's most advanced mobile operating system. With over 100 new features, it includes Multitasking, Folders, enhanced Mail, deeper Enterprise support and Apple's new iAd mobile advertising platform. With Multitasking, users can now instantly switch between any of their apps while preserving battery life. With Folders, users can easily organize their apps into collections by simply dragging one app on top of another. A folder is automatically created and named based on the category of apps selected. Users can change the name of any folder at any time. In addition, users can now customize their lock and home screens with an array of supplied wallpapers or with any of the photos on their phone.
Secondly, the iPhone 4G will feature the same A4 chip that's found in the iPad. The result is a faster processor plus improved battery life (its supports seven hours of talk time on 3G networks, up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi and up to six hours on 3G, and up to 10 hours of video playback and up to 40 hours of audio playback). Thirdly, the iPhone 3GS gave us a compass, but the iPhone 4G raises the bar by offering a three-axis gyroscope. Like on an airplane, you'll get pitch, roll, and yaw, and it's tied with the accelerometer to provide six-axis motion sensing. Though by all means it will be useful to app developers, it also just looks like a lot of fun.
Moreover, the iPhone 4G's front-facing camera is a 640-by-480-pixel camera (three-tenths of a megapixel, if you're curious) designed to be used primarily with the new FaceTime video-chat system, though it will also work well as a way to take self-portraits. With the FaceTime, you can see your loved ones and friends anywhere there is Wi-Fi. Using FaceTime is as easy as making a regular voice call, with no set-up required, and you can instantly switch to the rear camera to show others what you are seeing with just a tap.
Camera Changes and Powerful Multimedia functions
iPhone 4G features a new 5 megapixel autofocus camera with a 5x dig ital zoom, a backside illuminated sensor and built-in LED flash that allows you to take amazing pictures even in low light and dark environments. iPhone 4G lets you record and edit incredible HD video and the popular tap to focus feature now works while recording video. You can use the iPhone 4Gs LED flash for both still photography and video recording. The demo looks great, even if the iPhone isn't the first cell phone to offer this capability. The new iMovie? app for iPhone lets you combine movie clips, add dynamic transitions and themes and include photos and music, and users can buy it for just $4.99 through the App Store right on their phone.
With its' build-in powerful multimedia player, iPhone 4G supports lots of audio and video formats. Such as: audio formats: AAC (8 to 320 kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. and video formats: H.264, up to 720 high-definition at a c onstant frames per second, Main profile up to level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 kbps, 48khz, stereo audio in .M4V, .MP4, and .MOV file formats; MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple profile with AAC-LC audio format up to 160 kbps, 48khz, stereo audio in .M4V, .MP4, and .MOV file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, with ulaw audio format and PCM stereo audio in. AVI file format.
But, it is a small shortcoming that iPhone 4G could not play DVDs. If you want to play DVD with it, you may use Nidesoft DVD Ripper which helps you convert DVD to all popular video or audio formats easily to convert DVD files into iPhone 4G compatible formats or you have some video or audio files which iPhone 4G could not support in some case, you may select Nidesoft Video Converter to convert all other video files into iPhone 4G. It is powerful video conversion software which could convert video and au dio files between all popular formats. With these two assistant software, you may enjoy your DVD or any video and audio files in iPhone 4G at anytime and anywhere.
Through the above description, we know iPhone 4G have improved much more functions than iPhone 3GS, such as FaceTime, Processor, Camera, Gyroscope and application system and so on. And, "iPhone 4G is the biggest leap since the original iPhone," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. So, iPhone 4G is filled with the hope of us. Of course, nobody knows the result before it is published; let's just wait for its official release date of June 24th.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

iPhone g4 Review - Should You Upgrade?

The iPhone g4 is the latest version of the Apple iPhone that has come in the market.

When the new version of the Apple iPhone was launched, it took the entire telecommunication business by storm and there was a dip seen in the sales of Samsung and Nokia who were the marketplace leaders at that time. The new Apple iPhone g4 has some changed features and, a new appear, which makes it better than its predecessor.

The lighter and the slimmer and much trendier body of this iPhone g4 is the most apparent change in this phone. When compared to the previous models of the phone, this is said to be 25% lighter and thinner. The change is aesthetic and one may not notice the weight difference also. There is much more to this phone than the mere changes in the looks.
The Apple iPhone g4 has a better resolution and better capabilities in terms of show. The resolution of the phone is 960 X 540 which is exact same as that of the Apple iPad. Half of the show of the phone can be projected by a full LED TV/HD LCD. This is amazing improvement from the prior models of the phone. Many individuals now use their phones to watch videos and this new item from Apple is amazing for watching multimedia. The audio playback of the Apple iPhone has always been amazing and extraordinary and with the higher resolution, the value of the item increases.

The earlier models of the iPhone all had Wi-Fi support; the g4 iPhone has 802.11 which make this an amazing portable web device. The camera of this phone is that of 5 megapixel and the camera on the front, is one of the best additions in this phone. The telephone also supports video calling and for all users who like to use this feature, this phone is an amazing purchase.

The longer battery life of this telephone makes it better than the previous versions and this is the greatest part of this new phone. For customers who have never used an iPhone, they must use this telephone and see the expertise that Apple provides to its consumers.

The phone is a great improvement and the new functions and the great looks will improve the experience of the user for sure.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

How's your Android smartphone battery life?

Do you own an Android-powered smartphone ortablet? If so, how's your battery life?

I ask because based on what I've heard from others and experienced myself, it's atrocious. And I'm wondering if it's symptomatic of the Android platform as a whole, or just the nature of modern-day mobile gear. Cast your vote in our poll, then meet me below for more discussion.

As I noted in a recent BNET post,"The dirty Android secret no one's talking about," I first encountered battery issues with the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept. Out of the box, it couldn't last 24 hourseven with e-mail sync and other battery-consuming tasks disabled.

Rather, I'd start the day with it fully charged, and by late afternoon it would be dead. Thankfully,freeware app JuiceDefender made a huge difference, allowing me to go a full two days without AC assistance.

Then I updated the OS from 2.1 to 2.2 (Froyo), which I'd heard was much better at power managementand battery life actually got worse. Now, once again, I'm lucky Dell vostro 1510 battery,Dell xps m1330 laptop battery to get 24 hours.

Last week I had the opportunity toreview Samsung's Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi, which I found to be excellent overalluntil the next morning, when I woke up towait for ita dead tablet. The aforementioned JuiceDefender helps a little, but ultimately the Tab is seriously hobbled by its battery. And I am seriously disappointed.

Or perhaps I'm just spoiled. See, myiPad is the Energizer Bunny of tablets. I can easily go a week without charging it, including a few days when I don't even pick it up. It doesn't just sit there consuming power when it's off, which obviously the Galaxy Tab does.

Likewise, myiPhone 4 seems to sip juice, not guzzle it. I may see low-battery warnings after two days off the charger, but I very rarely pick it up and find it to be dead.

So those are my experiences. Now let's hear yours. Does your Android phone or tablet have disappointing battery life? Or are you just accustomed to plugging it in at night, no big deal? Heck, maybe your device hums along for days without needing a recharge Dell latitude d820 battery,Dell gd761 battery. Whatever the case, tell me about it in the comments!

Laptop batteries are crucial when working on the road. To get maximum performance from yourlaptop battery, fully optimize the laptop's power management features prior to use. However, there is a trade off when setting your laptop power management. You will achieve better power conservation in exchange for lesser computing performance. The power management system conserves thelaptop batteries power by setting the processor to run at a slower speed, dimming the laptop screen, slowing down the hard drive when it's not in use and causing the machine to go into sleep or suspend mode when it is inactive. Your laptop user's guide will provide information relating to specific power management features.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

KA08 Mini iPhone Clone Review: A Look At The Features And Performance On This Tiny Knock Off

The new mini KA08 iPhone replicas are becoming all the rage. People really enjoy getting all of the features in a smaller package with a much smaller monthly cost. In the following article, I'll give a general overview of the phone and highlight some of the features that have made this tiny clone so popular.

Sleeker, Smaller, More Colorful: This little mini is the size of a credit card and not much wider. I believe that there is a pretty large subset of consumers who love Apple's technology but who find the actual iPhone a little bulky and cumbersome. This phone really appeals to these folks because this gadget can slide into a small pocket or a thin slot in your purse. It doesn't weigh much or drag you down.

It's also available in new colors that you can't get from apple unless you go with a skin or are able to find a face plate. But, the KA08's colors come from the actual housing of the phone. You're not stuck with black, white, or even red (although you can get these colors if you want them.) There is also pastel pink, hot pink, different shades of blues, greens, and yellows, etc.

Everything In One KA08 Phone: The small size of this one doesn't mean that the manufacturer has skimped on what you are getting. This phone is still a dual sim. It is quad band. It has the shake and tilt feature and an upgraded 2.0 MP camera, and Bluetooth. It has a radio, ebook reader, MP3 / MP4 player and video recorder. It can hold up to 8GB. There is web browsing, email, sms, mms, and ems. It has a long battery life, holds 300 groups of contracts, and has calendar, notes, to do list, etc.

It still has the touch screen that pops up with a digital QWERTY keyboard. It takes a bit of getting used to since this is a smaller phone, but a stylus can make pretty quick work of this. Many people consider this a fair trade off for such a light, compact phone.

Low Cost: Another big draw of these small replicas is the smaller price. These are rarely over $100 (and are usually closer to $50) and because they take all activated GSM sim cards, including pre paid and pay as you go, you can be free of the monthly contract if you chose to be. And, you can often get low cost pre paid Internet cards that allow you to free yourself from a monthly data package. Over the life of the phone, this can really add up. Many consumers today don't want to have to pay for service that they don't actually use. And, they don't want to be stuck with a monthly bill ifthey should have a change in circumstances.

To view close up photos, full specifications, and real time rock bottom pricing on the KA08 mini iPhone please check out

To obtain more information on available KA08 accessories, (user's manuals, Internet data cards, skins, batteries, etc.), please visit

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

iPhone 4 Review - 7 Key New Improvements Made

Looking for some more information about the new iPhone 4? First up, the all new design and style. The iPhone 4 marks the very first revolutionary alteration ever since the iPhone first launched in 2007. Glass on the front and back and steel around the sides promises to give the iPhone 4 a truly unique look and feel. At 9.3mm thick, the iPhone 4 is also incredibly thin, 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS.. Some other design and style alterations reveal a main camera with an LED flash (thank goodness for that!), a front facing camera, trendy volume settings and, in what Jobs states is a world first, an antenna that is part of the key structural element of the iPhone 4.

The next area we will look at is a feature that Apple are labelling Retina Display that is the brand new display screen technology used by the iPhone 4. A new 3.5-inch "Retina" IPS LCD display is going to be the norm for all future iPhone versions (including the iPhone 4) and can offer 326 pixels per inch with an overall resolution of 960 by 640. Exactly what does this implies? Well it has a higher resolution than any other mobile phone currently available on the market and is going to provide much sharper photographs and zoom feature.
Third, the iPhone 4 s going to be powered by A4 chip which is the same one used on the iPad is what will take your breath away. Among all the things it will do which are awesome, the thing you will really notice is that the power management feature it has is going to extend the battery life which has already been beefed up independently. Having 7 hours of call time is going to be nice without any doubt. The gyroscope is going to take gaming to a whole new level, but if you aren't a gamer that won't matter.

Next in the list is something Apple are very pleased with; the iPhone 4 has a built in gyroscope. This 3 axis gyro works in conjunction with the accelerometer and compass resulting in six axis which is ideal for gaming. Think the Wii and you're going to get close. Jobs showed off this new feature by playing a game, which looked a bit like Jenga.

Apple's latest features are coming thick and fast and number five is a big one. The primary digital ca mera is the subject of a "whole new camera system" and it will be upgraded from three to five mps, the camera also features a backside illuminated sensor which increases the quality of images shot in low-light. It's also a lot better for video footage, given that it's carrying an HD-camera that will be able to shoot 720p at 30fps what Apple is labelling real High definition

Feature six is one we are already acquainted with, the new iPhone OS 4. We are not going to go into too much depth right here, as this is a review of the mobile phone and not the software, nevertheless the high light of the newest version of iPhone OS will be a chance to run multiple programs simultaneously (multi-task). Plus whilst Apple themselves will happily tell you they weren't the first to offer a multi-tasking smartphone, they are comfortable they managed to construct something that will not obliterate your battery. We'll reserve judgement until we've had a go on the new iPhone Operat ing System.

Seven is another function we are already familiar with but one that's exciting in any case; iBooks will be featured on the all new iPhone 4.

Ultimately, number eight is iAds. A tool designed to help developers earn money so that in turn they can drive down the cost of apps and offer a wider selection of free and low cost apps. iAds is kind of self explanatory; it automatically inserts advertising space into an app (providing the creator selects this option) and earns the developer added revenue from clicks and downloads. An odd feature to finish on from a customer point of view but one that is sure to have app developers drooling.

That's it, are look at the new iPhone 4 and just a tiny review of some of the 100 extra features we'll be enjoying in the coming months.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Palm Pre Plus Vs Iphone 3Gs: Review And Enjoy Video Or Dvd With Them

Now that Palm Pre Plus phone has been revealed, the question everyone is asking is how it does compare to the other current top smartphones on the market? Moreover, is it worth switching to Palm Pre Plus from your current device? Now, I have narrowed down my choices to Palm Pre Plus and iPhone 3G S and I've had a really tough time choosing between the two:
Palm Pre Plus features a 3.1-inch multitouch screen with 24-bit color. Measuring 100.5mm (H) X 59.5mm (W) X 16.95mm (D), the phone offers 320x480 pixel screen resolution.
On the other hand, iPhone 3G S comes with 3.5-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen display with also 320 x 480 pixels. The phone measures 115.5 x 62 x 12.3 mm.
Operating system
iPhone's current model runs on iPhone 3.1 OS. The phone is powered by ARM Cortex A8 processor. Among key features, the upgraded software now lets users cut, copy & paste, a sorely missed feature in the iPhone 2.0. iPhone 3.0 also offers multimedia messaging capability with the new 3.0 software allowing users to send each other photographs from the phone.
Palm Pre Plus run on Palm webOS Platform around web-based information, which is where so much of your life resides. Palm webOS helps you stay connected to all of it, so you don't miss a thing.
Battery life
Apple claims that iPhone 3G S supports up to 12 hours of talk time, 30 hours of audio, 9 hours of Wi-Fi, 10 hours on video playback, and 5 hours of 3G talk time.
According to Palm website, Pro Plus will offer talk time of up to 5.5 hours and standby time of 350 hours. But it is not released video time and audio time.
App Advantage
Apple iPhone App Store iTunes offers people over 90,000 apps. Palm apps have the ability to access and share information with each other, which means they can do more for you. Choose from apps like Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Pandor a, NFL SuperFan, and The New York Times. With over 1,000 available and more added each week, chances are you'll find the ones you want. Multimedia
Palm Pre Plus offers a 3 megapixel camera (with no auto focus and LED flash). It has build-in flash and multimedia player and supports: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 etc video formats and MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV, etc audio formats.
And the third-gen iPhone packs a 3 megapixel camera with video capturing, auto-focus mechanism and editing capabilities. The earlier two versions shipped with only a 2 megapixel camera each. And it also has multimedia player, but supports: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, M4V&MP4, etc video formats and MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, VBR &Apple lossless, etc audio formats.
Both are good multimedia smartphone and support many video and audio formats. But, if you has a AVI file, how to play it with both two smartphone? I get answer from Google search. You may try [url=]Nidesoft Video Converter[/url] which could convert video or audio files between all popular formats to convert AVI file to MPEG-4 format. Detailed process is as follows:
Firstly, you could free download and install Nidesoft Video Converter from:
When you finished the download process, run the .exe file to install it.
Step 1: Click "Add File" button to import your videos from your computer.
Tips: Click a file in the list and you could use the preview control buttons to play the file.
Step 2: Click "Format" combo box to select the output format, such as to mp4 for iPhone.
Step 3: Click "Convert" button to start conversion. The conversion will be completed in a short time.
Ok, now you have converted your AVI files to MPEG-4 format files which iPhone 3GS and Palm Pro Plus supports and you may use it more convenient. Another I also find [url=]Nidesoft DVD Ripper[/url] could rip DVD to multimedia phones' v ideo and music: 3GP, AVI, WMV, MP4, WMA etc. So, it is not a problem to watch your favorite DVD on mobile phone. I think these two Nidesoft software are necessary additional software for mobile phone users.
As for memory
Palm Pre Plus packs 512meg RAM, 16 gigs storage (15GB user available) and support USB mass storage.
Apple's third generation iPhone comes in two memory options, 16GB and 32GB. The phone has 256MB RAM. But iPhone 3GS doesn't have a card slot for further memory expansion, which is a sore point.

Let's talk performance. The short version is that the iPhone 3GS still renders web pages slightly faster and can load 3D games faster - but it can't multitask more than Apple's core apps. The iPhone 3GS edges out the Palm Pre Plus on both the Browser speed test and loading up Need for Speed Undercover. The iPhone also, incidentally, blows the doors off webOS when it comes to the number and quality of available games. But the Palm Pre Plus did some door-blowing of its own - you're able to pause the game and pick up right where you left off because of the card multitasking system. If you like this version of Palm, you may get more information from Palm website.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Verizon iphone 4 review,pros and cons

The iPhone may not have a dual-core processor or LTE connectivity like its upcoming Verizon Android counterparts, but it is definitely one of the best devices currently in their lineup. Weighing in at $200 or $300 (depending on capacity) with a two-year agreement, the iPhone is a little on the expensive side, in comparison. However, it is a wonderful device for those that seek a smartphone but don't have the time or will to dive into the complex nature of Android. Now that the long awaited CDMA iPhone is here, was it worth the wait?

Design & Features

One of the best things about the iPhone is the excellent build quality and design. The face of the device holds a VGA front-facing camera, the 3.5-inch display (960 by 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi), the speaker, and the home button at the bottom. On the back is the 5-megapixel camera and flash, and along the edge of the device is the stainless steel antenna. The top edge holds the power button and 3.5mm headphone jack, and the left side has the volume up/down buttons, and ring/silent switch. Finally, the 30-pin, proprietary charging port and built-in speakers are on the bottom of the device.

The iPhone's software does not come without its faults though. Thanks to iOS 4, multitasking is now present, but it isn't exactly the best implementation. Having used webOS and Android for quite some time, I've grown used to pressing a back button and resuming what I was doing. Double tapping the home button and selecting an icon is okay, but it could be better. On top of that, the notification system in iOS is horrid. It's obtrusive, archaic, and annoying. I also miss widgets from Android. Having live information on the home screen is much more quick an easy than having to launch an application. All in all, iOS is good software, but it's becoming a bit dated as the mobile platform race is heating up. It could use some pretty major improvements in some approaching updates.

The Verizon iPhone 4 is a great device and it should fare well among its current competition. However, there are upcoming Android devices with dual-core processors, much larger displays, and LTE connectivity. I fear the iPhone 4 on Verizon may soon be forgotten. Then again, the iPhone line has a history of surprising us. The story may have been different if it had been released in a timely manner, or if the fourth generation device had been skipped altogether. Considering there should be a fifth generation on the horizon, with rumors of a much larger display, this new iPhone 4 only has a few months to really shine.

That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed mine. Coming from someone who wouldn't dare buy an Apple product a little over a year ago, this should at least say something. The device is solid and the software is extremely consistent and simple. It is a welcomed addition the Verizon family and to my own personal collection.

What's Good: Solid build quality; great camera; good battery life; slim for easy pocketing; simple and easy for new users to pick up and learn.

What's Bad: Very slick back; two slabs of glass versus one; larger capacity is a bit pricy at $300 on-contract; poor notification system.

The Verdict: After four years of waiting and relentless rumors, the Verizon iPhone doesn't fully live up to its hype. It is a very nice device that offers a consistent experience with very few hiccups and is great for smartphone newcomers and veterans alike. But it hit the shelves too late to sweep CDMA users off of their feet. I predict this iPhone 4 will face a short shelf life among countless, more powerful Android devices and the next generation iPhone.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Extend IPhone Battery Life

One of the most inquired topics in online world is the short battery life of the IPhone. There are so many people out there who put in their two cents on how to improve the iPhone battery juice and lengthen the battery life to at least a full 8 hours. Some notes are useful, many of them contradictory, some just plain mean. However, idea of this article is to get a consensus of what seems to work for most people and to put it out there. Whether the tips here are useful or not can only be determined by actually testing it out with your own iPhone.

1. We all know that when we have more features turned on, the battery life will definitely be shorter. But some of us must criticize then why did they bought an IPhone, obviously its because of its great features and if they can't use it there will be no fun owing an IPhone. But at this point it would be reasonable to say that may be used when needed, which is a pretty sensible. And having lots of features and however us ing them all the time are two different situations. The possibility is that you many have all the features turned on all the time but you don't need them to use all the time. So the best way to compromise would be turn only those feature which you actually use all the time, and turn off those which you use less frequently. There is always option to turn that feature on when you need it instead of keeping it on all the time. And this habit will surely help you in extending your IPhone battery and give you more time with your IPhone.

2. The battery life of IPhone 3G if you compare with other 3G phones is not impressive so for those who cannot survive without 3G features on their IPhone they have no other option left except for buying an add on battery to boost the inbuilt IPhone battery backup. Before getting one do some research online and get a good battery pack that can give more than one charge per cycle. The IMP500 of New Trent is most talked about battery extender pack in the town and it is one of the best selling IPhone external battery in whole USA. The reason for its appreciation is its high quality and competitive price. It has got the best ratings and reviews online from the clients who tested them and have been using this IPhone battery extender pack for sometime.

3.Push email has gotten some interest from IPhone users. It seems that, the Push feature can be substituted with the Fetch feature for most people. The Fetch feature only triggers at pre-programmed gapl, as opp osed to Push that is active at all times. If the need to check email is every hour or so, then the Fetch interval can be specified for that frequency. Many IPhone users have declared that using Fetch instead of Push has increased the battery life of their iPhones by 3-4 hours.

4.There is also a observation that is associated to the strength of the LCD when in use. Most people agree that dimming the brightness of the display significantly extends IPhone battery life without affecting your IPhone features.

5.There is also the advice to check the GPS Location Services every time GPS is activated. The Location Services remain active even when the GPS is no longer in use; this is a default of IPhone for some reason. So if you are not using GPS service most of the time them make sure to turn it off and switch on only when you need it. This will conserve a lot of battery life on your IPhones.

Managing your IPhone battery will be little tough in the starting but with time you will learn it as its will be a part of your life. You should just learn to prioritize the important over the unimportant and leave others. And this way you can surely extend the battery life of your IPhone.

And if nothing of above helps them you can surely get yourself a good exterrnl battery pack like New Trent IMP500, IMP880 or IMP1000 to extend your IPhone Battery life.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get an iPhone 4 without any charge in just 3 steps

In the sittuation of new technology. Many potable device productors have give their product out the market to meet the desire of customers. To meet the desire of mobilephone, Apple give the new product Apple iPhone 4. Nowadays, every one has ever heard the name "iPhone". Especially, Apple iPhone 4 now has become the top product in the market which every one wants to own. Of course, you can get one with your money but in other way, you can "get a FREE iPhone 4 offer". What do you think? It is real. WorldWidePrize has given customer a chance to own and test one iphone4. It is very simple. Customer has opportunity to get free one. In return, they have to give their feedback. And now you must be curious about how to get FREE iPhone 4. I will immediately help you get it if you do following my introduction. Now we start the process to "get a FREE iPhone 4 offer". Most offers require you do three steps:

Step 1: type your email dress to see if you qualify

Step 2: answer some simple questions or complete some free offers.

Step 3: check your email inbox, follow the instruction in the email to confirm your application.

This offer applies for only US citizen from 18 years old.

So where do you start?

The answer is WorldWidePrize. It is giving out free FREE iPhone 4. You can get one by testing it and give your ideas: CLICK HERE and enter your email to get start.

So why is WorldWidePrize a real deal from other?

The answer is simple. Nothing is free unless it is really free. In other company, you have pay for something to get stuffs but at WorldWidePrize, all services are free so you pay nothing to get iPhone 4. WorldWidePrize want sto collect opinion of customer after they test using iPhone 4. There by the seller can get the weaknesses as well as the strengths of iphone4. From which they improve and develop it always be the best product in the market.

Oh, I forget. It is a limited time offer, so be quick!

Now it is time to visit and get your iPhone 4:
Good luck!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Unveiled: The 8GB Apple iPhone 3gs Sim Free unlocked

Apple has again lived up to the people's expectations with its product iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile. Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked is a phone and an ipod as well as a PDA. Apple iphone 3gs Simfree has elegant and stylish black look. The iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile comes with high speed 3G networks, various interesting hi-tech applications and extended email features. Some great features present in Apple iphone 3gs Simfree are 3.2 MP camera, scratch proof 3.5 inch touch screen with 320 x 480 pixels resolution. The iPhone 3gs UK is really a marvel.

As the name suggests, Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked has 8 GB memory. Apple iPhone 8gb unlocked is called a high technology iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile owning to its accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation feature. iphone 3gs UK's Google map feature are also available with GPS inclusion in your iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile. Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked offers video streaming and recording with high quality at 30fps speed. Apple iphone 3gs Simfree encapsulates GPRS, 3G HSDPA and EDGE technologies to provide network connection to its iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile users. iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile has all general features like MMS, messaging SMS, browser HTML, TV-out, voice dial, etc. iPhone 3gs Sim Free Mobile has a standard Lithium ion battery with stand-by time up to 300 hours. So, there more talk time with the iPhone 3gs UK.

With WLAN Wi-Fi, surfing becomes easy on Apple iphone 3gs Simfree and with Bluetooth v2.1 sharing becomes quick on Apple iphone 3gs Simfree. This iphone 3gs UK is great with good music. iphone 3gs UK also has video experience. The new support for Microsoft Exchange is great on Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked. Apple iphone 3gs Simfree allows you to download a lot of applications. Many of the applications of Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked are free. As an ipod iphone 3gs UK is similar to ipod touch. As a PDA Apple iphone 3gs Simfree has calendar and note functions.

Apple iPhone 8GB unlocked has in all marvellous features! Go get your iPhone 3gs UK and be a part of the change.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Apple iPhone 3G S 8GB Black : Your Best Choice

The Apple mobile phones are well known as a high technological phone featured with innovative features relevant for meeting all the mobile needs and expectations of the mobile users all over the world. The most elegant features incorporated to this fresh handset for the users are high speed internet connectivity, easily usable media features, camera and other multimedia tools.

This lightweight handset is of just 133 grams graceful dimensions of 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm. The large screen is of 3.5 inches which provide ease in viewing web pages, images and videos on the screen clearly. It also has an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotating the screen, an ambient sensor and multi-touch input method. The users are having more freedom to use the interface as it is complimented with both touch screen and QWERTY keyboard for easy input of text, message writing, and reading and writing emailing etc.

The black fascinating colours of Apple iPhone 3G S 8GB Black offers enormous storage capacity of 8GB without disappointing the users. Apple iPhone 3G S 8GB is a device for business people who can work even after their office. The refreshing features helpful for them are 3G HSDPA UMTS, EDGE and GPRS technology. This great phone of Apple allow the users to enjoy data transferring and file sharing tasks synchronizing the gadget to any other compatible devices including Laptop, PC and Printer etc with the aid of Bluetooth, WiFi and mini USB cable connector.

Well furnished 2 mega pixel camera come with easy-to-use photo setting features allowing one to capture photos and videos of family and relatives quite easily. If you plan to buy iphone then comapre a lot of cheap iphone contracts on online mobile shops.

Entertainment is grooved with high tech features including games and a portable music player which comes supporting the most popular audio and video music formats including MP3, AAC, eAAC+, WMA and WMV etc. The communication options are SMS, MMS, email and Instant messages etc.

Apart of all these high end features, the Apple iPhone comes with other heart winning applications including a speakerphone, document viewer, 3.5mm audio jack, organiser, GPS function supported with Google maps, TV output optio, photo browsers.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Apple iPhone 3G S Deals - Cheap Pay Monthly iPhone 3G S Deals UK

Apple iPhone 3G S is a great looking 3G S smartphone from the house of Apple. Users are undergoing a marvelous touchscreen experience through its fast responding functions of this stunningly appearing handset available in white and black color alternatives. The functions with the high-speed technology that the gizmo maintains are really miraculous. The looks and style statement it holds are enough in attracting the buyers.

Dazzling Looks

Being 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm in dimensions, Apple iPhone 3G S is weighed as 133 grams. It has got an absorbing display with 3.5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen supported by 16 Million colors and 320 x 480 pixels screen resolution. Moreover, multi-touch input method, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, proximity sensor for auto turn-off and scratch-resistant surface functions are also owned by the gadget crafting an increasing level of excitement.
All about Multimedia

Apple iPhone 3G S enables a superb 2 MP camera powered by 1600x1200 pixels image resolution to capture users' most valuable moments. Besides that, the device is blessed with downloadable and inclusive motion-based gaming options giving one all sorts of adventure. On the networking and connectivity front, Apple iPhone 3G S incorporates GPRS & EDGE, 3G S accessible HSDPA, WLAN Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth, USB and HTML (Safari) browser services to let you be updated with the developments of the fast growing world. Furthermore, SMS (threaded view), MMS (threaded view) and Email facilities are constituted by the device. Apart from that, Apple iPhone 3G S comprises Google Maps, audio/video player and TV-out options along with 3.5 mm headset jack.

Standout Features

You can have a faster work experience with the phone through its iPhone OS, upgradeable to iOS 4 with ARM 11 412 MHz, PowerVR MBX-Lite graphics. A standard Li-Ion battery is also integrated in the gadget providing you standby time approximately 300 hours, talk time around 10 hours and music play time up to 24 hours. In addition, Apple iPhone 3G S facilitates internal 8 GB/ 16 GB storage as well as 128 MB RAM for saving your valuable data. The functions with the high-speed technology that the gizmo maintains are really miraculous. The looks and style statement it holds are enough in attracting the buyers.The functions with the high-speed technology that the gizmo maintains are really miraculous. The looks and style statement it holds are enough in attracting the buyers.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Stylish Design of Kate Spade Case for iPhone 4 and iPad 2

It seems that you are a little silly to get super excited about iPhone 5. Why? New iPhone 5 will be released October 5th, which means this newest generation will be on sale five days later. There are many reports about this new product for nearly this whole year. I have heard nothing but good things about this brand, just like Kate Spade. It means that if iPhone 5 appears, Kate Spade case will follow at once. The sweet and elegant polka dot appearance of this kate spade case will make you use it from daytime to evening.

Since iPhone 5 become the newest topic. iPhone 4 seems to be outdated, either iPhone 3G/3GS. However, does apple company allow their classical out of date so quickly? No! So there are still many apple accessories for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2. Designed to fit your new apple devices such as iPad 2 or iPhone 4. Sweet and Charm for giving your iPhone 3G/3GS a new look!

Kate Spade case owns many styles and gorgeous choices. It looks like Kate Spade is rolling out its new iPhone cases. They may not improve reception but it will improve the class. The Kate Spade case comes in magenta, is made of silicone, and sports a slogan of "have courage."

Kate Spade iPhone 3G/3GS Case feature:

Exclusively made for the iPhone, this contoured, molded silicon case will dress up your iPhone 3G/3GS in true style!

Protect your investment from everyday bumps and scratches

KATE SPADE NEW YORK logo on back of case

Case allows full functionability eith fuill access to all iPhone controls

Guaranteed to make you smile every time you pull it from your bag!

When you make up your iPhone 3G/3GS with this sweet kate spade polka dot case. It isn't necessary to worry about your traditional design of iPhone 3G/3GS any more. You will find all of the best cases for you. All in all, if you are not yet a menber of . Click the name of the site and you will be able to register and shop immediately.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

IPhone 5 will be postponed and released in September

After sales boom of iPad2 and white iPhone4, topics on the iPhone5 have been pushed to the cusp. According to informed sources, AT & T has received notice from Apple that in June and July there is no new iPhone product to be launched ,later there will be a new product. But Apple did not inform the release date of new iPhone.AT & T said that if there is accurate information, they will be posted to its Web site.

A report recently released by Apple unofficial blog AppleInsider also showed that Apple would commence to operate the iPhone5 production in September this year and officially they would be on sale in October.

However, the China wholesale ePathChina analyst also expressed doubts on the notice: "generally message from a customer service representative would reveal some of the information before the official announcement, but the authenticity is in need of confirm because the company executives decision is difficult to be revealed to the general employees before the announcement. "

For the reasons causing the delay of IPhone5, experts said, probably because the Japanese earthquake or other reasons cause the lack of the raw materials and seriously damage the original production chain, so Apple had to change the original plan.

"However, Apple's multi-chain production model let the company has a lot of leeway at management of manufacturing," said ePathChina Yide Huang, he believes that Apple's original supply can be adjusted as soon as possible.

Bulk wholesale electornics ePathChina analyst Yide Huang said: "Apple changing the habits of posting a new in June in the past, presumably is to have enough time to produce sufficient quantities of products."

In addition to iPhone5 release time, some of its media properties were discovered. According to many guesses, a new generation of iPhone will do substantially changes in the shape, the overall style will be close to the MacBookAir, and the touch screen size will increase to 3.7-inch, the gesture sensing feature will be be added to the Home button.

EpathChina Yide Huang said that view from the production plan of iPhone5, the 5th generation products will be built with a 800-megapixel camera, and using Apple's new A5 processor. In addition, Apple will reportedly use a new wireless chip that can support both GSM and CDMA network, and improve the accept terms of the signal.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

IPhone 5 to Be Released on October 4th

Invitation card of the release conference

At a glance, the invitation card is composed of these four pictures. The first one indicates the release date of iPhone5 -- the new model will be launched on October 4th; the second one shows the time, at 10 o'clock; the third picture reveals the location -- the conference will be held at Apple's headquarter, California, USA; the last one, the red 1 on the top right corner probably represents a new pattern of the new model and its meaning is not clear yet.

The most eye-catching element s of the invitation is the fourth picture, the red one. Some says it represents that Apple will release an iPhone5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset and a improved version of iPhone 4S, but others deem this as nonsense, Apple probably is going to launch just one model.

At the bottom of the invitation card, it reads "About iPhone"(Let's talk iPhone). And the exact time of the conference is 10 a.m., October 5th at PT.

Some insiders said that this time Apple would release iPhone5, and there is no clue why they choose the headquarter to hold the conference. But there were report that Apple was going to make use of the base station to perform its new function of 4G LTE.

It was also said that iPhone5 is equipped with A5 Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 8million pixel camera, assistant Voice Navigation, and Nuance voice-to-text technology. Some insiders also predict that Apple will launch a low-priced iPhone.

Besides, according to a Japanese blog website Macotakara, iPhone 5 will be first released in 5 countries which include the US, France, German, Japan, and the UK.

About iPhone

The iPhone (pronounced /afon/ eye-fohn) is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones marketed by Apple. The first iPhone was unveiled by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007,[1] and released on June 29, 2007. The 5th generation iPhone is expected to be globally released in Q3 2011 inline with the release of iOS 5.0, the Apple operating system for handheld devices. Apple has scheduled an announcement event for October 4, 2011 where they will announce the release of both the 5th generation iPhone and the new iOS

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Micromax W900 Mobile

Over the past years, every mobile company is trying to put their product best at the front of young generation to grab their complete attention like Samsung Corby series catches the imagination of the youth and have gained enough popularity in the Indian market. Similarly Micromax is following the similar strategy but in a different way. Micromax is focusing on functionality over style.

Micromax Mobile W900 is loaded with extreme impressive features and it is runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. The handset supports the K3 Hi3611 460MHz processor that is equipped with 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. It is coupled with the 2 GB microSD card and the card can be expanded up to 16 GB. Apart from this the phone comes with the standard Windows Mobile features such as Microsoft Office, Active Sync and Pocket SMS, W900 also includes some handy goodies such as Maps powered by Map my India.

The all new Micromax W900 mobile carries the 3.2 Touch screen with handwriting recognition and has 2.0 Mega Pixel camera with Flashlight which helps in giving average picture outputs. The weight of the phone is around 113g with the dimension of 112 mm x 55 mm x 14.2mm. The phone also supports the Multi Format Music Player such as MP3 / AMR / MIDI / WMA. So the user can enjoy the complete music track with complete pleasure.

Some other additional features of the Micromax W900 mobile are Stereo FM Radio, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Motion Sensor, 3.5MM Jack, video playe0r: WMV/ WMA/ Mp4/ H.263/ AVI, Bluetooth, Touch Lens, Messaging: SMS/ MMS/ EMS/ Email, EDGE / GPRS / WAP /MMS, Internal Memory:157 MB etc. The new Micromax W900 mobile price is Rs. 7, 800. It is now available in Indian mobile handset market.

Well there is no doubt in this the Micromax W900 mobile is embedded with all advanced features and has cutting edge technology but the question is that will Micromax W900 mobile satisfy the customers which we have come to expect from big brands like Nokia and Samsung. Well this is really difficult to say that because the brands like Nokia, has made the strong impression over the mind of the consumers so to compete with them is surely difficult for the Micromax or any other brand.

However there are very rare Windows Mobile phones are available in the Indian mobile market in the sub 10k price range. This Micromax W900 mobile is only the handset which comes in the pocket friendly price range.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Korean Samsung 1st Android Smart Mobile Phone Are Released

I7500U is not only Samsung`s first smart phone of Android system, but also the first system works launched by Korean series. 09 Winter, the World of A-One Pulse Oximeter ! It is sure that SAMSUNG successfully integrates its "i" series' style into this work, so it is clear to see different design language from European and American series' mobile. Teacher's Day Gift Ideas for 20 Somethings On this basis, I7500U also follows the Google phone's design strictly, so even the enthusiasts Android, it can get started easily.

Feafures: 1. taking high-quality photo with 5 million px, imaging quality is sharply distinct. 2. 8GB massive storage space, also could be extended to 40GB through micro SD. 3. 3.2 inches' AMOLED screen and the screen's effect makes an impressive start. 4. WCDMA high-speed 3G internet and WLAN wireless internet access. The field of keyboard under the screen and mobiles promoted recently by SAMSUNG both adopt the same design language. Meanwhile they both reserve Android system's return key and menu key. There is lock screen key on the side of body. For big-screen mobile, it is very practical and problem of touching wrongly can be solved. But only long time's pressing can unlock. This needs consumers to adapt. On top there is micro USB standard data/charge interface, also has 3.5mm earpiece socket, it is convenient for users to plug in their earpiece. The 5million pixels at the back have the flashing light. Furthermore, there is shutter key at the lateral side of body. Howev er, with reference to the functions, the parameter adaptable to user`s regulation is too few.

Samsung I7500U, as its first released Android phone, certainly attracts many players` attention. We think it not only expands SAMSUNG's smart phones' camp, in the meanwhile, Google mobilephone is added with some vitality. After all, when European and American series' mobilephones strongly advocate Android system terminal, it is a good thing that fresh elements appear. You would not take SAMSUNG I7500U as a Android cell phone when you first see it, because its appearance is very "Samsung", especially the function key area on the lower part of the screen is very similiar to several products Samsung released recently, it is clear that Samsung put its own design voice into this product very well.Of course, as I series of smart phones, it must be recognized the product attribute at first sight. We believe that it is the sleek body, chrome line, large keys and other elements that make SAMSUNG I7500U looks different. If compared with the standard Google phone, the key changes of SAMSUNG I7500U is not small, even has the MENU key and back key, the position changes have been made. At the same time, it cancels the key of search and adds a locked-screen key located in the side of the phone body, which is unlocked by the key of hang. We think this change is not unaccepted, yet it's good for new users to use it quickly. What's more, we appreciate the wide press key of this phone and it's comfortable to use, and the arrow keys and the key of sure in the center is very helpful to operate rapidly.

SAMSUNG I7500U can be said to be the most standards of Android phone, in addition to carrying the 1.5 version of the system, most of the functions with the same as G1 Google phone, but Samsung has not developed its own software, of course without prejudice to the user to download software to expand functionality. Consumer can play for a long time with function, such as Google map, electric market, Gmail, Google Talk, etc. And as to the design of the interface, SAMSUNG I7500U also totally followed the most standard Android system, you can use figure to switch among 3 sub-screens breadthwise.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Have you bought or looking at getting the new iPhone4 ?


Your old iPhone can have a lot of your personal data on it, including the contact information for all of your friends and family all the way to your bank account numbers stored in password keeper apps. You have probably read at least one horror story about hacked Facebook accounts being used to solicit money from friends or other dastardly deeds, so you have even more incentive to make sure your private information doesn't get out there. When you sell your old iPhone or old mobile phones, you can take steps to ensure that all of your personal information is completely erased from the device.

The easiest way to do this on a iphone, is to use the Restore function in iTunes you can find this button in the Summary page for your iPhone when it's connected to your computer. According to Apple, restoring your iPhone will remove all of the data from it this is the warning you'll see when you go to do it: Choosing Erase All Content and Settings will do just what it sounds like. Note that it can take a while up to a couple of hours, so be patient and make sure your iPhone is fully charged or plugged in so the process isn't interrupted by the battery dying.

This Apple support article talks more about the Erase All Content and Settings feature and how it works. On older devices, this command actually overwrites existing data so it can't be read. On new devices, the encryption keys are simply removed, which takes less time. If you're really worried about your data getting into the wrong hands when you get rid of your iPhone, we'd recommend restoring it through iTunes first and then using the Erase All Content and Settings command. This 2-step approach should thoroughly wipe your iPhone clean of all of your data and then some. If you have any other model phones, you can look up your owners manual, but like me by now you have lost it or could take hours looking for it. The fastest and easiest way is to go to Cash A phone has a data delete tool, which enables you to look up you model phone and follow a few easy steps to erase the data on your mobile phone.


The iPhone 4 takes only a Micro SIM card and SIM cards from previous iPhone models are too big and will not work in it without significant modification (which could render the card faulty, so do this at your own risk). Once you activate your iPhone 4 with your current mobilephone number and account, your old SIM card will be de-activated by your carrier and can simply be thrown away. If you're selling your current iPhone before your iPhone 4 arrives, keep your SIM card. This will allow you to put into another GSM phone to use until you receive your new iPhone, or at the very least will prevent the new owner of your old iPhone from using your number and mobilephone account.


When it comes to selling your iPhone, you have many choices. We recommend you choose the best option for you, based on your comfort level balanced with where you feel you can get the most money for your old iPhone. Selling locally Of course, you can go totally old-school and put a classified ad in the For Sale section of your local paper. This won't be free of charge and the price of the ad will increase the longer you make it. While this probably won't catch the eye of those most likely to be looking to buy an iPhone, it is not really a viable option .

If GumTree is available in your area, this is another option and is a good way to get word out about your iPhone for sale in your local area and is free to list. Gumtree allows you to post for sale ads at no charge and they last for seven days. Unfortunately, Gumtree transactions have been in the news when thieves use the service to meet up with sellers of valuable items and rob them.

Using Craigslist can be safe if you're careful and here are few safety tips: Never put your home address in your ad. Unless you're comfortable with everyone in the world seeing your phone number, don't put your phone number in your ad and let the email anonymizing service gumtree provides hide your email address as well. Only meet potential buyers in public places with lots of traffic, preferably during daylight hours if at all possible. Places like a busy coffee shop or even your local public library could be good places to meet. Thieves are less likely to try robbery when lots of witnesses are around. Don't fall for the shipping scams. You'll likely get lots of requests asking you to ship your iPhone to the potential buyer while he/she pays you through an obscure escrow service, or they'll offer to pay you more than you're asking if you ship the iPhone before receiving payment. These are all scams! Ignore all of these requests and only work with people who are willing to meet you locally in a public place.


Many sites have dedicated marketplace forums where you can offer items for sale, usually for free. eBay is another site through which you can sell your iPhone online. If you're not familiar with eBay, it's an online auction site where anyone just about anywhere in the world can bid on or buy outright nearly any item you can think of. You must be a member to put items up for sale and to bid on and buy items and joining is free. Members leave feedback for each other on each transaction and you can see a member's feedback history to help you evaluate whether or not they're trustworthy enough to deal with. Despite this feedback system and other policies the company has in place, it's still very easy to get scammed on eBay. Here are a few tips for you as a seller to help you avoid getting scammed (our forum members have a great thread with many more eBay selling tips here): Only accept PayPal as a payment method if you plan to ship your iPhone to the buyer. Also, only ship to t he buyer's Confirmed PayPal address (or the equivalent in the buyer's country

PayPal does not offer address confirmation in all locations yet if you don't do this, you will not be covered under PayPal's Seller Protection policies. Be sure to insure your iPhone with whatever shipping company you end up using. This will protect you in case your iPhone is lost or damaged on the way to its new owner. Otherwise, you may need to end up refunding the buyer if it doesn't reach them, and you'll have no iPhone to sell anymore. If you offer local pick-up as an option, heed our tips about where to meet your buyer mentioned in the Selling Locally section above. Be sure to specify the requirements for any buyers

E-Bay will let you automatically block out bidders who have too much negative feedback or non-payment complaints. Monitor your auction regularly to cancel bids by those who may somehow slip through the automatic filters that you can have eBay apply to bidders. For best results and more bids, be sure to provide a thorough description of your iPhone, detailing its condition and any included accessories, and add lots of pictures so that buyers can easily see what they're bidding on. Buyers will be more likely to bid on your auction if they have enough information to fully understand what they're buying. Set your auction to end at a time when potential buyer's in the time zone(s) you're targeting are most likely to bid on your iPhone. If you will ship only to buyers in the Australia., this usually means you should try to have your auction end in the evening after work for most people across all of the time zones here (anywhere from 7:00 p.m. ET to 10:00 p.m. ET). If you are sh ipping to other countries and expect your buyer to be in Europe or Asia, time the end of your auction accordingly. Also, Sunday evenings are surprisingly a good day on which to end an auction many people are home relaxing and browsing the internet before getting into a busy work week. Note that eBay charges you fees based on your auction listing and the final value of your iPhone when the auction ends. Plus,

PayPal also charges fees for the payment you'll receive from your buyer (and even more if PayPal must convert the payment from another currency). These fees could easily total $50 or more, so consider this as you think about using eBay compared to other selling methods.


There are companies that will buy your old mobiles and iPhone from you outright with no haggling and no need to wait for an auction to end or deal with strangers on the internet. . buy-backs apple products from iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac Books. all you need to do is enter the details about your iPhone or old mobile phones on their site and they'll let you know how much they'll pay you for your iPhone. If you like what they're offering, you can accept the offer , you simply can print of you're a freepost label or they will send you a postage-paid box for you to send your iPhone to them. They'll then evaluate it to ensure it matches the description you provided and then pay you accordingly.

TRADING IN Crazy Johns, a mobile phone chain store, accepts trade-ins for working mobile phones, including iPhones., Crazy Johns is offering up to $310 for iPhones While may get more money selling your iPhone on eBay or even Gumtree, this is an easy no-hassle method to sell your iPhone There you have it! As you can see there are lots of ways you can sell your iPhone or old mobile phones to raise funds or any other shiny techno gadget you may have your eye on. While it can be tricky, you'll be more likely to come out with a fair bit of cash in hand.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

IPhone Vs. Sciphone i68 4G: Which to Buy?

As a cheap copy of iPhone 4, just like iPhone 4, Sciphone i68 4G is also a best seller in cheap phone market due to stable high quality with WiFi, Java, and some other applications.

We can use Micro TF card in Apple iPhone 4G. Franchiser binds them for sale. We have to pay some money every month for application. Sciphone i68 4G can be use with both micro TF card and normal mobile card under an adapter.

Here, China mobile wholesale wants to compare the function one by one, but it is really a burdensome task.

Cost. Apple iPhone 4 8G in America is $299 USD. Additional cost is added to the price for different country. For example, it totally costs about 950USD in Asia. The market price of Sciphone i68 4G is about 80USD. But in online store, it only sells at 59.99 USD. It is why somebody prefer Sciphone i68 4G.

Now let's begin??

Appearance. iPhone 4G display is a 3.5 inch high resolution TFT screen with 326 pixels every inch. It is considered to be the perfect retina display. Apple claims it is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest resolution phone screen ever. However, Sciphonei68 4G is built with 3.2 inch 240*320 pixels 16M TFT touch screen. Easy to tell the difference between them.

Sciphone i68 4G mobilephone is one of i68 series and features at an almost appearance clone to iPhone 4G, 64 Memory with fast action response, Wifi and Java to Internet and to install Application software freely, 3.2 wear-resistant touch screen, compatible with Nokia BL-5C battery, Dual SIM card Dual Standby,3.5mm Earphone, Quad Band for worldwide use and Dual Cameras

Muti-languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Turky, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Italy, Czech, Norway, Turkey, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Deutsch.

iPhone 4G is on hot sale for several months, thousands of peple are attracted by its charming appearance and multi-function. To get an iPhone is a symbol of fashion. However, other people are annoyed by the high cost of the application of iPhone. They prefer to get other mobiles which are high similar to iPhone 4G. This is a considerate opinion for them. While enjoying iPhone 4G life, they avoid high payment of the application. Sciphone i68 4G is one of this "iPhone 4G economizer". I spent 4 hours in internet collecting the paramter of Sciphone i68 4G. I do compare it with Apple iPhone 4G. Now share it to readers

With Java application, there will also be extended applications for Sciphone i68, a kind of Semi-smart mobilephone.

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