Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Apple iPhone 4G Review - Technology - Cell Phones

One of the most commonly asked questions by people these days is weather should I buy an iPhone 4. When a discussion comes upon Apple products, opinion of people is divided on one corner we have Apple enthusiast enjoying technology innovation and aesthetics but the other side presenting Apple as control freaks who are selling limited features by superior marketing, convincing there customer on visual appeal.

Apple iPhone 4 is the latest smart phone offering by Apple. iPhone 4G features are to be viewed and discussed before buying one but the question remains Why iPhone. So here is how we can help you decide. We will have a look at what iPhone is offering and then we are going to compare it with the competitors offerings. So the first argument is in favour of buying iPhone.

iPhone 4G has a 640x960 pixels Retina Eye display. This is the best resolution available in the market and no other device offers sharper image then this. Apple store offers more then 300,000 iPhone applications including games and entertainment or pretty much any other activity you enjoy doing. iPhone 4G has iOS4.0 operating system that supports multitasking a thing which was not previously offered by Apple devices.

iPhone 4G comes with a secondary camera facing front with the phone. This feature enables you to video call. But this can only be done using WiFi with some one also using iOS4.0. iPhone 4G has rest of the slandered features present on it. It could be use for recording HD videos, the visual appeal and design is also very exceptional.

These are some reasons that are compelling one to spend his money on iPhone 4G. Now to complete our argument we discuss the other side of it for not buying an iPhone 4G. The biggest limitation of using an iPhone is that it needs Apple iTunes to transfer videos and music unlike symbians android and other operating systems where you just drag and drop also iPhone does not play all audio and video format so you might have to look for converters to transfer your music.

Antenna-gate is a problem faced my iPhone uses. The device significantly drops network signals when it is held in a certain way. This has resulted in major drop in there stocks. The camera interface not so special on iPhone 4G and offers only limited features but there are applications that can enhance its features. Also there is no hardware shutter for camera on the device. iPhone Forum, iPhone Problem, iPhone Support Fast Answers from iPhone ExpertsGuaranteed!!!!

The device does not support flash content browsing on web due to their deal with Adobe. But again flash content makes browsing slow. Other smart phones are provided with option to increase storage space by adding microSD slot but if you buy 16GB model then you are stuck with that much space or buy 64GB iPhone. The provided information should help you make up your mind why you should or should not buy iPhone 4G. Different people have different requirements for a smart phone and no device can please everyone. You should know your usage needs and take an informed decision.

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