Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Top Android Tablet Games for 2011

Tablet PCs, in particular, allow the user to enjoy as many games. In fact, the Android market gives you a wide range of games to choose fromarcade, strategy, puzzle and more. If you are having difficulty finding the best games, here is a list of the 5 top games of 2011 for your Android Tablet:

1. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

One of the top Android tablet games you can play is the Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim. It is a very interesting strategic game played in real-time, which includes the elements of role play. The game is set up in magical world in a tiny kingdom where you become a ruler responsible for your land's prosperity. You will have to explore new territories, fight many enemies and monsters, handle scientific and economic improvements and solve unexpected tasks. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim costs only $1.99.

2. Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark is fun, simple and user-friendly. You can play with your friends online and beat their high scores. The game is called Hungry Shark, since it is played with a shark feasting on all sorts of fish beneath the ocean. The shark must continue to eat, or it will starve to death. The sea is full of fish as well as stingrays and large jellyfish which the shark needs to avoid as well. Shark hunters aboard ships also prey on them. The Hungry Shark game app costs $5.33 in the Android market.

3. Crystal Defenders

Crystal Defenders is one of the top defensive strategy games that you can play with your Android tablet. There are several armed units that you can deploy such as soldiers, archers and black mages. Their task is to protect crystal reserves from encroaching enemy hordes. There are two kinds of versions you can play with this game: W1 and W2. Crystal Defenders costs $7.24 to download.

4. 3 Kingdoms TD1

3 kingdoms TD or 3KTD is a tower defense game which is one of the top games you can play with your Android device. When you start playing, you need to choose the geographical setting like dessert, grassland, jungle and snow. 3KTD has two game modes and four challenging levels. You can arm your warrior by purchasing weapons, gears, rides and gears to kill enemies and ride through 3 kingdom battlegrounds. 3KTD costs $2.99 in the Android Market.

5. Leap Sheep! 1.2.0

One top Android tablet that can be played by all ages is Leap Sheep. It is a fast, easy and fun action game. Players can compete on OpenFeint for high scores and awards by leaping sheep over a fence. To play the game, just tap the sheep to make them leap over the fence. You can tap them again while on the air to make them do a summersault. Avoid stacking sheep or you lose. The Leap Sheep app costs only $0.99 for your Android device.

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