Thursday, August 2, 2012

We have found some of the best free Android applications available on the market today!

Don't even try to lie: you bought the Android because you wanted to be able to play with all of the different free Android applications that are out there. You probably started deciding which applications (also called apps) you wanted to download before you even went to buy the phone! Your biggest problem now is figuring out which apps you most want to spend your time and disk space on. This is why we wrote this article. We went through the entire free app database at Android to find the best apps. Here are (in our humble opinion) the top free Android Applications.

At the time of this article's writing, the Smart Tic Tac Toe app is the top free Android application download in the entire Android market. This tic tac toe game is a world different from the games you played as a kid or that you play when you are bored. With extra squares to play in, this form of tic tac toe gives you more game than you've played before (way more ways to win and lose too)! Even bette r, instead of making a straight line of three of your character, you need to make a straight line of five. This increases the games length, making it even more fun to play. For instant messaging fans, the top free Android application download is Meebo. What makes this app so special? This is a single app that can manage several instant messaging clients. It handles Yahoo, AOL instant messenter, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber and Myspace IM. You will even have a Meebo account which will allow you to keep track of your chatting records. You can use any computer to get into your Meebo account, which makes the tracking of all of your IM clients incredibly easy.

The bargain shopper will love our next application, Shop Savvy. Whether shopping for high ticket items or just your weekly groceries this application aids you in finding the lowest prices.

Find the bar code off the item and use your Android phone camera to take a picture. Upload the picture into the Shop Savvy application. Shop Savvy searches the Internet to find the item in different stores. The application then lists the sale price at each store. This way you can make sure that you are always getting the best deal for everything that you buy. With so many different free apps available via the Android Market, choosing the apps that are the best for you will take some time. Your first urge will probably be to download the whole Android market and then sort through it as you have time. It is better to download a few of the top free Android applications at a time than it is to download everything at once (which is time consuming and space wasting). Doing it this way will save you effort, time and it won't cost you any money!

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