Friday, May 30, 2014

Sprint May Sell 6 Million Units of IPhone in the Next Year - Business

Lead: U.S. tech blog, published today, John Potts Covey AllThingsD Chomsky (John Paczkowski) of the commentary, that if Sprint began selling Apple's iPhone, then according to analyst estimates, Sprint can sell 600 in 2012 million iPhone, iPhone, so when total sales reached 117 million. The following is the text of the article: It is reported that Verizon and Sprint will join the ranks of AT & T to become the third U.S. sales of the iPhone's carrier, which this summer, Apple's iPhone sales will exceed the previous year's level. Piper Jaffray analyst Gini Munster (Gene Munster), said, Sprint distributor after the iPhone, iPhone cell phone sales in 2012 increased from 30% to 37%. Munster with Verizon's sales data as a reference, in 2012 that Sprint could sell about 600 million iPhone handsets. Munster in a note to clients said, we believe that the first two quarters of this year, Verizon sold 4.6 million iPhone. Assuming Verizon sales office in the first 12 million years, the iPhone, in other words, we expect Verizon 2011 mobile phone sales in the year 11% of iPhone sales. If Sprint 2012 mobile phone sales in the year, iPhone sales have accounted for 11%, the figure will be 6 million. Thus we have iPhone 2012, the total sales volume is expected to increase 5 percent, increase from 111 million to 117 million. The expectations on the premise that, Sprint began selling the iPhone from the mobile phone this fall, the market that this is very high. Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair (Brian Blair) has been generally accepted that in AT & T exclusive iPhone, after the expiration of the agreement, and after Verizon began selling the iPhone, Sprint will also strive to support the CDMA network to sell the iPhone. Blair said that Apple is likely this year launched the Sprint network mobile phone iPhone 5. Apple currently supports GSM and CDMA networks, but also with AT & T's exclusive agreement has expired, and therefore increase the Sprint as a distributi on channel partners has been no obstacle. Given Sprint has more than 50 million users, which will significantly boost the iPhone's quarterly sales. Blair believes that the end of September when Apple announced a new mobile phone, the company may also announce distribution partnership with Sprint, then Sprint may start selling the iPhone in early October. For years, Apple in other countries have adopted a number of basic operators as distributors of the strategy, this strategy is now implemented in the U.S. market.

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