Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enjoy Phoning with The Fifth Generation iPhones - Technology - Gadgets and Gizmos

Speculations about the famous fifth generation iPhone are on sky-high. Even though the official announcement about the launch has been made, the authorities are keeping silence on its release date, price, memory, operating system and other added features. In this context, most of the iPhone fans are keen enough to know almost all the aspects related with the gadget. Right from the year of 2007 when the Apple Company launched the gadget, the popularity has always been on rise.

iPhone comes under the category of internet and multimedia enabled smartphones. The multipurpose device has facilities like video camera, media player, web browsing through Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, video mails, multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard etc. Apart from this, there is a huge collection of applications that can be accessed from the App Store. Some of the apps include games, GPS facility, social networking, reference and security etc.

The device is often updated with new features and then appears in the form of various generation phones. Originally the device was known as iPhone 2G or iPhone EDGE. It was the first generation type. The 3G followed it with sophisticated features like quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE. Each generation receives software update from the company, with the case of original version as an exception. The 3G was succeeded with 4G which is making its fame in the present market.

The proposed launching of the fifth generation version is a result of the insufficient reliability of the previous version. There are widespread complaints about signal problems and the breakage of touch screen. However, the iPhone 5G is expected to overcome all the shortenings and bring a revolution in the arena. It is speculated that the iphone 5 release date will be between July to September 2011. The main expected change is regarding the introduction of new operating system iOS5 and even a tie up between the Google Android and Apple.

iPhone5 is hoped to boast of high speed processor and improved battery life like none other. There are also rumors about the reality of 3G and 4G video chat facility. A huge memory of 64GB is also on the wish list of the fans. It is also anticipated that the newer one will be coming with a thin, easily handable body with a price rate similar to that of the 4G. Guesses are also about the show-up of an 8 megapixel camera. Face time video conferencing and sliding keypad is also on the rumor list. There is also hearsay about the curtain rising from the secret iCloud feature.

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