Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rock the Party with iDJ3 + iPhone - Technology

Good vs. Bad News

Plug in your iPhone and party till you drop!

The Good News

IDJ3 is the most advanced DJ system for you to be a DJ with your iPhone. It is a complete DJ system that mixes music on your iPhone or even iPads, and iPods.

It has DJ controls designed to directly connect with your device for scratch, mix, loop and do a lot more of your DJ-like activities.

Music lovers and party-goers can harness the processing power of the iPhone by turning your room or your backyard to a super party club using the music saved in your iPhone using the classic turntables-and-a-mixer setup used by DJ's all over the world.

Two Turntables + an iPhone

You can dock your iPhone for music playback using these large, touch-sensitive turntables for song cueing and a lot of scratching. It has built-in audio connections for preview and master outputs and it has virtual DJ LE professional mixing software available for use.

Impress those party lemurs with your iPhone and the iDJ3's complete mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls. Be able to see everything on the deck with its lighted controls for maintaining music mixer status within the software.

Party harder with your entire favorite track from your iTunes library and play two tracks simultaneously. Choose to record your performance so you won't miss anything. Take control of the groove by having all these goodies virtually compatible with all DJ software you want to use. It includes a power adapter so you can charge your iPhone while partying all night long.

Grab your headphones and gear out for a party ride whenever and wherever you want. Beat-juggle any track and score rare popularity by DJing any house party you'll get invited in to.

If you are a greenhorn partygoer and you certainly want to steal the scene, you can use the iDJ3 with your iPhone to step right up and get those bodies moving with your music. Hone your skills of keeping the party going, alive and raving with only using your iPhone and your iDJ3.

You can choose to perform live or you can record your mixes at home just to make sure they can bring out the knack of dancing from your fellow party animals. Create those loops and hot cues like a pro! Sort out your library by genre or by your own taste.

The Bad News

Although you can use your iPad and iPod with the iDJ3, there is the unfortunate case for the iPhone 4. Developers of iDJ3 confirmed that the iDJ3 is still not yet compatible with the iPhone 4, no, 'not at this time'.

So if you are frustrated about this news, you might as well grab something that is compatible and is easier to use with the iDJ3. Perhaps the iPad or iPod is better for you. But if you still want to have an iPhone to use with this amazing DJing device, you might as well wait for the iPhone 5 to be released.Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will bring more intensity to parties as it might be compatible to use with the iDJ3 or its more advances and improved version..

So if you want to heat up and get those hands down to your beat, try the iDJ3 with the next generation iPhone. Experience compatibility as you have never encountered before. Gain money from selling your iPhone and buy the device more appropriate for your iDJ3

To experience the best of both gadgets should be your goal.

Create a backup of all you files, apps, and user data before submitting to any reconfiguration process. This is to guarantee that you can use your personalized settings for a new handset without any rigorous process.

a. Sync to iTunes and simply click the Restore button.b. Using the phone itself, tap and follow the sequence: Settings>General>Restore. This action takes time so you should check your battery life to ensure that your goal will be achieved. Charging the device while in the process is a good idea.

The last thing you can do is look for a steady and reliable refurbishing company online and make a deal. Find ones with good reputation for purchasing used iPhones with fast transaction process. Once you have found the site, the rest of the good things will follow. Heat up the party and make intense with a new iPhone 5 and your iDJ3!

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