Friday, November 29, 2013

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Apple a known company dealing in smart phones has not released its these 5 model yet, but rumors about Phone 6 have already flooded the market. Release of iPhone 5 is due in September this year and it will take about an year to release its next generation Phone. But over the internet you can look for features of iPhone 6 that are already given by some websites to attract the public. News are published by some Japanese newspaper about some of the features that may be added to iPhone 6 by the most prestigious company of smart phones.

In China dummy models of iPhone 6 are available in the market that are cheating smart phone users. After the release of iPhone 5, companies will start working on the project of another development of new generation iPhone. A well known company such as apple do not give any news regarding its products soon as release date of iPhone 5 was given only two months back. So how is it possible to give news about another generation iPhone when people are still waiting for the previous one.

But rumors about these 6 are swirling in the market among iPhone users. Rumors about these 6 features have already published in the news. It is said that iPhone 6 will be consuming natural solar energy for its charging that is it will have wireless charging directly from the Sun. Another feature about iPhone 6 is that it will have a new low temperature silicon liquid crystal screen. It will have a long battery life as compare to previous models of iPhone. iPhone 6 will have new software's with new operating systems.

Release date of iPhone 6 is still not given but it is said that it will not take as much time for the release of iPhone 6 as for iPhone 5. Rumors are there that iPhone 6 will be released in July 2012. iPhone has become biggest smartphone instrument in the lives of people and once a person buys a smart phone he eagerly waits for new additional features to upgrade. Eagerness of public to buy latest iPhone has made known companies to work faster to release another iPhone as soon as possible. Soon after the release of iPhone 5 most companies will start working on the development of another generation iPhone to satisfy its customers. So, smart phone users can wait till July next year to get latest iPhone 6.

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