Monday, January 20, 2014

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Using a Mac mini for development

The much talked about - latest version of Mac Mini is out! With it rises the question once again, is a Mac Mini powerful enough to be used for application development purposes?

The official Mac Mini page flaunts the technical specifications of the product proudly. With fully loaded features (mentioned below), Mac Mini isquite the bang for the buck.

I believe the current Mac Mini is powerful enough for development of iPhone apps.I did some research on Google to see what people around the world feel about mac mini application development and the answers i found are pretty much straightforward.

Not all answers were this positive. Some also opined that :

"I'm using one for iPhone development - it's my first mac. I run it headless and connect to it using Wish I had sprung for the 2GB of memory; 1GB gets bogged down when I have xcode + a dozen Safari tabs open."

However, one thing was for certain.Hit across a couple of software companies in India too which are experts inMac OSX developmentand it took me a couple of more google searches to find out that Mac Minis are the best for iphone app development when you have a constrained budget or you dont want to incur large costs getting a Mac.

Some of the India based offshore companies who specialize in iPhone and iPad Development services for Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Fortune companies, have perfected the ability to work efficiently on Mac to reduce the development costs.

Mindfire Solutionshas been working in this area for about 8 years now. Theirteam of iPhone developers with their wide experience iniPhone application development and iPad application development has created a strong track record in the latest phone platform - Apple's iPhone. Mindfire's iPhoneexperts have very good knowledge-rich experience in iPhone application development,and their deep expertise comes as much from experience as from passion. Mindfireis acknowledged as the4thBest iPhone Application Development Company by Best Web Design, an independent rating agency which ranks service providers periodically. Similarly there are other software companies in India which offer iPhone services on a Mac Mini.

What do you feel?Will the Mac Mini be a successful platform for building iPhone apps given the robustness which is being built into it with the latest version? Will the Mac Mini be a welcome choice for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and would see an inrush into Mac application development?

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