Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tipard Thinks Apple Will not Release Low-end iPhone

Recently, many Apple fans have expressed that, if Apple would like to release low-end iPhone priced at 100-200 dollars, Apple's market share and income will double or even more. However, Tipard Studio does not think so. Certainly, Jobs must know everybody loves the product with high quality and low price. Everybody knows that! Even so, Apple's iPhone serial phones are very expensive. Why? Actually, iPhone's high price is reasonable; otherwise it won't become numerous consumers' buying goals.

Why so many customers chose iPhone? Beautiful appearance? There are many mobile phones have more beautiful appearance than iPhone. Strong? Then Nokia mobile phone must be a better choice. Convenience? It is very inconvenient to use iPhone 4, copying files is troublesome; playing audiovisual files is annoying (formats' supporting issue); even charging is in trouble, because the battery is unchangeable.

So what the hell is the reason for making a large number of consumers as Apple fans so obsessed with Apple products and iPhone serial phones? Without doubt, the answer is Apple's powerful operating system and App Store.

iOS has the best fluency, even the Android with most users cannot be its rival. Plus, with over 300 thousand applications, the powerful App Store attracts many consumers to use Apple products. From one side, because of the wonderful applications, majority of users bought iPhone, which is no exaggeration.

The reason why Tipard believes that Apple will not launch low-end iPhone is that, low-end iPhone will not give Apple fans wonderful user experience.

The high price is mainly result from phone hardware. However, for a 100-200 dollars' iPhone, what kind of hardware will it be equipped? If the hardware cannot perfectly support iPhone, then the iOS cannot work in a fluent way. Without wonderful fluency, users cannot get wonderful user experience. Also, without perfect hardware level, some big game applications cannot run. What's more, small size will cause low definition, which will result in that over 300,000 applications cannot run.

Low-end iPhone is cheap, but correspondingly the configuration will get low, screen get small; in the end, iPhone will lose all advantages. In that way, how can iPhone rob low-end market share? Without amazing user experience and distinguished characteristics, will customers choose Apple iPhone? Without the remarkable features, the Apple phone still is iPhone?

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