Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Secrets Of Wenzel Sycamore Dome Tent? Scam!

If you want to enjoy the outdoors with your family, or a large group of friends you should consider The Wenzel Sycamore Dome Tent. Camping can be a fun-filled outdoor recreational activity, especially for your children. However, you cannot have a real camping experience without using a dome tent. For camping trips with a lot of people, consider the Wenzel Sycamore Dome Tent. The Wenzel Sycamore Dome Tents is a great option among the many brands out there. This tent is family-friendly, mainly because it fits about seven persons easily and has a three room tent structure. It also has a spacious 116 square foot sleeping space, so you can sleep like a king, or perhaps a queen. The tent structure is suitable for a large family or smaller families with heavy camping equipment. This tent will hold seven people easily. If the weather suddenly changes to rain never fear, your Wenzel Sycamore dome tent is built of a rugged polyester with a polyurethane coat for extreme water resista nce. The Wenzel Sycamore dome tents strong rugged coat of reliability, also serves as a protector. The tent protects you inside from severely cold temperatures and annoying rain water which may trickle into your tent. This tent also has welded polyethylene tube-style flooring. This style of flooring is extremely important, as it includes a rain shingle that creates a watershed effect. Again, the Wenzel Sycamore dome tent protects you and your family from rain seeping through the seams. Then there is the added benefit of an updraft ventilation system that gives a great overflow of airflow. The Wenzel Sycamore dome tents ventilation system also offers other ventilation points, which includes three Dutch style doors and three polyester mesh windows. Setting up the sycamore dome tent is simple. This tent has a five-way center hub with a fast-feet-and-ring system, as well as a lightweight, shock-corded fiberglass frame. Also when you are ready to sleep, you have the luxury of cho osing one large sleeping room or you can roll down the two divider curtains to create three distinct rooms. This tent also has a gear loft for storage purposes, a removable fly with a hoop frame over the door and ABS plastic pegs. The sycamore dome tent has many advantages; however some disadvantages have been pointed out by campers. It is possible that despite the dome tents thick coating, heavy dew, not rain may cause leaking. The water seeps through the seam causing puddles. Some campers have also reported difficulty in setting up the sycamore dome tent. In closing, there are many benefits to purchasing this family friendly Sycamore dome tent, however purchase with caution, you may have to return the tent and choose another. However, if you are choosing on the basis of price, reliability, spaciousness and durability, the Sycamore dome tent should be you natural choice among all the tents available.

Product Features Sturdy 7-person, 3-room tent with 116 square feet of sleeping space Made of rugged, weather-resistant polyester with polyurethane coating 3 Dutch D-style doors and 3 polyester mesh windows; overhead gear loft Lightweight, shock-corded fiberglass frame and 5-way center hub Base measures 18 by 10 feet; stands 74 inches tall in center; 10-year warranty

A review from Amazon's customer: Jim Cowden.,

There are a few things you should know about this tent, else your expectations may not be met. If your needs match the strengths of this product, you should be plenty happy (like me), or vise versa. I found all the info I needed to decide to buy it online, with the exception of one phone call to the manufacturer. They were very helpful and honest, BTW. They call it a 10x18, but that does not mean a 180 sqft area (I think it is more like 116 sqft). I would not take a trip knowing the weather was going to be pretty bad, with this tent. Four season tents usually cost a fortune, and my family is NOT well suited for extreme camping, so this tent works fine for us. The room 'dividers' are just flaps that attach at their four corners, so if you want to camp with three couples, stand by to get close (hey, its just a tent!).

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