Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 3 Facebook Applications August 2010 - Computers - Programming

Facebook Applications are another way to promote your business in the clutter of competitors, who are drinking your blood through tough competition. Facebook applications have already crossed the figure of 5 million and still are continuing to grow. That shows how rapidly the fire of Facebook applications is touching the sky and how successfully companies from all over the globe are meeting their marketing objectives. Facebook applications are used to spread message about your business or brand in a very cost-effective manner. Users tend to indulge more and more in Facebook applications because these are not the direct method to get someone in your block. It basically is a very persuasive method to grab attention, engage minds and then retain them for longer run.Let's find out the top 3 Facebook Applications august 2010, that have kept the users' interest and made them play again and again. FarmVille Farmville is a leading Facebook application with 60,139,626 monthly activ e users. It is the mostly played virtual farming Facebook application that was designed on the basis of farming. It allows users to plow plots, do seedling and produce the fruitful outcomes. This very Facebook application badly requires patience because it takes certain time period. If you don't care of your crops, they eventually will become dry and die then. You can send requests to your friends to get you your favorite crop, cow, hen etc. Some Facebook users hate it though.Texas HoldEm PokerTexas HoldEm Poker is actually a high bar for poker inspiration Facebook application. It basically is an easy to play card game that is played on a single table along with 2-10 players. You have to win as many chips as you can within your capacity. It is observed to be the second mostly played Facebook application which is going ahead with 50,238,549 active monthly users.Facebook for iPhoneThis very Facebook application was designed especially for iPhone users. It allows them to make a n easy access to their friends' profiles, write messages to them and go to home tab, access notification, upcoming events, news feeds and everything that comes on Facebook profile when they use it through web. iPhone users will be able to make a call if their iPhone numbers are displayed on their Facebook profiles. iPhone users will be able to upload videos and pictures directly from their iPhone and make free calls and texts as well. For more information about Facebook application, visit

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