Friday, December 13, 2013

Android Application Development - The Newest Trends of Success! - Computers - Mobile Computing

Android-based smartphones and their apps are increasing day-by-day. There is a tremendous rise of apps and innovative games, utilities and business apps with each passing day. The market is booming at the rate of 32 per cent every month while there are at least a dozen number of new gadgets and smartphones coming up every 2-3 days. Industry experts believe that the surge is primarily owing to the popularity of superb smartphones including Motorola Droid, certain HTC models, and the free, always available, open-source nature of the OS.

Advantages of Android platform

One of the primary advantages include multiple technologies like GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi technologies to transfer data via mobile networks.Comprehensive design libraries with 2-D and 3D graphics.Image, audio and video libraries.Much needed features including high-resolution Video camera, Touchscreen, accelerometer and GPS system.Peer-2-Peer using Google Talk.SQLite module integrated for data storage.Signed apps and signing of apps for publishing

There are various mobile app development companies and Android development companies which can be found offshore, in India, China, and the Phillipines. Using the latest development technologies and tools many Android programmers make the best use of Android SDK and leverage the Open Source Simple programming language to churn out innovative and inventive Android applications.

Android developers have in the recent years, successfully created innovative apps within the Android framework and also create third party mobile apps, for PDAs, Pocket PCs and other gadgets.

Some of the general Android app development services include:Web-based app development for different Android-based phonesCustom app development based on client requirementsJava mobile app development for creating games, business apps and utilitiesSoftware creation for different usesThird-party libraries creationSecurity mobile solutions and entertainment apps including multimediaApps leveraging Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support features of AndroidUtilities and its design/ implementationTesting and quality assurance for Android projects

There are many who are experts and experienced in using Android SDK for meeting their client requirements. Many have even created 2D and 3D apps with the help of Open GL technology. Some of the general in-demand apps consist of:Business appsGamesSecurity appsCommunication apps with location-based serviceUtilitiesBarcode Scanning systemsTravel appsMultimedia apps

Our continued success in Android app development has propelled the satisfaction levels of our clients and have reposed us with extension of their already-awarded projects. We have also created apps related to the social networking domain including apps which make use of the new hardware features like accelerometer and motion sensors.

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