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8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a great operating system used by a lot of businesses, professionals and simply creative people all over the world. There are a lot of amazing apps for any kind of work out there for Macs, and most of them have very thought out interfaces that are optimized for speed and quality of results.
Of course, any professional would need to be focused on the work, not be distracted by anything and be as productive as he can without over-exerting himself and getting fatigued from working. And of course, a lot of Mac OS X applications developers thought of that, too, and created quite a few useful apps that will help anyone be more productive and stay focused while working on their Mac computers.1. iDeskCal
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
This is a very useful app that embeds your calendar on your Mac OS X desktop, below your desktop items but above the wallpaper. This way, you can quickly take a look and see what you have to do and when. The app's in terface is completely configurable, so you can change the colors, the position where it appears, its size and other settings.2. Focus Booster.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
This application uses the Pomodoro technique to help you manage your time better and be more productive. The Pomodoro system is basically a ratio of 25 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of rest. This way, you rest 10 minutes every hour, which makes you feel much less tired than if you worked continuously, and therefore, you can accomplish more things at a higher quality. The Focus Booster app is AIR based and is basically a timer that counts how much time you have left for work and for resting. You have to start every session manually, so you do need to have a strong sense of discipline in order to use this app properly.3. Self Control. 8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
If you're like millions of other people, you most probably can't help but visit some of your favorite sites every half an hour or so, and if you find something interesting, you can forget about work for hours (especially if you're self-employed). Self Control is a great app for Mac OS X that will stop you from doing that. You create a blacklist of time consuming sites that are not needed for your work, and set aside a specific amount of time for work. When you launch the app, the sites you blacklisted won't be accessible, even if you restart your computer or delete the application! You'll have nothing else to focus on but work (hopefully :-) . This is an especially great app for those who lack self-discipline.4. aLaunch.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
This is a pretty simple application launcher, and it sits in the status menu at all times. You can have your full collection of apps there and launch any of them in l ess than 3 clicks. No need to search for the launchers anymore!5. Spirited Away.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
Contrary to what some of you might think, this entry doesn't mean you can watch the critically acclaimed Spirited Away and magically become more productive :-) . On the contrary, you will just lose a couple of hours (though the movie is interesting if you have time to spare). Spirited Away is actually the name of an application that helps you focus on work by hiding all of the inactive apps after a pre-set amount of time. This minimizes the clutter on your desktop and removes unneeded windows from your view, which is great when you need to concentrate on one task.6. Think.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
This is a great app that simply hides and blocks any other windows except the one you're working in. This helps you concentrate only on that specific window and not get distracted by anything else. You can switch between windows u sing the app's integrated switcher.7. Isolator.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
Isolator is another windows blocking app that is a bit more configurable than Think. It allows you to hide and block unnecessary windows using a few types of overlays (blur, bloom, desaturate, etc.), and it also lets you switch between windows by clicking on the needed ones through the overlay (unlike Think).8. Name Changer.
8 Great Productivity Apps for Mac OS X
This is a very useful tool if you work with a lot of files and need to rename them (like when writing reports and building databases or having tons of photos and needing to categorize them). You can change the name of hundreds of files in mere seconds or minutes. You can rename them using wildcards, replacements, sequence of words and preset names and other methods.
The above applications will surely be useful if you want to work better and be more productive. Of course, there are other great apps, and you can find them on Google or on specialized web sites. Good luck!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mac OS X Lion is fully Supported by Bigasoft DVD Ripper

Bigasoft DVD Ripper updated to support the new
Mac OS X Lion. It can easy rip DVD on OS X Lion 10.7 for playback DVD on QuickTime/iPad2/iPad/iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G/iPod/iMovie/Final Cut Pro and more.

OS X Lion, the world's most advanced desktop operating system, finally comes to the Mac App Store with over 250 new features including Multi-Touch Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, Mission Control, Launchpad. Mac OS X Lion has challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer.

Just like the OS X Lion, Bigasoft DVD Ripper also change the way you watch DVD. With this professional DVD Ripper for Mac OS X Lion 10.7, you will be able to enjoy your favorite DVD with QuickTime on your Mac OS X 10.7 without DVD disk loaded. You can even get your DVD movies playback on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod or edit your DVD video in iMovie/Fianl Cut pro/Final Cut Express.

How does this DVD Ripper make the above function come true? In fact, it is just easy. Bigasoft DVD Ripper can easily rip DVD on Mac OS X Lion: rip DVD to QuickTime supported MOV format for playback on QuickTime; Rip DVD to MPEG-4 on Mac OS X 10.7 for playback on iPad2/iPad/iPhone4/iPhone3GS/iPhone3G/iPod/AppleTV; rip DVD to iMovie/FCP/FCE compatible DV for creative DVD editing.

Moreover, the professional Mac Lion DVD ripper, can easily rip DVD to various video formats including MP4, MOV, H.264, AVI, DivX, Xvid, WMV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MOD, RM, MTS, and more with high speed and amazingly sharp and detailed picture quality. Beside, Bigasoft DVD Ripper for Mac can also extract audio tracks from DVD movies and then convert to MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, and more for enhanced audio enjoyment.

Wait no more; just download this powerful DVD Ripper to have a free try at

Step by step guide on how to rip DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Tiger, and Leopard at

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Common Problems about iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic

The article includes ten most parts, it includes all common problems about iPod; it fits for all series of iPod including iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video, etc. You can also find some free sources for iPod from this article.

Part 1: How to download and convert YouTube video to iPod?

Part 2: How to copy music and photos from my iPod to computer?

Part 3: How to download torrent video and put torrent video to iPod?

Part 4: How to rip DVD movie and convert video iPod?

Part 5: How to put limewire free movie to iPod?

Part 6: How to share iTunes Music and videos between two computers for free?

Part 7: How to burn your iPod/iTunes music and videos to DVD?

Part 8: Where to download free music and video for iPod?

Part 9: Where to download free software to rip DVD and convert video to iPod?

Part 10: How can I watch my iPod movie on large screen TV?

Part 1. How to convert YouTube video to iPod? There must be some wonderful videos youve ever watched on YouTube and want to put them on your iPod. But iPod can play only MP4 video, and YouTube video is FLV, you have to download and convert YouTube video to MP4 video at first, then you can add it into your iTunes library and sync to your iPod. You can read this step by step guide:

Part 2. How to copy music and photos from my iPod to computer?

Sometime we lost iTunes library or want to copy files from other iPod back to computer, because iTunes prevents user do that, you need special software to bypass iTunes. Id recommend Tansee iPod Copy Pack to you, It is a life saver when

- Sending your iPod for repair.

-Backup song/video/photo to PC.

- Moving song/video/photo to a new iPod.

- Share your iPod song/video/photo with friends.

- Computer crashed.

Note:If you want to copy files from iPhone, iTouch, and iPod back to computer, you can use this iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer.

Part 3. How to download torrent video and put torrent video to iPod? Torrent is a small file with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. That means it contains file names, their sizes, where to download from and so on. You can get torrents for almost anything on lots of web sites and torrent search engines. Torrent is the most popular way of downloading large files, including movies and games (remember legality of downloading). Downloading with a torrent is advantageous especially when downloading files, which are momentarily very popular and whitch lots of people are downloading. Because the more people download the file, the higher speed for everyone. This guide tell you how to download torrent video and put torrent video to iPod, iPhone, etc.

Part 4. How to rip DVD movie and convert video to iPod? If you want to watch some videos that you download from internet or you already have it on DVD and don't want to pay for it again on itunes. You can use a third part software to help you to do this. As for Windows user, you can use this DVD to iPod Video Suite, it can rip DVD movie and convert videos in any format to iPod with fast speed and high output quality.

If you want to know more, you can follow this step by step guide. As for Mac user, Id recommend this iPod Converter Suite for Mac to you, it has two versions for both intel mac and power pc mac. You can do it follow this DVD and video to iPod guide step by step.

Part 5. How to put limewire free movie to iPod? Because iPod can play only MP4 and H.264 video. If your download limewire videos are not compatible with iPod, you can use this iPod Video Converter to convert them to MP4 video for iPod Touch/Nano/Classic. (Don't use iTunes to convert limew ire video, because most limewire videos are muxed video, muxed video converted by iTunes will lost sound, you can learn more info about this problem by referring Apple official document: ) So if you want to put limewire movie to iPod, you can read this step by step guide?

Part 6. How to share iTunes Music and videos between two computers for free? Some people may meet that situation: You and your brother both have iTunes library under the same credit card account. Occasionally, you want to get the same song, however you wouldn't want you both to pay the $.99 where virtually the same account is purchasing the song twice. So how can you and/or he download the songs from each other once it's purchased on a single computer? This is a guide to tell you how to share iTunes Music and videos between two computers such as sharing iTunes Music and videos between Windows PC and Windows PC, sharing iTunes Music and videos betw een Mac OS and Mac OS X and sharing iTunes Music and videos between Windows PC and Mac OS X.

Part 7. How to burn your iPod/iTunes music and videos to DVD? Many users want to burn DRM protected iTunes videos/movies/TV shows to DVD playable on home DVD player and enjoy on the widescreen TV. I know you can enjoy iTunes movie on TV with Apple TV, but why do you have to spend more $299 if you can do that with some easy software. This step by step iTunes to DVD guide will teach you how to burn iTunes video to DVD.

Part 8. Where to download music and movie for iPod Touch/Nano/Classic/Video

1. iTunes store: $0.99 for one song, $9.99 for one movie, $1.99 for one TV show.

2. Limewire is fast and popular file sharing freeware working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Through the P2P (peer-to-peer) network, you can free download various files by its category or keyword searching. Here is a step by step guide will teach you how to use limewire to download video to iPod.

3. Other stream video website such as Yahoo, MySpace, etc. here is a list of free stream video website

Part 9. Where to download free software to rip DVD and convert video to iPod? Why shouldn't you watch the movies you paid for on the device of your choice? With these DVD rippers and converters, you can. A way to put their purchased movies on their PCs and move them to iPods, iPhones, PSPs, and network-attached devices. There are two categories of tools you'll need. The first are DVD rippers, which extract the video and audio files from DVDs and put them on your hard drive. Once there, you can use a DVD converter app to transcode the files to a format that's playable on your iPod, PSP, TiVo, Apple TV, or whatever other device you might be using. You can get these free software from here: resource.html

Part 10. How can I watch my iPod movie on large screen TV? Set up your iPod video options. On your iPod choose Videos -> Video Settings from the main menu. You will see three options: TV Out, TV Signal and Widescreen. Select the TV Out option. Get your A/V cable. If you don't have an eighth-inch-to-RCA cable, you can pick one up on eBay for five or six bucks shipped. Search for "camcorder A/V cable." Remember, you want a three-plug yellow/red/white RCA connection at one end and a three-banded eighth-inch (3.5mm) A/V plug at the other.

1. Plug the red RCA plug into your TV's yellow RCA jack.

2. Plug the yellow RCA plug into your TV's white RCA jack.

3. Plug the white RCA plug into your TV's red RCA jack. After making these connections, you're physically ready to begin playback.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet the new i-Helicopter for the iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

TheiHelicopterjust launched, is an RC helicopter that can be navigated using afree controller appon your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Ituses your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a remote control for these greatly desired Helicopters! Simply plug the transmitter in the audio jack, download the free controller App and you are ready to fly! The app simply controls the helicopter after you connect the transmitter to the audio jack of ipod touch or iphone. The gyro in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is used to control the tilt of the iHelicopter.

TheiHelicoptercomes with a special transmitter that plugs into the dock connector of an iPhone, iPad oriPodtouch. TheiHelicopter appturns your device into theremotecontrol. The toy also comes with 2 spare rotor blades and a spare tail propeller, because you know you're going to crash it more than once. The app is free and the iHelicopter/transmitter is currently 34.95 and is available in Black, Silver or White.

This application has 5 parts:

1. On the left screen: This is helicopter's throttle, it can fly the helicopter in the air by move forward and land the helicopter when you move backward of it.

2. On the right screen: This function can control helicopter's direction, you just need to move it to up, down, left or right.

3. On the center of the bottom screen: You can use this trimmer to adjust the helicopter to left or right when the helicopter is keep rotating in the air.

4. On the center of the screen: Press "On" to start the controller; press "off" to turn off the controller.

5. On the upper right corner: You may turn on/off the g-sencer to control your helicopter.

Product Features

- Brand New ZT173 3-Channel Mini iPhone/iPad Controlled Rechargeable R/C I-Helicopter with Gyro
- Exquisite, ergonomic and cool design
- Made of premium aluminum alloy and plastic material
- 3-CH IR remote control by iPhone/ iPad series
- I-Helicopter with 3.7V 240mAh rechargeable battery
- Up to 5 minutes typical flight time per charging
- Transmitter working time about 2 hours per charging
- Control range of the helicopter about 8 meters
- Powered by USB cable both i-helicopter and transmitter
- Multi-directional helicopter movements ascending, descending, left, right, forward, backward, hover and lands
- An extremely agile indoor helicopter controlled by your iPhone and iPad
- Can be controlled manually
- Has the capability to hover hands free and the controls can even be flipped over for added comfort
- Powerful gyroscope with the trim adjustment, can be one of the smoothest and easiest to fly helicopter< /p>

Package Includes

1 x ZT173 3-Channel Mini iPhone/iPad Controlled Rechargeable R/C I-Helicopter with Gyro
1 x 3.5mm transmitter
1 x USB charging cable
2 x Blade
1 x Connect Buckle (pair)
2 x Propeller
1 xManual

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Windows Vista Ultimate Review

Windows Vista is Microsoft's first new operating system in more than five years and the successor to Windows XP. However, it is not worth rushing out to purchase. If you desperately need to buy a new PC (if your old one died or you've been waiting and waiting for Vista to be released), then by all means do so; there's nothing wrong with Windows Vista. But there's no one compelling feature within Windows Vista that cries out to switch over, neither the enhanced graphic capabilities (Aero) nor the improved system performance features (truthfully, our Windows XP doesn't crash). As for security, Microsoft's biggest improvements in Windows Vista are within the Enterprise or 64-bit editions, editions most home users will not be running. Windows Vista is not the Apple Mac OS X 10.4 killer one hoped for (or feared). Nor are there specific big-name software packages written exclusively for Windows Vista--most software available today is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows V ista. But the extensive tie-ins to and, and the many, many interdependences upon Internet Explorer 7 left us desperately wanting more (and often best-of-breed) alternatives. Hard core Microsofties who live and breathe within the MSN,, and Microsoft desktop software ecosystem will rejoice with the release of Windows Vista, but for the rest of us who are product agnostic, who use Firefox, Google Desktop, ZoneAlarm, GMail, and Corel WordPerfect, Windows XP SP2 will suffice nicely until some killer program necessitates that we all upgrade to Windows Vista.

There are six major editions of Windows Vista; we're reviewing four. We chose not to review Windows Vista Enterprise (available only to volume license customers) and Windows Vista Starter (available only outside the United States). Windows Vista Ultimate includes everything, and this is the edition getting the most promotion from Microsoft. It is not the edition most people will find packaged on their shiny new PCs or will end up with after an upgrade of existing hardware. See our feature comparison chart to know which edition is right for your specific needs, and check the following individual reviews for more details:

Windows Vista Business

Windows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista Home Basic

Setup and installation

The Windows Vista DVD disc includes a Windows Imaging (WIM) format of the code, so whether you buy the Home Basic edition or the Ultimate edition, the code remains the same; only the product key unlocks your specific set of features. This means users who opt for the lesser editions can always upgrade (assuming they have the proper hardware) by downloading some additional code and securing a new product key online. However, all features--even if you paid for them--are dependent on specific hardware configurations being present; if you don't have the proper graphics hardware, for example, you'll simply never see the Aero graphic effects on that old Dell computer in your basement.

Hardware requirements for Windows Vista should not be taken lightly. In a controversial move to garner positive reviews, Microsoft sent hundreds of bloggers (not including CNET) free copies of Windows Vista Ultimate; Microsoft did not send boxed copies, rather the software giant sent top-of-the-line Acer Ferrari laptops with the operating system preinstalled. So even Microsoft seems to admit that the best performance is only available on top-of-the-line machines manufactured within the last year or so.

That said, many people will still want to upgrade their current Windows XP SP2. This will keep all your current data and applications, importing them directly into the new operating system. To see which edition(s) of Windows Vista your current computer can handle, visit the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to find specific hardware recommendations so you don't buy the wrong edition. Most people will find either Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Home Premium to be their best choice. While Windows Vista does make a backup of your previous operating system before installing, it is always recommended that you backup your current Windows XP system yourself, just in case.

Rather than upgrade, we recommend you perform a clean installation. With a clean installation, you keep all your current on the Windows XP drive and install only the data and applications you want to run on Windows Vista. A clean install can be accomplished by buying a new PC with Windows Vista already installed, partitioning an existing Windows XP machine to dual-boot into Windows Vista, or adding a new hard drive to an existing Windows XP machine.

Our clean installations took anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the hardware in the system. It's pretty much an automated process, with the installer first copying the WIM image onto the new hard drive or partition then expanding that image. Once again, we experienced an uncomfortably long plateau at "Expanding: 27 percent"; as with previous builds, we waited between two and five minutes before the expansion continued. About halfway through, the installer reboots and continues the installation in Windows Vista.

During the installation, Windows Vista will load the drivers included within the installation image, but it will also download additional drivers from a much larger database at Microsoft. This assumes, however, that one has an always-on Internet connection; dial-up users may find that upon completion of the installation process some drivers are missing.

Once fully installed, Windows Vista first asks for your country or region, then time and currency, and, finally, the desired keyboard layout. Next, you'll choose a username, a user icon, and a password. Then select your desktop wallpaper and security settings: Automatic, Install Important Updates Only, or Ask Me Later. After reviewing the computer's time and date settings, there's one more message: "Please wait while Windows checks your computer's performance." Here, Microsoft grades your computer on a five-point scale, with the overall rating based on your system's lowest score (in our case, that was for the video card).

Windows Vista includes new musical tones written by veteran musician Robert Fripp. Compared to the familiar start-up tones of Windows XP, Windows Vista's are lighter, almost spritely. The sounds for User Account Control and Log Off are also perkier than those found in similar security warnings within Windows XP.

New on the Windows Vista desktop is a Welcome Center which contains links to frequently asked questions such as, "How do you configure your printer?" and "How do you connect to your Internet service?" There is also room for some sales opportunities, either with manufacturer specials or online offers from Microsoft, such as the Windows Live OneCare service. Frankly, we think it is better for you to look beyond the Windows ecosystem for e-mail, Internet browsers, and security applications.

After closing the Welcome Center, you'll notice to the far right there is a shaded sidebar populated with three example Gadgets ("widgets" to everyone else), tiny desktop applets that display content, such as RSS feeds. In one Gadget, a slide show of images from the sample photo library display; in the next, the current time; finally, there's a Gadget for subscribed RSS feeds. We downloaded and installed Firefox 2, made Firefox our default browser, and quickly set up a few RSS feed subscriptions. Guess what? The Windows Vista Gadget was unresponsive to our efforts, displaying only the default MSN feeds from Microsoft. Microsoft says the default RSS Gadget feeds off a common store of RSS feeds within Windows Vista, and firefox hasn't yet adopted the API for that store. You have to use Internet Explorer 7 or choose a Firefox-friendly Gadget instead. By clicking the + symbol atop the sidebar, you'll see a panel of available Gadgets, with a link out to the Web to find even mo re. The Gadgets are not fixed to the sidebar; they can be dragged across the desktop. And even the sidebar itself can be disabled to allow for a full desktop view. An icon located within the taskbar will restore the sidebar at any time.

The familiar Start menu features some cosmetic changes for Windows Vista. Aside from the distinctive rounded icon, the Start menu now includes a built-in Search function. We would have preferred to have access to Search directly from the desktop rather than digging down a level or two. The All Programs list now displays as an expandable/collapsible directory tree, something Windows should have offered years ago. The new Start menu is divided in half, with access to documents, pictures, music, games, recent items, My Computer, network, Control Panel, default programs, and Help along the right-hand side.

Also new within Start is an Instant Off button. This button caches all your open files and processes, allowing you to turn off your laptop or desktop quickly without all the "cleaning up files" messages you see in previous versions. We like the feature, but on our Acer Travelmate 8200, Instant Off and closing the lid to hibernate sometimes produced limbo states where the laptop simply wouldn't wake up again, forcing us to reboot.

In Windows Vista, files become unmoored from the traditional directory tree structure--kind of. The more ambitious plan of including a whole new file system was scrapped early on; instead, Windows Vista relies on metatags, which are keywords linked to files to make them searchable. With metatags, you can create virtual file folders based on a variety of search terms. Say you're doing a report on mountains, any file that is keyword-enabled to include "mountains" will be grouped into a virtual folder without physically dragging that file to a new location. The downside is that older files (say you upgraded your system from Windows XP or imported data from an earlier version of Windows) will have to be retroactively metataged in order to be searched. Also different is the file path displayed within Windows Explorer. Gone are the backslashes, replaced with arrows that offer drop-down menus of alternative folders. We liked this efficient feature.

Finally, there's a compatibility wizard buried deep within Windows Vista. Most Windows XP applications we loaded performed just fine. Operating under the hood, Windows Vista convinces native Windows XP applications that they're running on Windows XP. Should you need to run an older application, say from Windows 95, the compatibility wizard allows you to tweak the display resolution and emulate Windows 95 for that program. For example, we were able to run a Windows 95-optimized game demo on our Windows Vista test system.


There are too many individual features within Windows Vista Ultimate Edition to call out--seriously. However, our gut feeling is that most of the significant bells and whistles are designed for the Enterprise-level customers, not the home user. Having a large number of features should not be confused with actually providing significant value to all users across the board. We would have preferred fewer features executed extremely well rather than an uneven mix of this and that, a one-size-fits-all operating system. And we disagree with Microsoft's seemingly arbitrary division of features within individual editions.

Common to all editions of Windows Vista are ad hoc backup and recovery, instant Search, Internet Explorer 7 browser, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Mail e-mail client, Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, performance tuning and self-diagnostics, Internet protocol IPv6 and IPv4 support, Windows ReadyDrive, a maximum of 4GB RAM support on 32-bit editions (up to 128GB RAM on some 64-bit editions), Windows Sync Center for mobile devices, Windows Mobility Center for presentations on the road, User Account Control security protection, Windows Security Center, Windows Defender antispyware, Windows Firewall, Windows Meeting Space for ad hoc wireless meetings, Remote Desktop for working from home, XPS document support for PDF-like files, improved peer-to-peer networking, improved VPN support, and improved power management. Included within certain editions (and thus also included within the Ultimate edition) are Windows Media Center, Windows Tablet PC, Windows Movie Maker, Wi ndows DVD Maker, Parental Controls, Windows SideShow for remote gadgets, domain join for Windows Small Business Server, Group Policy support, Client-side file caching, Roaming User Profiles for remote server access, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows ShadowCopy to create file backups, Windows Rights Management Services to protect documents, Windows BitLocker hard drive encryption, integrated smart card management, and various Windows Ultimate Extras to be named later. Despite many feature changes within Windows Vista, Microsoft has held onto its original marketing promise of providing users with Clear, Confident, and Connected solutions.

For Clear, Microsoft cites its new Aero graphics. Aero is part of the Windows Presentation Foundation, a subgroup of the .Net Foundation Framework, an underlying foundation for developers to build new applications. One applet is the New York Times Times Reader, the first of many products written exclusively for Windows Vista but hardly a compelling reason by itself to upgrade. Though video playback and, yes, even the tiny icons on Windows Vista are now crisp and colorful with Aero, unless you watch YouTube videos all day, you won't really need Aero, nor will you miss the tiny preview windows enabled on your desktop display. Also new is Microsoft's Adobe PDF-like file format called XPS (Extensible Page System); however, any Windows XP SP2 machine can view XPS-created pages with downloads of the .Net 3 Framework Foundation and the Internet Explorer 7 browser.

For Confident, Microsoft touts new security enhancements within Windows Vista. You shouldn't encounter User Account Control (UAC) except when changing system configurations or installing new software, and even then, wouldn't you--in this age of downloadable spyware--prefer to know when an executable file is about to run? While UAC notifies you of pending system changes, it doesn't always require a password. Microsoft's more controversial method to lock down the system kernel, PatchGuard, is only available in the 64-bit editions of Windows Vista; most home users will not run these editions. Another celebrated security feature works only within Windows Mail, which most people are unlikely to use. And finally, the jury is still out on whether Internet Explorer 7 is more secure than, say, Firefox 2. Windows Vista also includes a built-in but limited two-way firewall and free Windows Defender antispyware, which ranked poor in competitive testing done by

For Connected, Microsoft points to the new peer-to-peer possibilities, some of which are the result of its acquisition of Groove several years ago. From within Windows Explorer (which displays different toolbar options for exploring documents, photos, or music) you can move any file into a Public Folder and then mark the file or folder for sharing on a network. Within the Business and Ultimate editions you can further mark individual files for remote access.


Upon installation, Windows Vista rates each system's overall hardware performance, with the final score reflecting your system's lowest individual score. This is handy. For example, if you suspect that everything's running a little slow, you might find that your hard drive is returning the lowest score. Windows Vista will then recommend a faster hard drive or a drive with larger compatibility. Mostly, though, the video card will be the sore spot for most users. There's also an event log viewer to show, for example, after a specific software install your system performance started to degrade, and that uninstalling the software may restore your overall performance.

Under the hood, Microsoft has moved device drivers for DVD burners and printers out of the system kernel; Microsoft says that a majority of system crashes can be traced to improperly installed third-party device drivers. Thus Windows Vista hopes to vanquish the dreaded Blue Screen of Death common to earlier releases of Windows. Indeed, after testing several early builds, we found Windows Vista to be remarkably stable and robust.


Along with the performance monitors, Microsoft has improved the Help section considerably. There is a static FAQ, but it also links to Microsoft online and allows outreach to other users for help, either via a forum or direct PC-to-PC help. Of these, we really like a feature available on some, not all, FAQs that allows you to automate the solution by executing a script. This method doesn't teach you how to do it in the future, but it will accomplish the task at hand. For example, if you choose to update a device driver, Windows Vista will darken the desktop; highlight and open the Start menu, the Control Panel, and the Device Manager; then pause to ask you what device you want to update. It's like having a technician at your desktop, walking you though the process. There's an increasing reliance on user-generated support forums, which leads us to believe that Microsoft is shying away from its own live technical support. At press time, Microsoft's final support policy was unavailable.


Perhaps we're spoiled, but after more than five years of development, there's a definite "Is that all?" feeling about Windows Vista. Like cramming an info-dump into a book report the night before it's due, there certainly are a lot of individual features within the operating system, but the real value lies in their execution--how the user experiences (or doesn't experience) these--and like the info-dump, we came away shaking our heads, disappointed. Compared with Mac OS X 10.4, Windows Vista feels clunky and not very intuitive, almost as though it's still based on DOS (or at least the internal logic that made up DOS). Despite the addition of a system-wide, built-in Search, and various efforts to break away from staidly old directory trees, you still need to drill down one level to even access Search. And there are far too many dependencies on Microsoft products; this is not a very objective operating system, as preference is always given to Microsoft products (of which th ere are many), from MSN Search to RSS feeds only from Internet Explorer. But is Windows Vista a bad operating system? No. It's just a disappointment for PC users who hoped that Microsoft would deliver something truly exciting to finally leapfrog ahead of Apple. They failed. But stick around; this is just Windows Vista 1.0. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is due out sometime before the end of the year. Windows Vista SP1 promises to fix what's known to be wrong within Windows Vista and should offer a few concrete reasons to switch.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Micromax A60 Mobile Review

There is only one funda of Micromax is to give the complete range of features at much affordable price and by following its traditional strategy Micromax has first time introduced the Android mobile handset in India with the name of Micromax a60 mobile. The target group is of course the entry level segment. The new Micromax a60 mobile is loaded with the advanced features and functionalities which can be meet the current demands of the market.

Micromax a60 mobile has a full touch screen display of 2.8 inch which gives the good viewing experience. The mobile phone runs on the older version, Android v2.1, of the Android OS. Today Android has become the fastest OS in the world and now every mobile handset company has included the Android mobile phones in its portfolio. The Android OS is basically the property of Google and now distributed as an open source in which mobile vendors can customize it according to their desires.
The Micromax a60 mobile comes with the 3G connectivity and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi support; this is the most desired feature in this scenario and surely gathered the attraction of numerous of youth. The Android OS version is not equipped with the latest Android v2.2 in this mobile. The phone carries the 3.2 mega pixel of camera which gives the superb image quality and also supports the video recording.

This Micromax handset is equipped with the gravity sensor option which means when you rotate the phone in any mode the screen will be adjusted automatically. It supports the internal memory of 150 MB which can be boosted up to 32 GB. So you have the enough space to store your favorite applications, music tracks, videos and lots more.

Some other additional features associated with this handset are Digital compass 3G HSDPA/HSUPA, Music Player, Video Player and recorder, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mini USB etc. the Micromax a60 mobile als o supports the Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search. The battery of the phone is quite good and delivers the talk time up to 4 hours and Standby Time up to 10 days.

The new Micromax A60 price is Rs.6, 500. It is available now in the Indian mobile handset market. The sale box of the phone contains the Transreceiver Standard Charger Standard Battery Hands free Kit Data Cable User Guide Service Guide and Warranty Card. It is the value for money.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

What can be mentioned about Droid X?

Please note that a more comprehensive review can be found on the Droid X vs Incredible website. Droid X has a 4.3" screen with a 854x480 resolution, which is similar to the EVO 4G and makes it the largest smartphone currently available (5" tall). There might be a few pixels missing hrere and there on Droid X, which is not the case on the iPhone 4. That being said, Droid has such a huge screen that a couple missing pixels does not matter anymore.

Motorola also went bigger by including an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash that takes reasonably clean photos as well as records video in 720p. Motorola integrated DLNA and HDMI support for streaming media to your high definition TV or other device.
Droid X has a very powerful processor: the 1GHz TI OMAP. With a processor like this one, you can switch between applications easily and browse through the phone lightning fast. The next big thing is the amount of memory inside the phone. The Droid X comes with 24GB of internal storage: 8GB on board and a 16GB removable micro SD card.

A big difference with the first Droid is that Motorola decided not to include a physical keyboard to this phone. It was a sensible choice for the reason that even though the mobile phone is big, it is fairly slim when compared with its overall size. A physical keyboard would've very likely designed a device currently not easy to stuff into a pocket actually more challenging. Nevertheless, with the larger screen, the on-screen key pad is simple to type with and Motorola thoughtfully integrated a Swype keyboard for those who aren't satisfied with the stock Android keyboard.

You don't have access to the internet on your l aptop? No problem! You can use your Droid X as a 3G hotspot to get a connection to the web from your other wireless devices. This is so easy to establish a connection that anybody could do it, and the connection speed is more than decent.

There are so many smartphones that look excellent on the cover but don't deliver when it comes to technical functionnalities. Droid X is a very fantastic all-around phone and you can be sure you won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Aftermath: Apple iPhone 4 vs. Motorola Droid X

After testing with the phones, the reviewers state the winner comes down to individual preferences. The tech specs and price points of the iPhone 4 and Droid X are simply too close to call. However, now that the smartphones are in the hands of consumers, what tech brand positioned itself to win?

iPhone 4
Developments since its June 7th, 2010 debut:

- June 24. Apple officially recognizes a major antenna issue.
"Apple has finally acknowledged that the way you hold the iPhone 4 can hinder the device's cellular reception. Complaints about weakening or disappearing signals when the iPhone 4 is gripped in a particular wayusually by touching two seams of the antenna band on the exterior of the phone simultaneouslybegan popping up late Wednesday night, and continued to appear Thursday." [Via CNET]

- July 12. Consumer Reports refuses to recommend the iPhone 4 to consumers.
"The iPhone scored high, in part because it sports the sharpest display and best video camera we've seen on any phone, and even outshines its high-scoring predecessors with improved battery life and such new features as a front-facing camera for video chats and a built-in gyroscope that turns the phone into a super-responsive game controller. But Apple needs to come up with a permanentand freefix for the antenna problem before we can recommend the iPhone 4." [Via Consumer Reports]

- July 16. Steve Jobs offers a free "bumper" to iPhone 4 owners to resolve the antenna grip issue.
"Jobs announced during the iPhone 4 press conference Friday that every iPhone 4 user will get a free Apple Bumper to help mitigate antenna problems. This will apply to every user worldwide who buys an iPhone through September 30. iPhone 4 owners who have already purchased one of the $30 bumpers will get a full refund. Users who don't like the bumper solution and are still unhappy with the iPhone can bring it back for a full refund instead." [Via Ars Technica]

Droid X
Developments since its July 15th, 2010 debut:

- July 15. Updating to the latest Android OS cripples the phone.
"So maybe you want to buy the Droid X and load Android 2.2 yourself. Because Google, another bastion of American tech innovation, has this fantastic, newer, faster, better version of its operating systemnot crummy old Android 2.1, the OS preloaded on the Droid X. Motorola is telling youmaybe its most ardent customer basedon't even think about loading Android 2.2. Don't even think about messing with the phone's drivers or firmware. If you do this, we will break your phone." [Via Gizmodo]

- July 16. Motorola releases a statement in response to the OS issue.
"In reference specifically to eFuse, the technology is not loaded with the purpose of preventing a consumer device from functioning, but rather ensuring for the user that the device only runs on updated and tested versions of software. If a device attempts to boot with unapproved software, it will go into recovery mode, and can re-boot once approved software is re-installed." [Via MOTODev]

- July 19. Motorola releases an OTA software update.
"That over-the-air firmware update that rolled out to early Droid X units in the field prior to the launch seems to be trickling out to retail units now, and along with that news comes a surprisingly long changelog." [Via Engadget]

It's been a rough month for Apple's PR team, but not necessarily iPhone 4 users. While everyone focuses on Steve Jobs' next move, it's unclear how many users are actually experiencing these iPhone 4 issues. Some users are skeptical of the big hubbub, while others are stumped. At the end of the day, many of the antenna issues can be traced back to AT&T network issues, which further complicates the situation.

It's been less than a week since the Droid X came out and we've seen inherent software issues that inhibit phone performance. While Engadget states installing the Froyo (version 2.2) update of Android onto the Droid X would leave you with "perhaps the best Android phone ever made", attempting...

Read more about tech brand positioning at

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Motorola Droid Vs Apple iPhone - 10 Causes to Invest in a Droid

Now as the for the Motorola Droid...

There have already been quite a few other Google phones set to market place considering that Android 1st arrived out. So what's the massive hubbub about the Droid? Why does every person appear to feel this is the smartphone that will as a final point outdo the iPhone?

1. Price. The most affordable Droid is $99 the most inexpensive iPhone $199. But AT&T is rumored to be hoping to adjust that with a $99 8GB iPhone supposedly coming out in time for the vacations.

2. Keyboard. The Droid has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a superior, tactile, responsive one particular at that. The iPhone has none.

3. Android two.. Like iPhone 2., this is very first important upgrade to the Google cell OS, and in this situation, as most other individuals, that signifies major improvments. But Apple did rather well with their iPhone 2. upgrade.

four. 5 megapixel digital digital camera. That's on par with any good digital digital camera that doesn't have a cellphone connected. The iPhones meager digital digital camera has generally been 1 of its downfalls, and right here Moto takes entire benefit of that.

5. The world wide web. Certainly, we know we said that, but it bears repeating for the reason that as great as Google's popularity is for all points web site, that's how badly the iPhone'sweb capabilities have always been rated. Here, again, this time thank you to the zippy Verizon network, the Droid prevails.

Having said that, as new and shiny as the Google Android OS may perhaps be, neither it nor Motorola and Verizon's articulation of it in this Droid however pales in intuitiveness and person-friendliness to the "all-powerful" iPhone. Perhaps someday, but for now...these are not the Droids you're hunting for.

Because the HTC Droid Amazing was launched very last thirty day period, it has been helpful to review it with the prior handset: the Motorola Droid. Despite the fact that most folks say that the Droid Incredible outpoints the Motorola Droid, it is practical for us to know the comparison additional details as follows:

With the most up-to-date touchscreen technology: OLED, the HTC is better than the Motorola Droid that sports activities LCD. We become aware of the far better comparison of the two screens if it is confronted up to a direct sunlight. LCDs are fairly practically pale in comparison to the brightness and vibrance of a high quality OLED.

For the processor, I imagine 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon that is embedded in HTC Amazing is the additional potent than the 550Mhz Arm Cortex A8 processor. With 1Ghz Snapdragon, the Outstanding come to be incredibly responsive to the applications.

Digital camera
In this area, the HTC is however the winner over the Motorola. Not only it has 8 megapixel camera but also the camera arrives with dual-LED flash, autofocus, and on-the-fly adjustments for brightness, contrast, and ISO level, which give it the leg up on the Droid's admittedly really knowledgeable cam.

Each smartphones use Android. Though the HTC however comes with Android (the most recent is the Android 2.two), it however beats the Motorola Droid that runs the Anroid

Equally smartphones present expandable memory with microSD slot, but for inner memory, the Motorola comes with 16GB around 8GB of the Outstanding that has only 8GB.

Battery Life
The Motorola Droid statements has lithium ion battery that premiums up to 385 minutes of standby time and 270 of standby time.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NASAImages Universe live in barges Droid

NASAImages is the front-end to NASA? S? Astronomy Picture of the Day? The site offers more than 4,000 photos in the archive full of beautiful color images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other instruments. Fantastic images displayed on the Droid? S screen. Each picture is also a brief description, thanks to the application of educational and entertaining. You can hide the name to view the picture in all this? s glory in almost full screen.

NASA Image Droid applications
You can find new photos daily. Viewing pictures is very simple, just tap Next? and? Prev? button. The application is a little on the slow side, and may take some time to bring up the images? C You should not? T-expected winds along the discontinuity. Way to share pictures or link to an image would be perfect, but there are no other features in this app Droid. It? They are very special applications, however, and if? Again in astronomy or are simply interested in our universe, it is an app lication to.
QR Code

Images NASA code
(through DroidApplications)

Via: NASAImages Universe live in barges Droid
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Monday, January 21, 2013

iPhone Vs Droid Incredible Review

In the booming smartphone market, two phones recently introduced that appear to rise above the rest are the Motorola Droid Incredible by HTC, the latest in the HTC Droid line of handsets running on the Google Android OS, and the iPhone from Apple, with the anxiously awaited iPhone 4G reputedly on the horizon. The Apple camp has not released any solid information about the 4G, but iPhone users are seeing the writing on Apple's wall.

After Gizmodo prematurely leaked the images of a "lost" prototype on the internet, the buzz surrounding the 4G has only escalated. Meanwhile, the popularity of HTC's Droid Incredible has created fierce competition with a device that has not even been released yet - which is pretty remarkable, though whether that's bodes better for the iPhone or the Incredible we're not quite sure.

The improvements made in both device model upgrades (Droid and iPhone) is immensely comparable, revealing that both camps are keenly plugged in to what their customers want.
For one, the HTC Droid and the iPhone both have upgraded their camera features. The 4G iPhone now includes a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for chat, and has added a long-awaited flash to its regular camera on the rear of the device, now a more acceptable 5 megapixels replacing its old, tired 3MP. The Droid, on the other hand, boasts an 8 megapixel camera, auto focus, and a dual LED flash, which seems to give HTC the upper hand over even the 4G iPhone on this feature. But the iPhone 4G has also added a tap to focus feature that enables the camera to focus more accurately.

Apple has also added a second microphone for better voice clarity by canceling surrounding noise (much like noise canceling headphones do). HTC has no such feature.

Both the iPhone and the Droid have improved the resolution and the overall display screen. The Droid's 3.7 inch LED screen and a 1 GHz processor is faster than its predecessor. But the iPhone 4G will be offering a st artling 960x640 pixels, and a oleophobic fingerprint resistant coating.

The faster processor on the Droid makes it a most valuable player in gaming and gaming developments.

The iPhone, as always, comes in choice of 2 models, one with 16 GB, and one with 32 GB. And while the Droid offers close to 10,000 apps, the iPhone offers at least that many.

Of course, for many users, choice of wireless carrier is the dealmaker and breaker. So for those folks, let it be known that the iPhone 4G will still be locked to AT&T while the Droid Incredible is a Verizon smartphone.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

IPhone 4 vs. Droid Incredible a Verizon smartphone showdown

The iPhone 4 is now on Verizon's network. But the Droid line of smartphones, running Google's open-source Android operating system, is already there and it's not going anywhere!

In an earlier article, I compared the iPhone 4 to the Droid X, Verizon's top-of-the-line Android smartphone. Now let's see how it compares to the Droid Incredible: Verizon's budget Droid, at only $99.

Droid does

HTC says that the Droid Incredible was inspired by an Italian sports car. It's not as minimalist as the iPhone 4's sleek, industrial design, but the ridges along the back help you grip the phone (per the Engadget review), and the extra buttons on the front serve a purpose. The menu is hidden in most apps until you tap the Droid's Menu key, freeing you from distractions; and the optical trackpad seems useless at first glance, but when you need to position the cursor while working with text it's a lifesaver.

Because the Droid Incredible is an Android phone, it can do things that the iPhone can't. While you're browsing the web, it reflows text to fit the screen width, so that you don't have to scroll horizontally while you're zoomed in. It can use a limited version of Flash, and the home screens can sport widgets, like the Mint finance one that lets you see your bank balance at a glance.

HTC's Sense interface takes Android to a new level, with sleek custom apps and widgets that let you easily check Facebook and Twitter. It also lets you pinch the screen to zoom out, and see all of your home screens at once. HTC Sense is shiny, and the animated weather widget is a nice touch.

Droid doesn't

The Droid's most obvious hardware deficiency, compared to the iPhone 4, is its lack of a front-facing camera. Its main camera has an 8 megapixel resolution, compared to the iPhone's 5, but unlike the iPhone it can't record HD video. The Droid also has a maximum of 40 GB of storage, Toshiba pa3533u-1brs battery compared to the iPhone's 16 or 32 GB, but only if you buy a 32 GB memory card for it; it only has 8 GB built-in. And you'll need at least a cheap 2 GB memory card, because some apps require it.

Speaking of apps, the Droid lets you buy them from Google's Android Market, which has over 150,000 according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt. But what he doesn't say is that one reason that number is growing so quickly is because it's much easier to put an app on the Android Market than it is on the iTunes App Store. There's no approval process, and many of the "apps" are just ringtones and wallpaper packs. The Droid does have access to the essentials, like eBay and Angry Birds ... but it's also loaded with garbage Verizon apps that you can't uninstall, unlike the Verizon iPhone.

Finally, the Droid's AMOLED display isn't as sharp as the iPhone's Retina Display, and looks washed-out when you're outdoors.

The verdict

The $100 savings over the iPhone doesn't stack up to the cost of a data plan. If you like Android's features, go with the Droid Incredible; otherwise, go for the iPhone. Keep in mind that both are going to go out of date soon, though, with 4G Android phones and this year's new iPhone model on the way.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

iPhone 4 vs Droid X

iPhone 4 vs Droid X what should you or I get?!

Well if aren't you here to know what's more hot!

The Iphone 4 by Apple, the 4th generation in iPhone but no 4g!

or the Motorola's latest proud Droid X with no HD vid recording (Correct me if I'm wrong)!

The competition's too high, but seeing both in trend.

Click here to get the Iphone 4 free or Click here to get the Droid X free

I can't really say which one to choose, because I like both in their own respective way.

In Hardware of course iPhone without a doubt rules.

Droid X is a bit more cost effective method.

Both mobile's are at the top on par, at the market every sales man is going nuts

to how to tell what's better (Most are newbies and don't know a THING).

So to sum it up, if I were you. I would go for Droid X or iPhone 4 seeing what budget you have.

Because both of them are really the best choice right now!

Something I say is, if you have an interest for dashing look and stuff.

go for Droid, if you are more into

Sleek and elegance look go for iPhone 4.

You could follow my links above ;) as well hehe to get them for free!

Though where as iPhone 4 isn't really enjoyable unless jailbreak, because in most countries I heard

you have to Jail Break to run this iPhone 4.

Where as I didn't hear such individual cases with the great Droid X by Motorla.

So it depends on what area you at what style you like what type of stuff it is.

Can make you choose which one to get it, hope you enjoyed this article.

Please share this with others! Enjoy

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot News Windows Phone 7 Domain Name At 7 Million Dollars At Ebay

Today, March 24 - 2010, the domain business on the internet is back again. The Hottest News on the internet, TV and news today is that the Windows Phone 7 Domain Name is on sale at 7 Million Dollars on the eBay website.

The bidding starts at 1 Million US dollars and will end on March. The buy it now price is 7 Million Dollars. This is one of the best domain names sale on eBay at a high price.This is the hottest news today on the internet and will hit the Microsoft's head office pretty soon this week. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs should be watching this 7 Million US dollars worth domain name which is listed on eBay's website.

Today on, a domain name is on sale for the Windows Phone 7 product. The "buy it now" price is 7 Million US dollars and the bidding starts at 1 Million US dollars. The upcoming revolutionary phone from Microsoft called Windows Phone 7 has a website that is too long. Microsoft never thought that someone would come up with a pretty short, sweet and easy domain name for it's upcoming phone.

The domain name is and once again Microsoft failed to choose a perfect and short name for it's product. The link to eBay's listing for this 7 Million dollar domain name is

All we have to do is wait and watch to see who will own the domain name for what price. It is good to see the domain business coming up. In the mean time, retweet this news, update it on your facebook, watch the bid and tell the story to your friends. Spread the word.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

eBay Goes Mobile

There's good news for all those buyers and sellers on eBay. With the launch of, a new website designed especially for smart phones, you can now browse items, make purchases and sell goods, simply by the touch of a finger at the palm of your hand. The new site is designed for iPhone and iPad applications, Android and Blackberry phones. Buyers now have an option of whether to view the full eBay website or the simplified mobile version, or whether to download an application to purchase items. So, even if you are away from your computer, you'll constantly be updated on your eBay purchases and sales. Thanks to the mobile version of eBay, selling and buying got a whole lot easier!

Features of eBay's mobile website

Mobile websites are usually quite limited in their features as compared to the full site experience. However, the mobile version of eBay promises features that give buyers a whole new experience when shopping using their cell phones. Th ese include expandable swiping galleries, auto-complete, a floating menu bar that displays the most essential controls on the screen, and remote content for those galleries that don't need additional download. Besides these, the features that the normal site offers are also included. They are:

Search: For searching for a particular item, you simply need to click on the search tab and then type in whatever it is you want to search for in the search box. Once you hit on the "Submit" button, the search results will show up. You can either view the items in the conventional way or have a grid view of them. For information on a particular item, you need to click the listing title. You can also search for items that are listed by the same seller.

My eBay: To view your account, choose the tab "My eBay," which is located at the top of the page. After signing in, you'll have the opportunity look at a summary of your activities of purchasing and selling on eBay . You can also view individual details.

Bidding: Once you have chosen the item you want to purchase, you can make your bid just as you had done on your desktop. All you need to do is click on the bid link. If you haven't signed in as yet, you will need to do so. You will then have to enter your minimum bid and confirm it. If you've entered a bid that is too low, you will need to enter a new bid. However, if the amount you've entered is high enough, you will be informed that you've got the highest current winning bid.

Checkout: On winning an item that you have bid for, you can pay for it from your cell phone by completing Checkout. You need tosimply click on "Pay with PayPal," log into your PayPal account and click on "Pay now." That's it! You will also be given the opportunity to create a "Mobile Only" PIN code, which ensures that your payment is made faster in the future.
Selling: Using your iPhone's camera you can take a photograph of the item that you want to sell, and list it on eBay. With the eBay Selling app, listing is now fast and simple. You can use the barcode scanning feature and eBay's product catalogue to list your item. The research feature helps you to put a price on your item. For listing an item, you need to fill a form with listing details, attach the photos that you have taken with your iPhone camera and then confirm your listing.

Listing: Listing on eBay got a lot simpler. This is an application is recommended for every seller. eBay is giving an offer for listing your items. However, this is a promotional offer available to sellers on the US site and is for a limited time. You will not be charged a Scheduled Listing Fee. Moreover, you can add up to four photographs, without being charged.

Other features: The other features include:
Save as well as refine the searches you mak e
Sort results by time, location and price
Locate auctions that are similar to what you are looking at

So, while traveling, or sipping a cup of coffee, you can browse through in the web browser of your mobile phone or access the site using the portal of your network operator.

eBay for Smart Phones

eBay iPhone application

Using the eBay iPhone application, members of eBay can now search for items, purchase them, make payments, and check their activity and statusanywhere, any time. Alerts are sent to buyers to inform them of changes and updates in status so that they can make a last-minute bid if they truly want to own that rare item. Besides, sellers can view the status of their sales. You can also check on your account, leave feedback, reply to messages, or view the Daily Deals.

eBay for iPad application

With the eBay for iPad application, members of eBay will be able to see an interfa ce that is simple yet impressive and is especially designed to suit the features of the iPad. The eBay experience is colorful, streamlined and extremely simple. Searching gets a lot easier with its seamless transitions. What's more, with the iPad app, you need not click through pages to search for items or while bidding, purchasing or paying for them. Integrated access to My eBay allows its members to check their status and activity.

eBay application for Android

eBay application for Android gives members the opportunity to search, purchase, pay and check the status of their activity. Buyers will also be alerted about their auctions, while sellers get status updates. Sellers can also leave feedback. What's unique about this app is the voice-enabled search.

eBay application for BlackBerry smartphone

Similar to the eBay application for Android, the Black Berry app allows users to search, purchase, pay, check the status of their eBay activity, reply to eBay messages, and check current auctions no matter where they are. Besides these, with the BlackBerry Push, users will be able to receive real-time alerts whenever there are status changes on eBay. These alerts will inform buyers if they have won an auction or have been outbid, or when a listing on their Watch list is about to expire. These alerts will go directly to the user's BlackBerry smartphone email inbox. Thanks to BlackBerry Device Software that supports multi-tasking, the moment the user clicks on a notification he or she has received, instantaneously the eBay application will be launched.

eBay applications

eBay Deals application

The eBay Deals application gives you the opportunity to search and purchase the best deals on eBay. You can create, edit and save your searches, besides sharing the items on your favorite social network. Further, with the upcoming releases you will be able to refine your deal searches a nd set alerts for those deals. Ensure to download eBay Mobile which runs on Apple iPhone and iPod
Touch. This will give you the chance to carry out your business anywhere, anytime.

StubHub iPhone and iPod Touch application

With the StubHub iPhone and iPod Touch application members of eBay can access and search for concert and theater tickets at any point in time and from anywhere. You'll be able to search for your favorite band or team, or events which will take place shortly at your favorite venue. Once you have found your event for the day, you can share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. iPhone application

With the iPhone application, you can purchase your choice of media titles in movies, music, textbooks, games and game systems. With the help of the barcode scanner you'll be able to search for textbook titles, get the best price and then have them shipped to you. Not just that, from the home screen itself you can also browse through popular items by category to have a fair idea of what others are purchasing. You will always find excellent deals on and now, thanks to the iPhone application, you can shop from anywhere and at anytime.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Iphone Game UI - The New Buzz Word In The Gaming World

Iphone Game UI - The New Buzz Word In The Gaming World

An attractive and user-friendly user interface or the Iphone Game UI helps capture the minds of thousands of users with its simple and elegant design and functionality. For a mobile application, the user visibility of the device and size and resolution of the screen resolve its user interface. The user interface is one of the main attractions besides the design of the phone for you while you are at a shop trying to pick a handset that suits your personality and style. With its stylish and sleek design and very easy-to-handle and eye-catching user interface the Iphone has managed to strike a chord with the masses, young and old alike.

IPhone Game UI - Various applications of the Iphone user Interface

The Iphone is very versatile in its usability. Its user interface allows you to use a wide variety of applications and multimedia files on your phone. You can use your Iphone for browsing the net, listening to music, capturing videos or images or making video calls. With its unique user interface, the Iphone has taken mobile music and multimedia to a whole new level. The handset is designed in such a way that it easily attracts your attention. The classy user interface allures you towards an Iphone and makes it such a prospective buy. The Iphone Game User Interface is also very tempting and compels you to keep on downloading games and trying it out.

IPhone Game UI - Revolutionizing the gaming world

IPhone user interface allows you to play online games and multiple user games. The Iphone provides you with a wide range of games to choose from. Starting from car racing, adventure games to simulation games like fifa, cricket the list is just endless. You can download games that you like to play from the wide collection of games available in the internet. When you enter the virtual world of games the compelling interface and the unparalleled gaming interface turns you into an addict. The IPhone have so revolutionized the gaming world that even when you are with your friends you might just be trying out the multiplayer games on your Iphone rather than passing your time in chatting and catching up. So next time your parents or relatives blame you for being unsocial you know it is your Iphone.

The Iphone user interface allows you to market and develop your personal applications. With a little knowledge on software and mobile applications development you can easily personalize the applications available in the market or even create your own. The Iphone user interface allows games with high quality graphics to be played on your phone. The motion sensor allows you an extraordinary gaming experience unique to the Iphone. Moreover no other phone can compete with the iPhone's large memory space and faster processor.

Though the easy-to-use touch screen of the Iphone has become extremely popular, the lack of keypad, according to some gives a primitive feel. But still iPhone is a revolution in the market where a new handset is launched every other day. So its touch user interface would certainly have a room for improvement.

The Iphone is a revolution in the world of mobile technology. There has been a craze about the Iphone from even before it came to the market and it is yet to die. So if you have not yet been blessed with a unique Iphone experience rush to a mobile store and lose yourself in this amazing gaming and music world.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Various Kinds Of Iphone Repair Services

Online iphone Repair is getting increasingly popular just because of the way in which its service is rendered. In this method the iphone repair and maintenance, and correct the problem. Both the service provider and the client whose iphone get damaged are profited by this arrangement. It relieves the technician from the work of coming over to the customer's place, and frees the client from the need of trucking the iphone all the way to the service center if on Website service is not usable.

Only an Iphone owner can tell you how best the gadget is. Indeed it is a best device, but like other devices or phones it might also turn non-functional due to several reasons. One of the usual issues is cracked iphone which happens due to most usual man-made mistake. It is rather possible that the accidental falling of iphone lead to screen damage of the device.

While purchasing an IPhone you may never thought about breaking of the iphone in your dream but realism is sometimes it does break. You are not lucky always. And, of course it is very inauspicious, heart-breaking incident, if you have to front iPhone break. You can not sit idly and you have to search out solutions as well. You don't require worrying as there is lot of ways to make your broken iPhone fixed.
Proper iphone care is a must for a iphone to do well. Reliable iphone repair is crucial for it. There are many Repair Centers offering these services. They offer telephonic, Online or On Site services. Besides these several types of services, there are as well iphone Repair Centers that are better equip in servicing various types of phones, laptops and servers. Under the large umbrella addressed iphone Repair and Maintenance, there are lot of methods of iphone servicing.

Iphone Repair might be done by telephonic instructions as well. Here, the customer is taught by the iphone Repair technician on the steps need to get the problem corrected. On site iphone Repair is where the technician goes to the customer's location and offers them services.

It is actually a subject of confusion, whom to employ for repairing cracked iphone, especially if you are doing it for the first time. So it is highly essential to hire somebody who is trustworthy and knowle dgeable. Most feasible option is to prefer with a service that are gratify with fixing cell phone as well as Iphone for quiet a long time. While hiring an Iphone fixing service you might keep your damaged Iphone with them and once it caused repair pick up it. Another solution is to mail your damaged-iphone to their shop once it got repaired they will mail back it to you. Only you require calling them timely to know whether it is prepared with them or not.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best Iphone Video Converter Software Review Free Trial Download

The iphone Video converter is the software that can convert all the videos in different digital content formats to a proper format that may work well with the iphones, iPods, laptops, Android phones, Microsoft Zune and many other mobile devices.

Being an iphone, iPod or 3GS user, one would like to upload all their favorite movie clips and homemade videos on their mobile devices. Many a times, we download videos and audio files from internet and wish to play with our iphones whenever we are free. Yet not all such videos and music files are compatible with iphones and to solve this issue, one would need to have the best iphone video converter that may rip all the DVD, FLV or SWF video and music files into a format that may run well with iphones or iPods.

The iphone video converter software converts a large group of video formats including MPEG, WMV, AVI, FLV, SWF, MOV, MP4, Divx, XviD, etc to MPEG4 or H.264 Video that are well supported by iphones and iPods. Iphones support audio files in M4A, MP3 and WAV formats. This iphone video converter converts audio files in AAC, AC3 and MP3 to M4A, WAV and MP3 format so that you may enjoy your favorite music tracks anytime and anywhere with the help of your mobile iphones. The software is also known as YouTube to iphone video converter as it can easily download and convert a YouTube video to a format compatible with your iphone. Furthermore, this software will also help you to extract audio from any video file that you want to save. Hence, if you like a music track used in a video but dont want to store the video on your iPod or iphone, you can extract the music file from the video and store it on your iphone while discarding the video.

iphone video converter software is Strong and Efficient Video/Audio Editor

The editor profile of this software is very user-friendly and it features a great many functions that are very useful. You can Trim a video file by using this software to select a particular part of the video and extract it in converted format of your choice. Additionally, you can also Merge many video clips into a single file and convert it in the desired format to be played on your iphone. If you want to add some funny elements in the video, you can turn them horizontally or vertically. You can edit and add the subtitles, can adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness settings of the video and can also take snapshots of particular scene of the video films.

The most important feature of the iphone video converter software is that it converts a number of video files to the desired format at very fast speed and you can convert many video and audio files simultaneously to the required video/audio format. The strong editor of this software will also let you alter the video resolution, bitrates, frame rates and channel rate to improve the video output.

The iphone video converter reviews offered by the customers who have used this product for a long period affirms that it is one of the best solution to convert and store all your favorite music and video files in a iphone and iPod compatible format. The customers have mentioned that the user-interface with the software is very easy and interesting and the software is also constantly updated through online technical support to improve the quality of services and functions of the iphone video converter.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fast and Affordable iPhone Repairs

Nowadays, iPhones have become so popular that one can find every other person in large cities carrying an iPhone. As the iPhones are extremely fragile and prone to breakage, iPhone repair business has seen a tremendous growth in the recent past. Professional repair services for iPhone repairs are now offered at almost every cell phone repair store in majority of the big cities located within and outside the U.S. In the U.S., one can find iPhone repair stores in every big and small city. Also, in other countries, like Australia, there are a large number of iPhone repair shops in major cities. For instance, if you are a resident of Australia or happen to visit Australia on a tour, you can get your damaged iPhone repaired at big cities, like Sydney. Majority of the reputed repair stores in Sydney are located in its principal commercial area, called the Central Business District (CBD). Most of the iPhone repairs Sydney CBD stores are known for their fast and affordable repair services.

As the competition between the iPhone repair stores has become fierce, most of the stores focus on offering fast and affordable iPhone repairs to their customers. All of them have skilled professional who can repair your iPhones with utmost precision. While some offer 1 year guarantee on repairs to lure customers, others offer money-back guarantee to attract them. In such a competitive scenario, locating the best, fastest and the most affordable iPhone repair service can be a daunting task. This becomes even more difficult when hundreds of such stores are located in a single locality. For instance, if you stay somewhere near to the heavily populated Central Business District in Sydney, finding the best iPhone repairs Sydney CBD shop can become a nightmare for you. The best solution to this is to do a primary research online. Visit the websites of all the stores in and around your locality, gather information and reviews, visit a few of them personally, shop around for rates, and finally, hand over your iPhone to the best one for repair. This will help you find the best stores for fast and affordable services.

However, beware of stores that do not have professional iPhone repair specialists, but still accept iPhones for repair. They may charge very less for iPhone repair to lure you and may also return the iPhone within 24 hours. But, they might have created a mess inside your iPhone and it is highly likely that the iPhone might stop functioning after a few days. Thus, although these stores are also fast and affordable, it is not safe to hand over your precious iPhone to them. Finalize only those stores that are not only fast and affordable, but also offer 6 month-1 year guarantee on their repairs. This will help you to get the iPhone fixed for free in case the device stops functioning again. If you are a Sydney resident, you are very lucky as majority of the iPhone repairs Sydney CBD stores offer great iPhone r epair services at affordable prices. The repairs are done on the spot or within 24 hours by skilled professionals. Besides, a year-long guarantee is also offered on repairs by most of them.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sell Your Broken Iphone to Purchase a Working One

In recent years, smartphones, and iphones in particular, have become all the rage. It seems that everyone owns an iphone these days because they're just so incredibly useful. Everyone is becoming accustomed to having constant access to the internet, which enables people to maintain communication through many methods instead of simply through phone calls. People are using iphones so frequently, that when they eventually break, many people feel incredibly lost without their phones. Most commonly, people drop their iphone too many times, and then the iphone 2g housing cracks and breaks. Even if you purchase a cover for your iphone, and you think you are taking incredibly good care of it, you can still have accidents.

Once you've broken your iphone, you quickly realize just how much you rely on it and how important it is to you to get it fixed. The reality, however, is that even iphone 2g housing is difficult and expensive to replace. Generally, people lack the skills required to repair their own phones, and taking your phone to a repair shop tends to cost more than the phone itself is worth. If you have to pay a hundred dollars or more simply to have the iphone 2g housing on your phone repaired, then you may as well just put that money towards purchasing a brand new iphone instead. That way, you can keep up with all of the innovations that go into new iphones, and you won't have to waste money on repairing your old phone.

If you decide that trying to repair your phone isn't worth it, then you can try to sell it online. Even if the iphone 2g housing on your phone is broken, there are good companies who will purchase your phone over the internet. All you have to do is send your phone in and then wait a very short period of time to be paid for it. The company that purchases your phone will be able to salvage all of the usable parts in order to put them into another phone so they can sell a refurbished iphone. If your iphone 2g housing is broken, then the repairmen will simply have to take the interior components of your phone and put them into new housing.

With the money that you earn from selling your old iphone, you'll have a good amount to put towards the new iphone you've been waiting for. Still, many people feel that brand new iphones are too expensive. One way you can get around this is by simply purchasing a used iphone. Most likely, you can purchase a newer used iphone from the same company that you decide to sell your old broken iphone to. Once you've found a reliable company that purchased your used iphone for a fair price, you may as well keep working with them. These companies tend to have a great selection of used phones, so you'll be able to find exactly what you want. Just make sure you don't drop your iphone the second time around because you wouldn't want to break the iphone 2g housing again.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

iPhone Development for Companies working on Mobile Platforms

Since its commencement in the year 2007, iPhone has imprinted out an enormous market for iPhone development. Contained by 2 years of its launch, approximately 33 millions of iPhone were sold and over 225,000 iPhone apps were developed throughout a short span of time. With the launch of the largest part, current iPhone 4G, its sale has augmented manifolds.

iPhone application development has become exceptionally significant for the companies working on a variety of mobile development platforms. With the iPhone SDK accessible, mobile developers can now create new apps and also customize the obtainable ones. iPhone Software Development Kit incorporates all the tools and technologies necessary to develop these applications.

These apps are fabricated on iPhone OS, a platform completely used to create variety of iPhone apps. There are two varieties of iPhone apps, web applications and indigenous applications. A user can purchase these apps for a variety of prices and also download it for free at Apple store, which is the webshop for all iPhone apps.

iPhone is the fastest increasing and mainly popular platform for mobile development measured up to other platforms. To a greater extent mobile apps and web development companies are going for iPhone development having unstated mammoth market that it caters to.

Touch screen and immediate Internet connection are the key features of this phone that has cemented way for the popularity of an assortment of iPhone apps. It gives users the satisfaction of making greatest utilizes of the valuable device that is more of a style statement. These applications can be also used for ipads.

With abundant mobile apps coming up every day, the challenge for the developers is to make these apps more innovative and interesting for the users.

Whether it's an application for industry or an iPhone entertainment, the developers have to come out with innovative ideas to live to tell the tale of growing competition in the field of iPhone development. If your obligation is that of an iPhone application for your business or customers, the best way to do it is by hiring professional iPhone developers. There are abundant offshore iPhone development companies, which not only are experts in the field, but can also help you by suggesting add-ons and pioneering ideas for your applications.

Some of the all the rage categories of iPhone apps are, iPhone games, iPhone maps, iPhone m-commerce apps, e-book apps, social networking apps, and bundle of other entertainment applications.

iPhone developer must have talented and skillful on experience in iPhone apps development and must know what are the frequent challenges that come along during the course of development. So, make sure you have the most excellent iPhone outsource development companies shortlisted to suit your requirement and acquire the most excellent of it.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

You Must Know When Getting IPad Accessories Products And Why I Choose BuyOnMe Store? - Business - Product Reviews

You Must Know When Getting iPad Accessories products?It's difficult to answer it?. I suggest BuyOnMe store and Dealextreme. If you also want to choose a legit store without online scam, the following factors are something you should consider:- products keeping update- Having live chat help- Packages With tracking number- Reasonable return policy- Offering coupon for bulk orders- Protecting your privacy- Safe and convenient payment methodBuyOnMe store shipping time is at most two weeks. Most package are no more than 2 weeks. The longest time I have waited is a little longer than 3 weeks. Shipping time is not very important to me if I finally receive the item. iPad Accessories from Buyonme are in good quality with cheap price. Why not give a try? I have purchased the following items.Genuine Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer Glass for Apple iPad 1Car Cigarette Powered Dual USB Adapter/Charger for iPad/Samsung P1000 - Black (2.1A Max/DC12~24V)Angry Birds Figure Style Home But ton Stickers for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (6-Piece Pack)Stylish Protective TPU Back Case + USB Powered Charger Stand for iPad 2 - TransparentProtective Matte Frosted Screen Guard Film with Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 3G iPhone 4G Microsim Adapter SIM Sleeve 10pcs/lotAngry Birds Protective Plastic Back Case for iPad 2 - Black BirdSoft Silicone Back Skin Case Cover for Apple iPad Light GrayUSB Charging Docking Station for iPad/iPad 2USB Power Adapter/Charger for iPhone/iPad - Black (100~240V)The store also sells various kinds of things, Besides above products.Such as: Wii Nintendo, Microphones, Xbox, $3 Gadgets, Cell Phone Accessories, Other Occasion, Other Apple Gadgets, Figures & Dolls, Webcams, Clothing & Fashion, Home & Office, Cables, Cameras & Acce, Celebration, Android Tablet, iPad Accessories, Apparels, Bracelets, Kitchen Gadgets, iPad & iPhone, Fishing Supplies, Watches, Naughty Gadgets, Rare Earth/RE Magnets, Other Games, Halloween Gadgets, LED Clothing, Gloves, Home Electronics, Sports products, Lifestyle Gadgets, Valentine's Day, DIY Apparels, iPhone & iPod, Keyboards, DIY Parts, PlayStation 2 3, Card Readers, Solar Powered, Cooler & Fans,. I think you could find your favortie items among them.Other legit online stores I used to shopping at:Ownta Reviews - Hong Kong Based. Ownta is based in Hong Kong and provides a discounted dropshipping price for all of their products. Ownta has a cleanly designed website and offers products shipped within 1 day of purchase. Delivery is by DHL, UPS or EMS and should take 3 to 5 business days to arrive. All dropshipping products they sell come with a minimum one-year warranty but you will find that some merchandise has a manufacturer's extended - BuyOnMe is a trustworthy site, selling cool gadgets at cheap price with free shipping service. The products are including cell phone & accessories, electronic gadgets, iphone & ipad accessories and other hard-to-find gadgets. It has live chat functions for importers and customers. And the replying speed of email and live chat is quickly. Sometimes my ordered product is out of stock, the guys of buyonme will refund me quickly (usually in 48 hours after placing an order). And then they will send me an email to inform it.UxSight Reviews - China Based. UxSight is about lifestyle improvement at a reasonable cost. We provide the largest selection of consumer goodies at bargain prices. Good luck in finding the deal that works for you, and congratulations in finding us. We always have something for you.Dealextreme - Dealextreme is one of the biggest china-based retail website. Sometimes the retail price is even lower than most wholesale sites. I have a lot of friends in Canada go to purchase on this site. The delivery speed is a little longer, usually taking a month or even more. But considering the products coming from China and the cheap price, that's not a problem.My boy friend and I are more likely t o buy thing no more than $50 dolloar. If the product is valued over $50 dollar, we prefer going to a local store to buy it. Are you the same with me?

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 Things which will help you Survive Festivity This Summer - Shopping - Clothing

Regardless of how you examine it, the first item you would require in your accessories armory for summer is a sunglass. Not only do sunglasses shield your eyes against the Ultra violet rays, but as well they assist you to improve your fashion thus making you appear more sophisticated. Take a look at the completely new Urban Wear sunglasses; not only that they are trendy, but as well will still keep your purse very much padded.

Often chance, you might wake up to just find you've gotten your present early (bad hair day). On this sort of day, a cool hat will be your perfect ally. To help acquire a fashionable hat for those bad hair days, try browsing for streetwear.

The next thing you need to last this summer season is a completely new contemporary wallet. Subsequent to one year of use, often times your wallet will appear dirty and usually, out-of-shape. Both Streetwear and Urban Clothing feature a collection of wallet in their accessories division. All things considered, just about every time you need to spend on anything, you unconsciously exhibit your wallet to the people who are around you.

You definitely also ought to have a completely new belt. Subsequent to being used heavily for some time, a belt would stretch and shift in its basic shape. It is actually just the ideal reason to acquire yourself a new belt to enhance your fashion perception and as well to change that old leather.

Nevertheless, there will come an occasion when you ought to appear your very best possibly for a date or merely a meet the loved ones. For these kinds of celebrations, we recommend you to acquire a brand new tie and learn how to tie it properly. All things considered, a tie helps to make you look smooth but a badly knotted tie can make you look as a show off-er.

For those who have adventure spelled in their middle name. This summer season, equip yourself with an Urban Clothing or Streetwear water canteen. We understand hydration is pretty vital for the health of young adventurers. And do not forget to acquire yourself a keychain in order to clip on practically all your small toys before you start off hiking in addition to a couple of fresh set of socks.

Lastly, personalize your iPhone with our latest selection of iPhone 4G glove. This definitely will assist you safeguard your iPhone in case you by chance dropped it in the course of one of your many adventurous trips.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10 Points to enable you Survive Festivity This Summer Season - Shopping - Clothing

No matter how you study it, the very 1st thing you'll require in your accessories armory for summer really is a sunglass. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes against the UV rays, but also they aid you to improve your style thus making you look much more sophisticated. Take a look at the completely new Urban Wear sunglasses; not only that they are elegant, but also will still always keep your wallet heavily padded.

Often times, you woke up to just find you've gotten your present early on (a bad hair day). On such day, an elegant hat is your perfect ally. In order to find a fashionable hat for such bad hair days, look at browsing for streetwear.

The next thing you need to survive this summer season is a completely new elegant wallet. Soon after one year of usage, often times your wallet will appear dirty and often case, deformed. Both Urban Clothing and Streetwear deliver a line of wallet in their accessories division. All things considered, every time you have to spend on anything, you unconsciously reveal your wallet to the people around you.

You in addition ought to have a new belt. Subsequent to being utilized to a great extent for some time, a belt will extend and change its shape. It is just the ideal reason to obtain you a new belt in order to enhance your fashion sense and as well to swap the old leather. Nonetheless, there comes an occasion when you require to appear your very best possibly for a date or merely a meet the friends and family. For these kinds of occasions, we suggest you to acquire a new tie and figure out how to tie it well. All things considered, a tie can make you appear smooth but a badly tied tie can make you look as a show off-er.

For those daring individuals. This summer season, just equip yourself with a Streetwear or Urban Clothing water canteen. We fully understand hydration is pretty vital for the health of youthful adventurers. Also do not forget to get yourself a keychain in order to clip on all your little toys before you start off trekking in addition to a couple of fresh pair of socks.

Last of all, personalize your iPhone with our brand new selection of iPhone 4G glove. This will help you safeguard your iPhone if you by accident dropped it in the course of one of your many adventurous travels.

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