Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Improve the capabilities of your Android phone with Applications and Games - Technology - Cell Phones

Android is an operating system for mobiles and tablets. It had become the most popular operating system for mobile phones. Android has very beautiful and friendly user interface. Also it has many features. The main reason of the popularity of Android is the availability of apps and games. You can extend the capability of your Android device by installing applications. There are thousands of apps available. Some are free and some others are paid. These can be downloaded from Android market. It is very easy to install android app. You can get android applications from many sources. Google's Android market is the major source for the apps. Also you can get apps from Amazone store, App brain market and Yahoo Appolicious store. You need Android market application to download Apps from android market. This application will be there in your device installed with the OS. You should connect your phone to internet to download apps. You can use WiFi or packet data connection to conne ct to internet. For packet data connection, you should contact your service provider. First you need to login to the market using your Google id. You have the option to search and find the required application. The Android market some featured application in the home page. Below that you can see 3 sections - Applications, Games and My apps. In applications and games sections, you can see different apps and games in different categories. The My Apps section shows the installed applications in your phone. You can browse the required applications according to the category. In each category you can see 3 sections for Top free, Top paid and Latest applications. Below you can see the list of applications. Just tap on the name to go to the page for the application you need. There you can see the details about that application. Also there it shows the number of downloads, user ratings and user reviews. There you can see Install button on the right side. Tap on install button. Then i t will ask for permissions. Click on the OK button for installing the application. Then the application will be downloaded an installed automatically into your phone. You can also install application from your PC also. For that you need to go to android market website. Then log in using your Google account id. You can browse through thousands of applications there. In the applications page, you can see install or buy button. Just click on the button to get the application. Then it will check the compatibility of your phone. You can install the app only if it is compatible with your phone or tablet. For paid applications, you have to do the Payment procedure. Payment can be done using credit cards or debit cards. Even if you are installing the application through PC, you need internet connection in your phone to download the application. The application or game will be downloaded automatically to your phone or tablet. The most popular applications are Google Maps, Facebook ap plication, Google Plus, Adobe Reader, Skype, BBC news Google Sky Map etc. Popular games are Angry Birds, Drag racing, Angry birds Rio etc. The must have applications are Document Reader App and a multi format media player.

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